Photo Albums & Special Collections Inventory

The Photo Albums and Special Collections contain photos on a variety of subjects, families, and events. Most of these collections have not yet been digitized or cataloged online. If they are available digitally, there is a link to the Archives Catalog where they can be searched.

Almost all photos in these collections may be ordered for publications, research, or personal use.

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#1 Civil War Period Cartes de Visite

Collection, circa 1860-1865; ca. 54 items:

Barksdale, Gen. William; Beauregard, Gen. Pierre Gustave Toutant; Breckinridge, Gen. John C. (2); Confederate Picket Guard; Davis, Jefferson (3); Davis, Jefferson Mrs.; Edward VII as Prince of Wales; rincess of Wales; Ewell, Gen. Richard S. (2); Farragut, Rear Adm. David Glasgow; Forrest, Gen. Nathan Bedford; Generals of the South: Beauregard; Jackson, Stonewall; Johnston, Joe; Lee, Robert E.; Longstreet; Morgan; Stuart; Buckner; Forrest; Hardee; Hood; Lovell; Marshall; Smith (Kirby); Grant, Lt. Gen. Ulysses S.; Hampton, Gen. Wade; Hill, Gen. Ambrose P.; Hood, Gen. John Bell (3); Jackson, Thomas Jonathan "Stonewall" (3); Jackson, Thomas Jonathan "Stonewall" (2) (his grave); Johnson, Andrew; Johnson, (J.) or (L.); Johnston, Albert Sidney; Johnston, Joseph E. (3); Lee, Robert E. (Gen.) & Staff; Polk, Rev. Bishop Leonidas (C.S.A.); Prince, Gen. Henry; Rhodes, Gen. Rufus R. (?); Scott, Gen. Winfield; Sewell, Gen. William Joyce; Sherman, Lt. Gen. William T.; Southern Chiefs composite card (2); Stuart, James Ewell Brown "Jeb"(2); Taylor, Gen. Richard "Dick" (2); Unidentified Men (3). Also, nine views of Paris, France, and Paris Exposition of 1867.

#2 "Have a Look at Our City"

Album, ca. 1920; 2 volumes

Includes photographs, business advertisements, and postcard views of Galveston. Of special interest: Triple XXX Thirst Station, beauty contestants, and Morris Lasker playground.

#3 "Galveston, the Seawall City"

Album, ca. 1910; 1 volume

General city views. Similar to Album #7. Of special interest: Seawall (original, east end), Ball High School, Ave J, Galveston Boat Club House and Concho (steamer), Ashbel Smith Building and John Sealy Hospital, and panorama of Galveston looking west from the County Courthouse.

#4 Mallory Docks Pier Construction

Album, 1926; 1 volume

Construction workers and equipment.

#5 Pauline Dyer

Album, ca. 1890; 1 volume

Photos of San Antonio (SA) and Austin (AU). Of special interest: Alamo Square (SA), San Fernando Cathedral (SA), Fort Sam Houston (SA), San Jose Mission (SA), State Capitol Building (AU), Driskill Hotel (AU).

#6 El Mina Shrine Temple

Album, 1922; 1 volume

Photos of Shriner party train trip to and from San Francisco via Canada.

#7 "Galveston, The Seawall City"

Album, ca 1910; 1 volume

General city views. Similar to Album #3. Other copies of this album have been cataloged. Of special interest: Loading & unloading cotton, Texas Heroes Monument, City Park, Ball High School (with students), Broadway west of 24th St., Broadway, Rosenberg Library, Broadway and 15th St. looking east, Broadway west of 23rd St., Rosenberg Free School, 19th St. and Ave I looking east, Tremont St. and Ave. M, Garten Verein, Ursuline Convent, Ashbel Smith Building, John Sealy Hospital, St. Mary's Infirmary, Boulevard and Seawall, and panorama of Galveston.

#8 "Galveston, The Treasure Island of America"

Album, ca 1913; 1 volume

General city views. Of special interest: Hotel Galvez, 23rd St and Broadway, 27th St & Broadway looking east, 23rd St and Ball looking east, Broadway and 18th St, 23rd St and Market looking south, panorama of Galveston, Seawall, and interurban trains on causeway.

#9 City Hall & Auditorium

Album, ca 1920; 1 volume

Exterior and interior views of the auditorium. Maurer photos. Donated by Fay Sappington. Another copy of this album is in the 25th St File.

#10 Hotel Galvez

Album, 1911; 1 volume

Exterior and interior views of the hotel shortly after construction. Two copies.

#11 H.H. Morris

Album, 1860-1895; 1 volume

Harbor and city scenes shot or copied by Morris. Views of Galveston circa 1860 originally shot by Sache & Potter (see enclosed newspaper articles). The earliest views of Galveston in the library's collection. Of special interest: 1895 snowstorm. The library has three copies of the album, one donated by George Sealy, one by Charles Fowler, and one donor unknown. See also Spec. Coll. #65, Album #9.

#12 John Hanna

Collection, ca 1895-1901; approx. 220 items

Family photos. The original is an album still in family custody. The Rosenberg Library has copy prints and glass negatives of the album photos. A list of the negatives is included in the first folder. 35mm negatives have been made of certain views for which there are no corresponding glass negatives. Of special interest: Hanna family, Hanna residence (interior and exterior views), Griffin family (including picnic at Clear Lake), Bolivar Bay, Gengler residence, naval and flower parades, Joseph Clark residence, Denver Resurvey, Galveston Bay, Beach Hotel (including view by moonlight), Christmas tree, 1900 Storm, and YMCA Building.

