Remembering the Huebners, 1900 Storm Victims

 Remembering the Huebners, 1900 Storm Victims
Bill from Huebner's smithy, August, 31, 1899. Ephemera File, Huebner (August F.), Rosenberg Library, Galveston, Texas.

The San Francisco Call, September 15, 1900, noted: “Most of the dead at Galveston were working people, small tradesmen, and some professional men and their families.” August F. Huebner, a blacksmith, lost loved ones in the cataclysm. He and his family lived at 3610 Avenue P. Huebner’s residence was located in Galveston Ward 7, which experienced a massive loss of life in the 1900 Storm. This was an area bounded by Broadway (north), the beach (south), 29th Street (east), and 57th Street (west).

Huebner was born in May 1860 in Germany. He immigrated in 1876 and married in 1889. His wife Clara, a native of Texas, was born in October 1866. She died in the hurricane. The couple had two children, Gussie, age 10 years, and Earl, age 5. Both children were born in Texas. Gussie, a school student, survived; Earl died.

The accompanying bill, dated August 31, 1899, is from August F Huebner’s smithy. The bill to Galveston County includes a charge for $3.00 for “mule shoeing.”

According to the 1901-02 Galveston city directory, August Huebner still worked as a blacksmith and resided at 3610 Avenue Q. The 1905 directory listed Augusta W. Huebner, his daughter, who lived at the same address.

Since 2015, the Rosenberg Library has been compiling a database of known 1900 Storm victims. The database will eventually be uploaded to the Galveston and Texas History Center’s website for access by the general public.

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