The Galveston and Texas History Center serves as a crucial resource for genealogy researchers, with resources such as early birth and death records, immigration records, census records, and church records. Rosenberg Library also provides access to databases such as Ancestry and Newspaper Archive to aid in one's research into his or her family history.


The First Census of Texas, 1829-36; to which are added Texas Citizenship lists, 1821-1845 and other early records of the Republic of Texas. Mullins, Marian Day, ed.

F 385 .F37 1959. GTHC Ready Reference Shelf

Republic of Texas Poll Lists for 1846. Mullins, Marian Day, ed.

F 385 .M84. GTHC Ready Reference Shelf

1840 Census of the Republic of Texas. White, Gifford, ed.

F 390 .W59. GTHC Ready Reference Shelf

Federal Population Schedules: U.S. Census (Texas only) 1850. Indexed; Publications for counties Bexar, Brazoria, Fayette, Galveston, Guadalupe, Harris, and Hunt.

GTHC Reading Room

U.S. Federal Census Records (United States) 1790 – 1940. Online search accessed from the library’s website → e-Library → All Online Databases → History, Genealogy, & Anthropology → HeritageQuest Online. Then select Begin Searching. (Library Edition) Accessed by library’s website (in-library only) → e-Library → All Online Databases → History, Genealogy, & Anthropology → Ancestry Library Edition Then select Begin Searching. Rosenberg Library is now a FamilySearch Affiliate Library. Login to your account at onsite at the library to gain access to restricted digital records and images not accessible from home.

*We recommend visiting the Clayton Genealogical Library in Houston to access census indexes. Their website is

Tax Records

Galveston County Tax Assessor’s Abstracts: 1880-1914. Original ledger books divided by Galveston city lots and out lots.

GTHC Manuscript Collection.

Galveston County Tax Rolls: 1838-1921. Arranged chronologically then alphabetically.

MS83-0013. GTHC Microfilm Cabinet.

Birth Records

Early Texas Birth Records, 1838-78. Gracy, Sumner, and Gentry.

F 385 .G72. GTHC Ready Reference Shelf.

Other sources of birth records:

1903 – present. Contact Galveston County Health District, Department of Vital Statistics.


  • Births and deaths were not officially recorded prior to June 1903.
  • Galveston birth records start 1910; Texas City birth records start 1912.
  • For “Delayed” birth and death records, contact Galveston County Clerk’s Office.

Death Records

Record of Interments of the City of Galveston, 1859 – 1872. Transcription.

F 394.25 .G2 R4 v.1. GTHC Ready Reference Shelf.

Record of Interments of the City of Galveston, May 1878 – Nov 1882. Transcription.

F 394.25 .G2 R4 v.2. GTHC Ready Reference Shelf.

Record of Interments of the City of Galveston, 1866 – 1881.

MS83-0021. GTHC Microfilm Cabinet.

Mortuary Records, City of Galveston, 1875 – 1926.

MS98-0006. GTHC Microfilm Cabinet

Book 1: Jan. 01, 1875 – Dec. 31, 1886

Book 2: Jan. 01, 1887 – Aug. 09, 1894

Book 3: Aug. 10, 1894 – Mar. 30, 1900

Book 4: Mar. 30, 1900 – Dec. 31, 1903

Book 5: Jan. 01, 1904 – Jan. 31, 1910

Book 6: Feb. 01, 1910 – May 31, 1918

Book 7: Jun. 01, 1918 – Dec. 31, 1926

Death Certificates, City of Galveston, ca. 1880 - 1910. Alphabetized by last name.

MS86-0005. GTHC Microfilm Cabinet. [copy at Clayton Genealogical Library]

Early Texas Death and Legal Records From Joseph Franklin’s Diary and John Griffin’s Sexton Records. Joseph Franklin’s Diary Parts 1 and 2 (1838-1908), and Galveston City Sexton Part 3 (1847-1851). Galveston County Genealogical Society.

F 394. G2E E2 1990. GTHC Ready Reference Shelf.

Other sources of death records:

1927 – current. Contact Galveston County Health District, Department of Vital Statistics.

Marriage Records

Cemetery and Marriage Records Notebook for Galveston, 1838-1941.

MS85-0025. GTHC Manuscript Collection (oversize)

Galveston County Texas Marriage Records, Book A: 1838 – 1850. Crabtree, Oradel (compiler).

