Sheet Music

The Sheet Music Collection consists of approximately 110 items and covers the following areas:

    • Galveston Subjects
    • Galveston Individuals (written by or dedicated to Galvestonians)
    • Patriotic Works
    • Texas and the South
    • Miscellaneous
    • Collection Songs

Galveston-related subjects include the Fire of 1885; Storm of 1900; Jetties; Seawall; Causeway, U.S.S. Galveston; Ball High School; and Garten Verein. Authors include Louis Grietzmacher, Dorothy Bettencourt Elfstrom, Phil Harris, Fellx Stella, Sam Maceo; Galveston Quartette Society, and Congregation B’nai Israel, Galveston. Publishers include Thos. Goggan & Bro.,C. Janke & Co., and M. Strickland & Company.

 Sheet Music
“Galveston Blues,” by Frank Tramonte (words) and Bauer Brothers (music), 1925. #112.

Galveston Subjects

#101 "The Galveston Catastrophe: A Descriptive Piece."
Tiedemann, Henry 1900
MSS #04-0068
Publisher: Thos. Goggan & Bro.

#102 "Greater Galveston."
Blood, J. J. 1922
March and two step dedicated to the Galveston Business League
Publisher: C. Janke & Company

#103 "The Jetties."
Corey, W. A. 1898
March and two step dedicated to the U.S. Army, Corps of Engineers
Publisher: Thos. Goggan & Bro.

#104 "Sea Changes."
John, Patricia 1968
Suite of three pieces for harp alone: "Fog Off Pelican Spit,"
"Summer Squall," and "Surf."
Two copies, one signed.

#105 "The Galveston Fire of '85."
Gretzmacher, Louis, words
Day, Jacob, music 1885
MSS #04-0067 A&B
Publisher: Thos. Goggan & Bro.
Also, recording by Patton, Maureen (soprano)
Perachio, Elaine (alto)
Patton, Larry (tenor)
Hayatt, John (bass)
Wyatt, Ron (piano) [1985]

#106 "Galveston, Sweetheart of the Sea."
Wyndelts, Ruby Garner 1928
Signed copy.
Publisher: M. A. Wyndelts.

#107 "In Old Galveston." 1922
Fletcher, Bill, words
Heiss, Billy, music

#108 "White Squadron."
Thompson, Robert Mrs. 1891
Grand march dedicated to the officers of the White Squadron, U.S. warships
that visited Galveston duirng the Deep Water Jubilee, Feb. 1891.
Publisher: Thos. Goggan & Bro.

#109 "Loveley Galveston."
Elfstrom, Dorothy Bettencourt 1966

#110 "My Galveston Gal."
Harris, Phil 1933
Adlam, George B.

#111 "Galveston."
Webb, Jimmy, words and music 1968
Campbell, Glen, recorded by

#112 "Galveston Blues."
Tramonte, Frank, words 1925
Bauer Brothers, music
Publisher: Frank Tramonte.

#113 "Wear an Oleander in Your Hair."
Pliner, Lewis and Al 1950
"Official Oleander Festival Theme Song."
Publisher: Guide Publishing Company.

#114 "Garten Verein."
Beissner, H. 1898
March and two step
Publisher: C. Janke & Company.

#115 "Der Garten Verein."
Tiedemann, Henry 1904
March and two step.
Publisher: Thos. Goggan & Bro.

#116 "U.S.S. Galveston."
Fort, Hank 1960
Signed copy.

#117 "Ball High School."
Merrow, Annie L. 1893
Northrup, Theo. H., arranged
Publisher: Thos. Goggan Bro.

#118 "The Pirate Isle No More."
Hogan, W. A., words 1889
Lebermann, H. A., music
"Semi-Centennial Grand March."
Holst, Edward
Publisher: Thos. Goggan & Bro.

#119 "Silvery Waves."
Wyman, A. P. ca. 1900

#120 "The Terrible Texas Storm."
Kelly, Thomas J., words and music 1900
Four copies; words only.

#121 "Hold on to the Rope." 1904
Herrle, Frank B.
March and two step.
Dedicated to El Mina Shrine Temple.
Publisher: Thos. Goggan & Bro.

#122 "The Great Storm at Galveston."
Butler, M. W. 1901

#123 "Ashton Villa Waltz."
Littmann, Louise, words and music ca. 1907
Includes cassette, "Lovely Ashton Villa," written by
Louise Littmann, ca. 1970s.

#124 "El Mina Shrine Temple March."
Stella, Felix. 1928
Lincoln, Harry J., arranged
Two copies
Publisher: El Mina Shrine Band.

Galveston Individuals (written by or dedicated to Galvestonians)

#201 "If Your Compass is Turned Around." 1938
Drake, Eloise, words
Smith, Christine, music
Corrigan, Douglas, dedicated to.
Signed copy.