#13 1915 Storm

Collection, 1915; ca. 50 items

Photos of storm damage. Of special interest: Ashbel Smith Building. Donated by Mrs. Erben Schuldt.

#14 Paul H. & Della Brison Naschke

Album, 1900; 1 volume of exceptionally good images showing the storm damage

Includes: churches, cemetery, water works, several residential areas, etc. Due to the fragile nature of the album, researchers are permitted to use photocopies only. See detailed inventory in the first folder within the collection.

#15 Rosenberg Library. Children's Department

Album, 1924-1930; 1 volume

Misc. scenes of children and exhibits in the department. Of special interest: antique doll photos.

#16 Imperial Sugar Company

Album, ca. 1930; 1 volume

Homes and buildings in Sugar Land, Texas, as well as of the Imperial Sugar Company facilities.

#17 Paul Verkin

Album, ca. 1925; 1 volume

Wharf and harbor scenes shot by Verkin. Of special interest: Pier 41.

#18 H. H. Morris

Album, ca. 1892-1915; 1 volume

Photos taken by Morris of causeway-related scenes. Of special interest: wagon bridge, (including construction), La Porte drawbridge causeway construction, completed causeway (including interurban trains), Galvez Hotel, and beach activities.

#19 "Life in Galveston County--Today & Yesterday"

Collection, 1976; 3 slide trays, 1 cassette tape

An audio-visual program prepared for the U.S. Bicentennial by the Viewfinders camera club. General city views.

#20 New York Daily Graphic

Illustration, 1880; 1 item

July 20, 1880, page of illustrations:

  1. The Strand, south side looking west
  2. Jail
  3. Tremont House
  4. Cotton Exchange
  5. Dancing Pavilion, Galveston Garten Verein
  6. Tremont Street, west side looking south
  7. Episcopal Church and Chapel
  8. St. John's M. E. Church
  9. City Hospital
  10. Main Building, Galveston Garten Verein
  11. Depot
  12. Cathedral
  13. Strickland's Printing and Lithographing Establishment
  14. Galveston Artillery Hall
  15. Map of the International and Great Northern Railroad of Texas and connections
  16. Elevator slip
  17. Synagogue
  18. Strand, north side looking west
  19. Post Office
  20. View of Galveston Beach
  21. Market Street, north side looking west

Shelved with the oversize photographs.

#21 Harper's Weekly

Illustrations, 1863-1900; 24 items

Drawings of the Battle of Galveston (1863), 1885 Fire, 1900 Storm, and general city views (1866 and 1891). In oversized drawers.

#22 Duncan Caldwell Crooks

Albums, ca. 1904-1915; 5 volumes

Four albums of photographs of construction work on the causeway and other sites in the area. One album of general city views. Crooks was an amateur photographer and one of the workmen who helped build the causeway. A more detailed sketch of his life and work record is located in the Subject File. Of special interest, vols. 1-4: construction workers; vol. 5: house interiors, Clarke & Courts (interiors), fishing fleet, Rosenberg Library (interiors), Grace Episcopal Church, harbor views, Texas Heroes Monument, and children. Donated by Mrs. Buford C. Crossland; transferred from MSS #77-0026.

#23 U.S. Army. Corps of Engineers

Album, 1875; 1 volume (and one duplicate)

Photos of an experiment using woven cane to construct jetties for the harbor entrance. Of special interest: steam tug.

#24 1900 Storm

Collection, ca. 1900; ca. 150 items

Stereopticon photos of storm damage. Most photos published by M. H. Zahner and sold by Griffith & Griffith. The Rosenberg Library has photocopies only; location of the originals is unknown. Of special interest: bodies, salvage work and workers, Reuters Saloon, Masonic Temple, Church St., Ave. N, Roma (steamer), Sacred Heart Church, 22nd St., St. Mary's Infirmary, John Sealy Hospital, First Baptist Church, 23rd St., Lucas Terrace apartments, harbor and wharf scenes, 19th St., Fort Crockett, St. Patrick's Church, Ursuline Academy, Market St., Ball High School, and Galveston Orphans Home.

#25 1900 Storm

Collection, ca. 1900-1910; 38 items

Slides of storm damage and grade raising. All are copies of photos in the Rosenberg Library's custody, mainly in the Naschke Album, #14. This collection was transferred to the general slide boxes into G-5926 and Spec. Coll. #14.

#26 Tramonte Family

Album, ca. 1880-1950; 8 items

Copy prints and negatives of photos in family custody. Of special interest: Wolfson & Robinson, Tramonte residence (1211 Ave. D), Sam Tramonte, and Knights of Columbus.

#27 Loeff Family

Album, ca. 1904-1915; 1 volume

Photos of grade raising, as well as general city views. Includes many Trube and Edworthy postcard photos. Apparently the Loeffs came to Galveston to work with Goedhart & Bates, grade raising contractors. Also includes photos of the Dutch East Indies. Of special interest: corner of Tremont St. and Ave I, Hutchings residence, Grace Episcopal Church, Afro-Americans (including children), dredges, streetcar, interiors of Hurricane (steamer), Seawall (back, before filling), and Breakers bathhouse. Donor: Erik C. Loeff.