F 392 .G25 G17 1985. GTHC Ready Reference Shelf

Other sources of marriage records:

1838 – current. Contact Galveston County Clerk’s Office.

School Records

Galveston Yearbooks. Search the catalog for any Galveston school to see holdings. Holdings include Ball High School (from 1894), Central High School (from 1946), Kirwin High School, Ursuline Academy, and many others. Holdings are incomplete; please check for a particular year.

Galveston County Scholastic Census Records, 1900–1912. Includes all children enrolled in Galveston School District. Separated by City, County, and Race. Arranged chronologically and then alphabetically by last name.

MS78-0018. GTHC Manuscript Collection/Microfilm Cabinet

Galveston Independent School District Records, 1881-1902. Ledgers from Ball High School, 1886-1892; First District School, 1884-1888; Grammar School, 1881-1888; Second District School, 1881-1884; West District Colored School, 1885-1895; West District School, 1895-1902.

MS95-0010. GTHC Manuscript Collection (oversize)

Funeral Home Records

W. K. Hebert & Company Records, 1919-1968. Includes Rosewood Cemetery Association records.

MS87-0033. GTHC Manuscript Collection (oversize); Index on Ready Reference Shelf

Green’s Funeral Home Ledgers, 1948-1999 (African-American)

MS2014-0008. GTHC Manuscript Collection (oversize)

Johnson-Young Funeral Service, [1947 – 1950]. Beal, Bertha Ellen, compiler.

F 394 .25 .G2 J6 1995. GTHC Ready Reference Shelf

Cemetery Records

Cahill Cemetery Records, 1923 – 1951.

MS# 77-0033. GTHC Manuscript Collection

Episcopal Cemetery Register, 1848 – 1994.

MS# 95-0006. GTHC Manuscript Collection (oversize)

Cemetery and Marriage Records Notebook for Galveston, 1838-circa 1840.

MS# 85-0025. GTHC Manuscript Collection (oversize)

Magnolia Grove Association Records, 1871.

MS# 71-0097. GTHC Manuscript Collection

Magnolia Grove Cemetery Collection, 1876-1941.

MS# 88-0009. GTHC Manuscript Collection

Galveston County Tombstones Inscriptions. Texas City Ancestry Searchers.

F 392 .G25 G2. GTHC Ready Reference Shelf

Volume 1: Alta Loma Cemetery; Fairview Cemetery, League City; San Leon Cemetery; City Cemetery, Dickinson; Episcopal Cemetery, Dickinson; Mainland Cemetery, Hitchcock; Perthius Cemetery, Hitchcock; Campbell’s Cemetery, Texas City.

Volume 2: Campbell’s Cemetery, Texas City (revised); Evergreen Cemetery, Arcadia: Grace Memorial Cemetery, Alta Loma; LaMarque Cemetery; High Island Cemetery; Bolivar Cemetery.

Volume 3: Galveston County Memorial Park Cemetery burial records before 1952 (Hitchcock)

Broadway Cemeteries Galveston, Texas. McBee, Linda and Doug.

F 394 .25 G2 M3 1994. GTHC Ready Reference Shelf

Book 1: Vol. 1: Oct. 1900 – March 1910, A-J

Book 1: Vol. 2: Oct. 1900 – March 1910, K-Z

Book 2: Vol. 1: 1910 – 1920, A-K

Book 2: Vol. 2: 1910 – 1920, L-Z

Book 2: Vol. 3: 1920 – 1930, A-K

Book 2: Vol. 3: 1920 – 1930, L-Z

Lakeview Cemetery Record, Galveston, Texas. McBee, Linda, compiler.

F 394.25 .G2 L3 1992. GTHC Ready Reference Shelf

Vol. 1: 1887 – 1908

Vol. 2: 1908 – 1917

Vol. 3: 1917 – 1929

Confederate Veterans “Rest in Peace” Galveston, Texas. McBee, Linda, compiler.

F 394.25 .G2 C6 1991. GTHC Ready Reference Shelf


Passenger Lists

Ships Passenger Lists, Port of Galveston, 1846 – 1871. Galveston County Genealogical Society.

HE 601 .U5 S5. GTHC Ready Reference Shelf

Passenger Lists for Galveston, 1850 – 1855. Blaha, Albert, compiler. These lists were compiled from German newspapers and newsletters. The lists are in chronological order. There is no name index.