#202 "My Sweetheart O'er the Dell." 1895
Sherrod, Harry C.
Mistrot, Marie, dedicated to.
Publisher: Thos. Goggan & Bro.

#203 "Funeral March." 1918
Dyer, Isabella.

#204 "Irish Reel." 1918
Dyer, Isabella.

#205 "Goodbye My Only Sweetheart." 1918
Dyer, J.O., words
Dyer, Isabella, music

#206 "Song of Hope." 1918
Dyer, Isabella

#207 "The Daughter of Mendoza." 1892
Lamar, Mirabeau, words
Walker, Ida, music
Two copies.
Trueheart, Lella S., dedicated to.
Publisher: Thos. Goggan & Bros.

#208 "The Alpine Rose." 1856
Berg, Albert W., varied for the piano by
Knox, N. M. Miss, dedicated to.

Patriotic Works

#301 "Join the U.S. Army Now." 1941
Stella, Felix
Four copies
Published by El Mina Shrine Band [2 copies]

#302 "We Love America. ca. 1940
Thompson, Joseph A.

#303 "The Texas Cowboys (Have Their Boots on Japs)." 1943
Jackson, Hilda Moser

#304 "The Star Spangled Banner No. 2." 1917
Wilson, W. J.

Texas and the South

#401 "The New Texas Dixie: Getting Rich in Texas." 1894
Overall, Ida Louise, words
[Includes a verse on Galveston.]

#402 "Ku Klux Kismet." 1924
Gue, Mary, music
Riggs, Walter Ardrell, arranged

#403 "For God and Texas." 1926
Fish, Eugene

#404 "The Bold Vaquero: A Texas Cowboy Song." 1920
Guion, David W., arranged.

#405 "Will You Come to the Bower?"
[Reportedly sung by Texas troops as they advanced on the Mexican lines
at the Battle of San Jacinto.]

#406 "Flag Song of Texas." 1903
Harby, Lee C., words
Kidd, Aldridge B., music
Prather, William L., dedicated to.

#407 "Texas, Our Texas." 1925
Wright, Gladys Yoakum, words
Marsh, William J., music

#408 "My Dear Old Texas." 1924
David, Elsie Bludworth

#409 "Turn Texas Loose." 1892
De Zouche, C. C., words
Northrup, Theo. H., music
Clark, George, dedicated to.
Publisher: Thos. Goggan & Bro.

#410 "Prose, Poetry, and Song of the Southern Confederacy." 1884
Rohrabacher, L. E. C. Mrs., editor
Eight parts.
Printer: Strickland (M.) & Company

#411 "Legend of the Bluebonnets." 1936
Botts, Ida Bassett
Publisher: Thomas Goggan & Bros.

#412 "The Texas Flag." 1935
Young, Virginia, words
Maddox, Emily Harris, music
Publisher: Thomas Goggan & Bros.

#413 "Texian Grand March." 1885
Meyrick, Edward
Houston, Sam, dedicated to.
Three copies.

#414 "To-day is the Day." ca. 1955
Burris, Cecil J.
Theme song, 19th annual session, Texas Fireman's Training
School, A&M College of Texas.
Kelso, J. C., gift of.
Two copies.

#415 "Missouri! A Voice from the South." 1861
Macarthy, Harry.


#501 "The Magnolia Blossom." 1923
Cloud, Harry
Copyright: Magnolia Petroleum Co.

#502 "When You're Away Dear." ca. 1930
Therrien, Henri
Voss, John

#503 "Mnemosyne." 1969
John, Patricia
Two copies, one autographed.

#504 "Mrs. Newlywed." 1908
Shaw, Conway R.
Barn dance.
Publisher: Thos. Goggan & Bros.

#505 "Drifting Thoughts," ca. 1880
Woodyard, Ella
Publisher: Janke (C.) & Co.

#506 "La Golodrina." ca. 1889
Copyright: Mexican National Railroad
Inscription: Louis Runge
Publisher: Thos. Goggan & Bros.

#507 "Increase of Crime." 1873
Winner, Sep, arranged.
Inscription: Todd, M. A.
Publisher: Thos. Goggan & Bro.

#508 "Candidates March." 1906
Spaulding, George L.
Knights of Columbus, dedicated to.
Publisher: Thos. Goggan & Bro.

#509 "Speak to Me." ca. 1880
Farnie, H.B., words
Campana, Fabio, music
Publisher: Thos. Goggan & Bro.

#510 "Old Folks at Home." 1898
Tiedemann, Henry
Publisher: Thos. Goggan & Bro.

#511 "The Convent Girls Waltz." 1899
Caldwell, John S.
Dedicated to the pupils of St. Mary's Academy [not the
Galveston St. Mary's]
Publisher: Thos. Goggan & Bros.