#28 Glimpses of Texas

Collection, ca. 1873; 16 items

Printed illustrations of Galveston (G), Houston (H), and Austin (A). Of special interest: unloading schooners (G), U.S. Custom House, Postoffice and Courthouse (G), Jail (G), oleander walk (G), St. Mary's Cathedral (G), fisherman (G), State Masonic Temple (H), Market (H), Sam Houston, Governor's Mansion (A), Alamo Monument (A), State Lunatic Asylum (A), State Land Office (A), cotton compress, State Capitol (A), and cotton train. See also Special Collection #136.

#29 Rosenberg Library

Album, 1979; 1 volume

Activities commemorating the Library's 75th anniversary.

#30 Early Galveston

Collection, ca. 1850-1980; 31 items

Slides of prints relating to the early history of Galveston. Most are copies of photos belonging to the Rosenberg Library. Of special interest: Ashbel Smith Building. This collection has been transferred into general slide boxes into appropriate G-files.

#31 1900 Storm

Collection, 1900; 39 items

Stereoptican photos of storm damage. Of special interest: salvage work and workers, storm survivors (including children), First Methodist Church, Sacred Heart Church, and Texas Heroes Monument.

#32 Galveston

Collection, ca. 1850-1980; 45 items

Slide copies of miscellaneous prints in the Rosenberg Library's custody. Includes Galveston history slide show (historic architecture and significant persons). This collection has been transferred into the general slide boxes into appropriate G-files, and Name files.

#33 "Galveston Scenes"

Album, ca. 1940-1950; 1 volume

General city views. Some photos by professional photographer Tommy Rice, others are amateur snapshots. Of special interest: George Sealy residence, Ursuline Convent, U.S. Court House, Heidenheimer Castle, Ballinger residence, Tipton Walker residence, Cherry residence, Sealy Hutchings residence, Ashbel Smith Building, Bartlett residence, John Sealy residence, Seinsheimer residence, James M. Brown residence, Williams-Tucker residence, "Cradle", Sidney Sherman Monument, Peach Point Plantation, Trinity Episcopal Church (includes interior), U.S. Custom House, Postoffice & Courthouse, Sacred Heart Church, residence, W. L. Moody, Jr., residence, Jones (Anson) residence, Valery Austin residence, Frosh residence (later Conklin residence), George Flood residence, Henry Rosenberg residence, Chambers residence, Sappington residence, Dyer residence, Walter Gresham residence, St. Mary's Cathedral, Michel B. Menard residence, and Lafitte's Grove.

#34 Joseph M. Maurer

Collection, ca. 1920; 7 items

Views of palm trees and residences along Broadway. Of special interest: George D. Morgan residence and George Sealy residence.

#35 Texas City Disaster

Albums, 1947; 2 albums

Photos and maps prepared by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

#36 Illustrated News of the World

Illustrations, 1859; 2 items

The harbor and the Galveston, Houston & Henderson Railway. Includes view of Houston with mountains in the background. Shelved in oversized drawers.

#37 Gleason's Pictorial Drawing-Room Companion

Illustration, ca. 1860; 1 item

Harbor view. Shelved in oversized drawers.

#38 (?) Family

Album, ca. 1905; 1 volume

Of special interest: Lasker residence, League residence, Seeligson family, and children. Michael Seeligson was the mayor of Galveston in 1853.

#39 (?) Family

Album, 1927-1936; 1 volume

Includes views of people aboard Galveston boat/ship The Propeller; Roy McConnell Painting Automobile Repair; vacation in Boerne, TX; aboard ship Ruth Lykes; U.S.S. Houston; trip to Pinehurst, N.C.; aboard boat Kingfisher, ship Uddeholm; many family snapshots, none of the individuals are identified.

#40 Ashton Villa

Collection, 1979

Slide show of Galveston features 1900 Storm and grade raising. Produced in 1979. All are copies of prints in the Rosenberg Library's custody. This collection was transferred into general slide

Boxes into appropriate G-files.

#41 Bathhouses & Streetcars

Collection, 1980; 1 box

Slides. Most are copies of prints in the Rosenberg Library's custody (unable to locate 7/28/93).

#42 Galveston Postcard Packets

Collection, ca. 1910-1960; 24 items

General city views. Several snapshots. Of special interest: Gaido's Restaurant and Moody Compress fire (1930).

#43 Seawall Area

Collection, ca. 1915, 1920s; 17 items

Prints and glass negatives. Of special interest: aerial swing at Joyland Park (amusement park) on Seawall, Crystal Palace, diving board, and 1915 Storm damage.

#44 Galveston County Bench and Bar

Collection, 1932; 1 item

Sheet of individual portraits of attorneys, judges, and court clerks. Donated by Thornton & Maxwell. Shelved in the oversize Special Collections drawer.

#45 Galveston

Collection, ca. 1979; ca. 70 items

Slides of general city views. All are copies of prints in the Rosenberg Library's custody (unable to locate 7/27/93).

#46 Rosenberg Library

Collection, 1969-1970; 6 volumes (slide trays)

Moody Memorial Wing construction.

#47 Joseph M. Maurer

Collection, 1936-1946; 9 boxes (approx. 3000 items)

Maurer's photos of Galveston residents and events (such as beauty contests, automobile accidents),as well as out-of-town meetings of various organizations and companies. Most of the original nitrate negatives have not been developed. The complete list of images is included in the first folder within the collection.