HE 601 .U5 P3 1985. GTHC Ready Reference Shelf

The Galveston-Bremen Project: 1865 – 1896. Konecny, Lawrence, compiler. Immigration from Bremen and Bremerhaven to Galveston, Texas 1865 – 1896, an analysis by year and by voyage. Information gathered from newspapers; not a complete list of immigrants.

F 395 .G3 K6 1995. GTHC Ready Reference Shelf

Immigrant Names Obtained from Alternative Sources : Surname Index of Galveston-Bremen Project Passenger Lists. Konecny, Lawrence, compiler. Surnames listed in alphabetical order.

CS 68 .I5 2005. GTHC Ready Reference Shelf

Fisher-Miller and GEC Forever: July 1844 – Feb. 1846. Kleinecke, Charles, Jr., compiler. From the original ship lists in the Texas State Archives at Austin, TX (the Fisher Colony Papers).

F 395 .G3 F53 1994. GTHC Ready Reference Shelf

Czech Immigration Passenger Lists, Vol. 1, 2, 3, 6. Baca, Leo. Includes pictures and information about the ships.

CS 68 .B32. GTHC Ready Reference Shelf

Comal County, Texas and New Braunfels German Immigration Ships, 1845-1846. McManus, J.

F 395 .G3 M253 1985a. GTHC Reading Room

New Homes in a New Land: German Immigration to Texas, 1844 – 1847. Geue, Chester W. and Ethel.

F 395 .G3 G41. GTHC Ready Reference Shelf

Passenger Lists for the Port of Galveston, 1895 – 1948. Indexed. Microfilm on 3rd Floor. (Note: There are no official Galveston passenger lists for the years 1872 – 1894.)

Passengers Arriving in the United States: Letter from the Secretary of State Transmitting the Annual Report of Passengers Arriving in the United States During the Year Ending December 31, 1856. United States. Department of State.

JV 6465 .A25 1857. GTHC Reading Room

United States. Immigration and Naturalization Service records (Galveston), 1921-1948. Passenger manifests from ships bound for Galveston, starting with the SS Harry Farnum on April 4, 1921 and ending with the SS Joseph Lykes on October 25, 1948.

MS94-0018. GTHC Microfilm on 3rd Floor

United States. Immigration and Naturalization Service Records (Texas), 1895-1954. Selected inbound ship passenger manifests and crew lists kept by the U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service for Galveston, Houston, Corpus Christi and other Texas cities.

MS83-0014. GTHC Microfilm on 3rd Floor

U.S. Customs Service records, 1846-1871. Selected quarterly abstracts of passenger lists from vessels arriving at Galveston.

MS83-0015. GTHC Microfilm on 3rd Floor

Passenger Lists – Other Sources

National Archives. See also:

Texas Seaport Museum’s Galveston Immigration Database:
2200 Harborside Drive, Galveston, TX 77550, 409-763-1877.

Immigrant Ships Transcriber’s Guild Database: Access by Port of Arrival, Port of Departure, Ship or Captain Name, or Chronologically.

Bremen Passenger Lists (the Original): A project with the Bremen Chamber of Commerce and the Bremen Staatsarchiv

The Ships List:

The Statue of Liberty - Ellis Island Foundation, Inc.
Passenger Search:
Ship Search:

Naturalization Records

Naturalization Records prior to 1950 are held at the Civil Division of the District Clerk’s Office. Information may include the immigrant’s Petition and Declaration of Intent to become a citizen, along with accompanying data, such as birth, origin, family, employment, residence, and arrival information.

Galveston County Courthouse, 4th Floor, Suite 4001, 600 59th Street, Galveston, TX 77551, 409-766-2440.

City Directories

Galveston City Directories

1859 – 1860; 1866-1919, Online at Portal to Texas History

1866 - 1960, Online at HeritageQuest Online (with library card) and Ancestry Library Edition (in-library only)

1856 – 1860; 1866 – 1938 on microfilm

1938 – current, bound editions in GTHC Reading Room

Galveston Telephone Directories

1904 – current, shelved in GTHC Book Room

Houston City Directories

1866 – 1904 [not inclusive]. GTHC Dewey Reference

Alvin City Directories

1967 – 1991 [not inclusive]. GTHC Reading Room

Clear Lake City Directories

1964 – 1979. GTHC Reading Room

Texas City/La Marque City Directories

1963 – 1993. GTHC Reading Room

Church/Temple Records

Avenue L Baptist Church Records, 1840 – 1861.

