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Remembering John S. Christian, 1900 Storm Victim

John S. Christian, a day laborer, was 45 years old at the time of the hurricane. He was born in April 1855 in Germany. Christian immigrated in 1870 and seven years later married his wife Nancy, who was born in Texas in October 1857. They had six children: John (age 23), Mollie (20), Joseph (18), Edward (14), Bertha (19), and…
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Remembering the Huebners, 1900 Storm Victims

The San Francisco Call, September 15, 1900, noted: “Most of the dead at Galveston were working people, small tradesmen, and some professional men and their families.” August F. Huebner, a blacksmith, lost loved ones in the cataclysm. He and his family lived at 3610 Avenue P. Huebner’s residence was located in Galveston Ward 7, which experienced a massive loss of…
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Remembering the Terrell family, 1900 Storm Victims

Hundreds of African Americans, mostly in Galveston, died in the 1900 Storm. The cataclysm wiped out entire families; as well, it claimed members of other families. Reverend Morris E. Terrell lost his wife and their four children. The Terrells resided in Galveston’s Ward 11 at 1510 15th Street (at the edge of the region of total destruction). Reverend Terrell served…
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