#48 Historic American Buildings Survey

Collection, 1966-1967; ca. 1000 items

Negatives and duplicate prints of photos taken during survey. See the black notebooks with survey sheets to view each photo.

#49 Illustrated Weeklies

Collection, ca. 1844-1900

Photostatic copies of illustrations from various newspapers, including the Illustrated London News and Leslie's Illustrated News. Of special interest: Tremont St., Davie (J.P.) residence, cane jetties harbor improvement experiment, McLean (revenue cutter), 1890 bird's eye view, life-saving station (south Jetty ?), jetty construction, 1875 Storm damage, 1900 Storm damage, Battle of Galveston, Harriett Lane. Stored in oversized drawers. (Unable to find all items 8/26/94)

#50 "Pageant of Progress"

Collection, 1923; ca. 150 items

Lantern slides illustrating Galveston's history. "Pageant of Progress" lecture given by J.O. Dyer. A list of the slides is included at the beginning of the collection. Many of the slides are copies of drawings or photographs in books in the Rosenberg Library's collection. Of special interest: Jean Laffite, harbor views, Galveston Bagging & Cordage Company, streetcars, Magnolia Ice & Cold Storage Company, Texas Star Flour Mills, John Sealy hospital, Ball High School, waterworks, causeway, Galvez Hotel, a radio station (interior), Broadway esplanade, and wharf scenes. Donors: Galveston Playground Association and Knights of Columbus.

#51 "American Art"

Collection, 1924; 36 items

Lantern slides used to illustrate Raimundo de Ovies' lectures on civic art, American sculpture, and American mural painting. Slides made by Albert Kirk. A list of the slides is included at the beginning of the collection. Of special interest: oleanders and palms, 31st St and Ave O; aerial view of Galveston; Trinity Episcopal Church; Rosenberg Library; looking east from 27th St and Ave J; St. Mary's Cathedral; Edward Berge sculpture "Wildflower"; City Auditorium mural (William Steene, painter).

#52 Turn-of-the-Century

Collection, ca. 1890-1900; ca. 500 items

Glass negatives of various city scenes. Photographer unknown (although work similar to that of J. Maurer). Most of the negatives have been printed into 5x7 prints. Of special interest: Oleander Festivals and parades, churches, Catholic priests and nuns, nurses, downtown parades, various larger buildings (Ball High, County Courthouse, Ursuline Academy, etc.), 1900 Storm damage. Also a few later prints (ca 1920s)of beauty pageants and parades on the beach. See first folder within the collection for complete inventory.

#53 Storm & Fire Department

Collection, ca. 1900; 7 items

Glass negatives. Of special interest: fire engine (horse drawn), Old City Hall--rebuilt as a fire station, and 1900 Storm damage.

#54 Military Camp

Collection, ca. 1910; 7 items

Glass negatives. Camp location unknown (not Galveston). Of special interest: soldiers, state capitol in Austin.

#55 Portraits

Collection, ca. 1880-1900; 11 items

Glass negatives only (no prints available). Photographer(s) unknown. Men, women and children posed, ca early 1900s, none are identified.

#56 Joseph I. Maurer

Collection, ca. 1890(?), 1927-1935; ca. 60 items

General city views taken by Maurer. Many are glass negatives; some have been printed.Of special interest: 25th St., Crystal Palace Bathhouse, Maurer studio (Victorian interior), St.Mary's University, beauty contest, portraits, shrimp boats, Beth Jacob Synagogue, loading & unloading, U. S. Public Health Service Hospital, sailing ship's crew, UTMB Laboratory Building, Clark Thompson residence, Sacred Heart Church, Mardi Gras, and Murdoch's Bathhouse.

#57 Miscellany

Collection, ca. 1860(?)-1920(?); ca. 25 items

Glass and nitrate negatives. Of special interest:aerial views (1912, taken from balloon by Frank A. Stern), loading & unloading--cotton, portraits, Mirabeau B. Lamar,Samuel May Williams, and David G. Burnet.

#58 Susanne King

Collection, 1979-1980; ca. 1000 items (ca. 10,000 photos)

Part of the "Town vs. Metropolis: The Galveston Story" project funded by the Texas Committee for the Humanities and the Moody Foundation. Negatives, proof sheets, and some of the prints of the photos taken by King. Includes some copies of older photos (1930-61), particularly of the Afro-American and Mexican-American communities. The negatives are not organized in any particular way but are clearly labeled. The prints are arranged in folders by subject (see below). A description of the project is included with the print folders.