MS# 83-0046, located in GTHC

First Baptist Church Meeting Minutes, 1840 – 1948.

MS# 83-0005 microfilm, located in GTHC

First Baptist Church Records, 1882 –1938.

MS# 79-0000, located in GTHC

First Lutheran Church Records, 1850 – 1946. [Records are written in German].

MS# 83-0006 microfilm, located in GTHC

First Presbyterian Church Papers, 1868 – 1976.

MS# 76-0039, located in GTHC.

Grace Episcopal Church Records, 1875 – 1955.

MS# 89-0012, located in GTHC. Also on microfilm.

St. Joseph’s Catholic Church, Galveston, Texas: baptismal, confirmation, marriage, and death records, 1860 – 1952. Galveston County Genealogical Society.

BX 4603 .G2 S24 1984, GTHC Ready Reference Shelf. Also on microfilm, MS# 83-0007

Temple B’Nai Israel Congregation, 1869 – 1953.

MS# 83-0008 microfilm, located in GTHC

Trinity Episcopal Church Records, 1865 – 1944.

MS# 86-0006, portions on microfilm, located in GTHC

Zion Lutheran Church Records, [1896 – 1945].

MS# 89-0023, located in GTHC

Other sources of church records:

Lisa May, Director
The Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston Archives
Downtown Chancery
1700 San Jacinto
Houston, TX 77002

Military Records

Galveston County, Texas, in the Civil War. Ericson, Carolyn Reeves.

F 392 .G25 E75 2012. GTHC Reading Room

Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 880 Membership Records, 1930-1998. MS2018-0019, located in GTHC.

Fold3 (Library Edition). Accessed by library’s website → e-Library → All Online Databases → History, Genealogy, & Anthropology → Fold3 Library Edition.

Index to Military Rolls of the Republic of Texas, 1835 – 1845.

Research in Military Records: Civil War.


NewspaperArchives. Searchable, digitized microfilm of Galveston newspapers, as well as many other newspapers across the country. Accessible through Computer Lab on the third floor. under E-Library / All Online Databases / Articles, News, & Magazines / NewspaperArchives.

Portal to Texas History. Searchable newspapers from Galveston and across Texas, as well as many other Texas history resources. Accessible online at

Newspapers on microfilm

Flake’s Bulletin: 1861 – 1872

Galveston Daily News: 1863 – 69; 1870 – present

Galveston News: 1846-1863

Galveston Tri-Weekly News: 1855 – 1873

Galveston Tribune: 1885 – 1965 (only a few scattered issues)

Indianola Bulletin: 1853 – 1860

Indianola Courier: 1859 – 1861

Indianola Times: April 21, 1866

Indianola Weekly Bulletin: 1871 – 1872

Other Genealogy Resources

Cyndi’s List. Website with links that point you to thousands of genealogical research sites online at:

The USGenWeb Project. Volunteer project organized by county and state.

Family Histories. Privately published family histories
GTHC Reading Room

Texas County History and Genealogical Works
GTHC Reading Room

Maps. (#398B) Texas County map showing landowners; (#499A) Map of the Cahill Cemetery; (#414B) Galveston County map showing landowners

Galveston County Genealogical Society

The Galveston County Genealogical Society was established in 1979 in Galveston, Texas with the purpose of promoting interest in genealogy, providing assistance in genealogical research, and preserving and disseminating local genealogical information through publications, seminars, and workshops. Meetings are held September through May on the first Thursday of each month at 6:30 p.m - 9:00 p.m. at Rosenberg Library, 2310 Sealy, Galveston, Texas.

Galveston County Clerk’s Office
600 59th Street Suite 2001, 2nd floor
Mailing address: PO. Box 17253, Galveston, TX 77552-7253

Civil Division of the District Clerk, Galveston County
600 59th Street Suite 4001, 4th floor
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 17250, Galveston, TX 77551

Galveston County Health Department
Birth & Death Records (Vital Statistics)
9850 Emmett F. Lowry Expressway, Suite A-102
Texas City, TX 77591
409-938-7221 or 409-765-2595

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