#512 "Walkin' Down to Washington." ca. 1960
Mysels, Sammy, lyrics
Sanford, Dick, music
Arnaud, Leo, orchestrated by
Brass band arrangement.
Inscription: Latane Temple by Johnny Green.

#513 "Pure as Snow." ca. 1880
Inscription: Louise Bonnot compliments of W. Reitmeyer.

#514 "Longing." 1884
Jungmann, A.
Inscription: Lou[ise] Bonnot comp[liment]s of [W.] Reitmeyer.
Publisher: Thos. Goggan & Bro.

#515 "La Lettre d'Amour." 1881
Mack, E.
Inscription: Louise Bonnot compliments of [W.] Reitmeyer.

#516 "Concert Schottische." 1895
Shaw, Conway R.
Three copies.

#517 "Auf Wiedersehn." 1882
Bailey, E. H.
Inscription: To my friend S. W. Huntley.

#518 "San Certitude." 1899
Ludwig, Edmund
Publisher: Thos. Goggan & Bro.

#519 "General Piano Technics." 1886
Goldbeck, Robert
Written for music schools of Mrs. A. L. Palmer.
Inscription: Edith M. Hutchings.

#520 "Forest Devotion." 1895
Goldbeck, Robert
Palmer, A. L. Mrs., dedicated to.
Inscription: e[dith] M. Hutchings.

#521 "Legend of Love." 1904
Ducelle, Paul
Inscription: Jennie Wilson Judson.

#522 "If on the Meads I Cast My View." ca. 1887
Gumbert, Ferd.
Inscription: A. Focke, 1887.
Publisher: Thos. Goggan & Bro.

#523 "Comin' Thro' the Rye." ca. 1880
Publisher: Thos. Goggan & Bro.

#524 "Sweet Laughter." 1879
Goldbeck, Robert
Cooper, Nellie, dedicated to.
Inscription: Edith M. Hutchings, Apr. 9, '96, Goldbeck College

#525 "Merry Mood." ca. 1880
Lichner, H.
Publisher: Thos. Goggan & Bros.

#526 "On the Bay." ca. 1895
Goldbeck, Robert
Inscription: Edith M. Hutchings, Oct. 31, 1895, Goldbeck College

#527 "Love Birds." 1906
Spaulding, Geo. L.
Publisher: Thos. Goggan & Bro.

#528 "Butterflies." ca. 1903
Lege, W.
Publisher: Thos. Goggan & Bro.

#529 "Ecole du Mecanisme." nd.
Duvernoy, J. B.
Publisher: Thos. Goggan & Bro.

#530 "Careless Elegance." 1877
Schleiffarth, Geo.
Inscription: Edith M. Hutchings, April 9, 1896, Goldbeck College

#531 "Alpine Storm." 1888
Kunkel, Charles
"Christmas Bells." 1890
Sidus, Carl

#532 "We Meet by Chance." 1890
Uhland, L., words
Haas, C., music
Publisher: Janke (C.) & Co.

#533 "Heller." nd.
25 etudes.

#534 "Etude de la Velocity." 1911
Czerny, C.
Publisher: Frank K. Root & Company
Advertisement for New Edison Disc Phonograph on front cover.
Transferred from MSS# 97-0014, Oppe/Wilde/Hildebrand Family
Papers, damaged.
"In Tepee Land." 1911
Percy Wenrich
Publisher: Frank K. Root & Company

Collected Songs

#601 Galveston Quartette Society. n.d.

#602 Hymns for Congregational Singing. n.d.
Congregation B'nai Israel, Galveston

#603 New & Old Favorites. 1888, 1909
Transferred from MSS #90-0017, Greta Oppe Papers
Front Cover damaged

#604 Songs The Soldiers and Sailors Sing. [1918]
Gift of Judy Young

#605 Our Own Collection of Piano Music, ca. 1887
Being a Selection of the Most Popular Music for the Piano Forte.
Publisher: Thos. Goggan & Bro.

#606 Standard Compositions for the Piano. 1912, n.d.
Publisher: Thos Goggan & Bros.

#607 Our Treasury: A Collection of the most popular n.d.
Songs and Duetts.
Publisher: Thos. Goggan & Bro.

#608 Three piano compositions of Frank M. Ball. ca. 1891-1893
Contents: "Valse Alamitos"
Serenade (dedicated to W. Goodrich Jones)
Los Aquitos (arranged by Prof. W.H. Sherwood).
Publisher: C. Janke & Co.
Donor: Mrs C[ourtenay] C. Washington, 1993.

#609 The Alternate Third Book of Vocal Music. 1903
Eleannor Smith
Inscription: Sadie Marie Jones.

#610 [Miscellaneous]. 1882-1893
Inscription: Mamie E. Austin.