FF Description

  • 1-3 Afro- Americans See also Ball High School; Juneteenth Celebration
  • 4 Ball High School
  • 5 Banana Docks
  • 6 Banana Ship Unloading
  • 7 Beach Scenes
  • 8 Burmah Agate Oil Spill
  • 9 Clayton, Mary
  • 10 Cotton
  • 11 Dickens’ Evening on the Strand
  • 12-13 Downtown Galveston
  • 14 El Mina Shriners Parade
  • 15 Ethnic Groups
  • 16 Events—Misc.
  • 17 Galveston Children’s Home
  • 18 Galveston. City Council
  • 19 Galveston Cotton Exchange
  • 20 Galvez Hotel
  • 21 General City Views
  • 22 Grain
  • 23 Historic Preservation
  • 24 Hurricane – 1961 (Carla)
  • 25-26 Hurricane – 1980 (Allen)
  • 27 Imperial Sugar Company
  • 28 July 4th Holiday
  • 29 Juneteenth Celebration
  • 30 Lifeguard (missing from file)
  • 31 Little League – Colombo Park – Season Opening (includes Nick Colombo)
  • 32 Mexican-Americans
  • 33 Mexican –Americans – Queen of Peace Church
  • 34 Murillo, Jesus
  • 35 Oil, Pelican Island
  • 36 Oral History Interviewees
  • 37 Pelican island (including Texas.A&M University, Galveston and Todd Shipyard’s Nuclear waste facility)
  • 38 Philippine Association
  • 39 Pier 19, Fishing
  • 40 Pleasure Pier
  • 41 Residential Views
  • 42 Sacred Heart Church
  • 43 St. Constantine & St. Helen Serbian Orthodox Church
  • 44 Schwartz (A.R.) Rally
  • 45 Sea-Arama
  • 46 Seawall
  • 47 Serbian Orthodox Church – Easter Celebration
  • 48 Shrimp Fleet Blessing
  • 49 Shrimping & Fishing
  • 50 Splash Day Riots – 1961
  • 51 S.T.O.P./J.O.B.S. – Superport Issue
  • 52-53 Treasure Ball
  • 54 U.S. Public Health Service Hospital
  • 55 Vietnamese
  • 56-57 Miscellaneous Photographs
  • 58 Contact Sheets & Copy Negatives
  • 59 Texas. Committee for the Humanities – Reports

#59 World War I

Collection, 1914-1918; ca. 200 items

Mounted prints of excellent quality. Taken in France; show camp and combat scenes; war hospitals; parades and Allied dignitaries including Gen. Jack Pershing.

#60 Black History

Collection, ca. 1880-1980; ca. 100 items

Photographs used in the Rosenberg Library's black history exhibit (displayed ca 1980) and various prints relating to black history. Of special interest: Scull and Fedford family,black schools in Galveston, prominent Galvestonians, parades and funerals. See detailed inventory in the first folder in the collection.

#61 H. H. Morris

1900 Storm Collection, 1900; 3 items

Three photographs: barge carrying bodies out to sea, Sacred Heart Catholic Church, and workers looking for the dead. Quality excellent. Purchased from Fred White, 1982.

#62 Campbell-Fuller Family

Collection, ca. 1860-1935; ca. 1000 items

Portraits of family members and friends,including Stephen Moylan Bird, Victoria W. Campbell,Robert Dabney Johnson, Martin H. Royston, Raimundo de Ovies, and Joseph Weldon Bailey. Also includes photos of Augusta, Maine, a few Galveston residences (unidentified), Seawall Baseball Club, Pagoda Bathing Company, and an interior view of the SS Lusitania lounge.

#63 A. O. Rollfing

1900 Storm Collection; 9 items (36 photographs)

Contact prints of glass negatives in private collection.

#64 World War I

Collection; ca. 35 items

Official British photographs of World War I. Donated by British consul, 1918.

#65 Morgan Family Collection

This collection was originally stored at the end of the Morgan family papers (MSS #83-0057). Of special interest: Morgan family, Burrows family, Scrimgeour family, Sarah Helen Littlejohn circa 1906, Highway 35, Highway 38, Highway 75,Galveston Causeway, vacation trips to other states. Also includes 10 albums and postcard collections of Galveston views, Texas views, and views from France. Approx. 5,000 photos and over 100 original negatives. See a more detailed inventory in the first folder of the collection.

#66 Philip H. Rose

Collection, early 1880s; 24 stereopticon slides

The slides were taken by Rose (1848-1926), a Galveston photographer who was later active in Providence, Rhode Island, and New York City. The collection consists mostly of Galveston beach and street scenes.

Item # Description

  • 1 Beach Hotel
  • 2 Beach Hotel – Construction
  • 3 Beach; Pagoda Bathing Company (background)
  • 4-5 Electric Pavilion and beach
  • 6 Beach Park (showing racetrack)
  • 7 Tremont Opera House
  • 8 Galveston Cotton Exchange
  • 9 Galveston Cotton Exchange (interior view)
  • 10 Galveston Daily News and Galveston Cotton Exchange
  • 11-12 Gulf, Colorado & Santa Fe Railway – General offices
  • 13 Steamboat tied up at wharf
  • 14 Galveston County Jail
  • 15 Galveston County Courthouse and public square, 20th and Ave. H
  • 16 Galveston Court House and Jail; U.S. Post Office
  • 17 U.S. Custom House, Post Office & Court House
  • 18 Galveston Artillery Company Hall
  • 19 St. Mary’s University
  • 20 Sealy Hutchings residence
  • 21 E.S. Wood residence (damaged backing)
  • 22 John Sealy residence, First Baptist Church parsonage, synagogue (mounted in reverse)
  • 23 Galveston, from Tremont Hotel tower looking east (aerial view)
  • 24 City of Galveston facing north (aerial view)

#67 1915 Storm

Album, 1915; 1 album

Photos of storm damage and railroad interurban cars.Of special interest: causeway, waterfront, beached ships, Seawall, wrecked homes and industries, sternwheelers, and streetcar lines and equipment. Locations include Galveston, Texas City,and Houston.

#68 Libby Moody Thompson

Collection, ca. 1920s-1930s

Nitrate negatives and contact prints of Mardi Gras costumes.

#69 Norman Ricker

Photograph Albums, 1915; 2 albums

1915 Storm Album: Photos of storm damage and construction of trestle bridge.Of special interest: Ribston (steamer), causeway, Seawall, railroads, Pier A, interurban railways, Virginia Point, Texas City, Seabrook, Sylvan Beach Park, and Pasadena. Miscellaneous Subjects Album: 1915 Storm, trip to Austin, Rice Institute, Texas Heroes Monument, a battleship, and Cotton Carnival.

#70 Dorothy Dow

Collection, ca. 1900-1985; 141 items

Of special interest: commercial, churches, hospitals, hotels, residences, monuments, recreation, and transportation in Galveston. See a detailed inventory in the first folder within the collection.

#71 Views Along Galveston's Waterfront

Packet, ca. 1920; one packet with 12 prints

Galveston Wharf Company. Of special interest:Loading & unloading cotton; Elevator A; Elevator B; cargo pier(interior); switch engines; Mallory Line docks;tractors and trailers; loading & unloading--flour;sulphur; Pier 9; Piers 41 to 27.

#72 African-American Family

Collection, 1908-1947, n.d.; ca. 75 items

Albums, snapshots, unidentified portrait photos, school compositions, and composition books. One album entitled "Vietta", by Lionel Simms. Some photographs were taken in Galveston. One postcard, two school compositions, and two composition books inscribed "Jennette S. Radford," whom Galveston city directories list, 1921-1958. Two portraits by John E. Palmer, black Galveston photographic studio proprietor. Also includes photo of "Snake" Ewell, Howard University football star, 1926-1927.

#73 Floyd Jack Mankey

Collection, ca. 1941-1950; 19 items

Photographs, ephemera, and newspaper clippings. Of special interest:Pleasure Pier; Jack Tar Court Hotel; Herbert Y. Cartwright, Jr.; Orvon; Gene Autry-Galveston visit, 1948 (photographs); Texas City State Relief Fund benefit dinner (menu). Mankey served as publicity director of the Galveston Beach Association.

#74 Betty Hartman

Collection, 1984, n.d.; ca. 40 items

Photographs, photocopies, news clippings, and ephemera. Of special interest: Lasker Home for Children; Jones (John M.) residence (Ave M--1725); Davis (James N.) residence (24th St--1315). Hartman was a local preservation researcher. See also MS# 83-0036, Betty Hartman Papers.

#75 Kane Shipbuilding & Boilerworks

Collection, ca. 1942-1945; ca 175 prints

Photos and negatives. Images portray shipbuilding activity in Galveston during World War II. Some personal snapshots. Donor: L. Tuffly Ellis.

#76 Switzerland

Album, ca. 1890; 41 8x10 albumin prints mounted in album.

Photographs by G. Sommer (Napoli) portraying Swiss scenery. Mint condition.

#77 Paul H. Naschke

Collection, ca. 1890-1929; 18 items

Hand-colored portraits, photographs, snapshots, ephemera, and business receipts. Of special interest: Paul H. Naschke, Della Brison Naschke, Betty Moody, Justus Zahn Photographic Studio (23rd St--418), Paul H. Naschke Photographic Studio (Ave F--1427; later Oak--1411, La Marque), 1905 Model F Ford (scene includes Della Brison Naschke and Bertram Naschke), H. Marwitz residence (22nd St--801), Ave O 1/2--2524, and St. James Methodist Episcopal Church.

#78 Hurricane Alicia

Slide Collection, 1983; 977 items

Color slides; mostly unidentified. Hurricane Alicia aftermath. Of special interest: damage shots of hotels Galvez, Seahorse, Flagship, Commodore, and San Luis hotels; Casa del Mar and Victorian condominiums; Enchanted Winds and Driftwood apartments; jetty; Fort Crockett; and Ivey Exxon Station. Donor: Michael Helfert.

#79 1900 Storm

Stereo Card Collection, 1900, 1909; 35 cards (includes duplicates)

Of special interest: stranded vessels at wharf, looter, looking north from Ursuline Academy showing wrecked Negro high school (duplicate),Galveston Orphans Home, 33rd St and Ave M (two duplicates), searching for dead, survivors on Mallory Line wharf, St. Patrick's Church, looking up 20th St. (city hall in background), Grand Opera House (duplicate), Galveston City Railway Company power house, sunken schooners, schoolhouse, burning bodies at 14th St and Ave J (Sacred Heart Church in background), Seawall (one duplicate), searching for dead, Sacred Heart Church, recovering bodies (one duplicate), Ursuline Academy, seeking valuables, First Baptist Church, and looking east from 13th St and Ave J.

#80 Wimhurst Family

Collection, 1867, ca 1870-1950; one album and approx. 80 items

Of special interest: Portraits of Fr.[M.] Buffard, Fr. _____ Greyenbuehl (St. Joseph's Church), John Hourigan, Fr. _____ [Reinchapelain],James H. Savage, Fr. _____ Schaumba- (St. Mary's Cathedral), Sr. Gregoria Scholasticus, Fr. Martin [Weinzophoel] (St. Joseph's Church), children and infants, gravesite, and miscellaneous residences (not in Galveston). The album includes portraits of Hyacinth Moser (1861-1881), Fr. A. M. Truchard, Fr. _____ Amsted (St. Joseph's Church), Fr. Martin Weinzophoel (St.Joseph's Church), old Ursuline Convent parlor, Bishop [Claude Marie] Dubuis, Fr. [Louis] Chambodut, and Fr. [Martin Weinzophoel]. A portrait of an unidentified girl has been transferred to oversize.

#81 New Zealand Sailing Vessels

Collection, 1905-1909, n.d.; 51 prints

Copy prints of small New Zealand sailing vessels, which accompany Percy Eaddy Allen, 'Neath Swaying Spars: The Story of the Trading Scows of Zealand (Auckland: Whitcombe & Tombs, 1939). Kept in Mary Moody Northen Maritime History Collection on the 2nd floor. COPYRIGHT RESTRICTIONS

#82 Hurricane Alicia

Collection, ca. 1900; 53 negatives

Glass plate negatives discovered after Hurricane Alicia, 1983; owner and photographer unknown. Some images have been developed. Of special interest: portraits, scenic views (location unknown), hunting scene, men seated in cornfield, men standing in front of restaurant, and road grader.

#83 Elissa's Return

Photographs, 1986; 23 prints & negatives

Views of Elissa's return to Galveston, August 3, 1986, after attending the rededication ceremony for the Statue of Liberty in New York City harbor. Photographer: Susan Shaw.

#84 Architecture's Portfolio

Collection, 1933-1934; 19 issues

FF, Issue #, Title, Dates


  • #80 Eaves Return on Masonry 1933 (June)
  • #81 Exterior Lettering (July)
  • #82 Entrance Driveways (Aug.)
  • #83 Corbels (Sept.)
  • #84 Pew Ends (Oct.)
  • #85 Gothic Niches (Nov.)
  • #86 Curtain Treatment at Windows (Dec.)
  • #87 Exterior Plasterworks 1934 (Jan.)
  • #88 Church Doors (Feb.)
  • #90 Modern Ornament (Mar.)

FF 2

  • #91 Rustication (Apr.)
  • #92 Organ Cases (May)
  • #93 Garden Furniture (June)
  • #94 Window Heads, Exteriors (July)
  • #95 Spires (Aug.)
  • #96 Business Building Lobbies (Oct.)
  • #97 Roof Trusses (Nov.)
  • #98 Modern Lighting Fixtures (Dec.)

#85 Ships of Galveston

Portfolio, 1974; 10 prints

Drawings by Emil Bunjes. Published by the Port of Galveston Magazine. Of special interest: Galveston harbor (1818), Columbia, Zavala, Harriet Lane, El Valle, Iroquois, U.S.C.G.C. Saranac, E. H. Thornton, Jr., Doctor Lykes, and shrimp boats.

#86 Mary Clayton

Collection, [1920s], 1959-1963; approx. 500 items

Mostly negatives and a few prints produced by Galveston photographer Mary Clayton. Some negatives are damaged (see Box 1). Box 3 contains two folders of nitrate negatives

  • Box 1: Wedding; Galveston Orphans Home, and E. S. Levy & Company employees and merchandise
  • Box 2: Gilbert Sosa, E. S. Levy & Company employees and Teen Council, and nitrate negatives (some identifiable as Galveston)
  • Box 3: Tres Ball, weddings, E. S. Levy & Company employees, and Harry Levy III
  • Box 4: E. S. Levy & Company employees (include Afro-Americans), E. S. Levy & Company advertisements published in the Galveston Daily News and Tribune, wedding, Hurricane Carla aftermath (includes Ursuline Academy, St. Mary's Cathedral, St. Mary's Cathedral School, Robert Layton, Central Park, Kirwin Home, and First Presbyterian Church). One print has been transferred to oversize.

#87 1915 Storm

Collection, 1915; 21 prints

Of special interest: Galveston and Galveston Island views include Ribston (steamer), causeway Galveston, Harrisburg & San Antonio Railway yards, and Pier A. Other views of aftermath at Seabrook, Deepwater, Virginia Point, and Pasadena.

#88 Edwin H. Bergen

Collection, 1895-[1943], n.d.; 125 prints

Bergen was a Galveston photographer. Of special interest: Japanese midget submarine; 1940 snowstorm; parade for Douglas Corrigan; Fort Crockett; hurricane of 1932. See first folder for detailed inventory.

#89 Richard Eisenhour

Collection, 1982-1986, n.d., 91 prints

Of special interest: Darragh residence; several downtown buildings and businesses; James Michener in Galveston; Princess Anne’s visit; Towler-Shelton wedding; Nicholas Clayton Day. See first folder for detailed inventory.

#92 Galveston Wharves

Souvenir Portfolio, 1975; 10 prints

Commemorating the Port of Galveston's 150th anniversary. Drawings by Emil Bunjes. Of special interest: locomotives (including "General Sherman" and "Little Susie"), Iroquois, U.S.C.G.S. Saranac, Harriet Lane, El Valle, Liberty (sailing ship), Columbia (steampacket), Galveston Container Terminal & Ship Channel, Galveston harbor (1969), shrimp boats (1938), Morgan Line wharf, and Galveston harbor (1825). Transferred from Elissa Project Records.

#93 Southern Union Gas Company

Photograph Albums, 1927-1940; 2 albums

Of special interest: gasworks, gas line and gas main installations, company picnic, snowstorm--1940, hurricane--1932 (includes Rosenberg Library),Virginia Point survey, gas explosion--Ave. M--3821, Oriental Hotel, and many views of Galveston streets and alleys. Accompanying these albums is a superintendent's record book, 1929-1930, owned by Wallace N. Norton, who was superintendent of distribution of the Texas Cities Gas Co.

#94 Battle of Galveston Union Prisoners

Collection, 1863; 4 prints

Copy prints of four cartes de visite of Union soldiers captured in the Battle of Galveston, January 1, 1863.

#95 Robert John Mihovil

Collection of Paul H. Naschke & Della Brison Naschke Photographs

Of special interest: Trinity Episcopal Church; portraits of the Kempner family and the Moody family; portraits of prominent Galvestonians. See first folder for detailed inventory.

#96 Miscellaneous Churches

Collection, 1931, n.d.; 5 prints

Mostly unidentified photos. Of special interest: outdoor mass service, 40th anniversary of ordination of Rev. John S. Murphy, pastor of St. Patrick's Church (1931) (see oversize Special Collections drawer).

#97 1900 Storm

Collection, 1900; 9 prints

Owned by Mrs. Emil Wieselberg. Of special interest: 20th St looking from Ave P; looking northwest from 12th St and Broadway; Elevator A; 14th St and Ave K; 15th St and beach; Grand Opera House; Sol Bromberg residence (2509 Ave I; three duplicate views).

#98 A Guide to Historic Galveston

Collection, 1966; ca. 150 snapshots

Taken of various Galveston structures during research for A Guide to Historic Galveston, co-authored by Douglas A. Zwiener and Elisabeth F. Darst. The photographs were not published in the book. Of special interest: Heidenheimer Castle, Ursuline Convent, Darragh home. See first folder for a detailed inventory.

#99 Ball High School Teachers

Collection; ca. 1930; 6 items

Snapshots. Of special interest: Patrick H. Underwood, Greta Oppe, William A. James. Three teachers are unidentified.

#100 First Lutheran Church

Collection, ca. 1851-1980; 10 items

Of special interest: chapel interior, organ, Rev. Vernon Rabel, worship service, Pastor John C. Roehm. Four prints in color.

#101 Boyer Gonzales

Photograph Album, 1917-18, nd; 1 item

Harbor scenes and sailing vessels. Of special interest: Gloucester, Mass.; Tarpon Springs, Fl.; Galveston, TX. Loose items found at the back of the album and filed in a separate folder include 1924 season's greetings from Henry Cohen; a photograph of a painting of ducks; 10 pen-and-ink drawing by Boyer Gonzales, Jr. Transferred from Gonzales Family Papers,MSS # 87-0035 + oversize.

#102 Homer W. (Jack) Darst

Collection, ca. 1942-45; 68 items

These photographs concern activities of the U.S. Treasury Department, War Finance Committee, Galveston, which Darst headed. They were separated from his papers (see MSS # 88-0006). Of special interest: boxers; Omar Bradley, Tom Clark, Chester A. Nimitz, and Frank Sutton; U.S. servicemen; War Bond activities, advertisements, exhibits, parades; War Bond Tour; weapons.

#103 Galveston Souvenir Postcards

Packets, ca. 1920; 2 folders

Packet #1 includes Municipal Building & Auditorium; Rosenberg Library; Texas State Medical College; Galveston County Courthouse; oleanders; Scottish Rite Cathedral; Morris Lasker playground; John Sealy Hospital; Union Station; City Park; U. S. Customs; Galvez. Packet #2 includes causeway; floating drydock; Galvez Hotel (includes interior); G & I railroad ferry; Crystal Palace bathhouse (includes swimming pool); Galveston harbor; Murdoch's Bathhouse; Seawall; Hurricane of 1909; Fort Crockett; Bolivar Lighthouse; G & I ferry.

#104 Galveston Sesquicentennial Committee

Collection, 1984, 1986; approx. 100 items

Snapshots and color slides. Of special interest: official sanctioning of the City of Galveston and Galveston County; Victory Capital Picnic at the Center for Transportation & Commerce; dedication of the restoration of the Texas Heroes Monument; Victory Capital 1836 Parade (includes Katharine Helmond, Marilyn Maye, and Phil Harris); dedication of Texas Heroes Monument restoration at Citizens Bank. Donor: Jean Mills.

#105 Robert A. Nesbitt

Collection, [1830s]-1982, nd; approx. 2000 items

Photographs, snapshots, and negatives separated from Robert A. Nesbitt Papers, 88-0021. Of special interest: Battle of Galveston re-enactment, Mardi Gras, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Rotary Club of Galveston, UTMB dedications, Grand Opera House, Galveston personalities, Ships, Dickens on the Strand. See first folder in the collection for a complete inventory.

#106 Fort Crockett

Collection, ca. 1939-1943; 22 items

Booklet Harbor Defenses of Galveston, Fort Crockett, Texas, ca. 1941-1943.Portfolio of photographs. Of special interest: officers, training, gun placements, range-finding equipment. Some photographs predate 1940.Most photographs taken by Paul Murphy of the Houston Chronicle.

#107 M & M Bar

Collection, ca. 1900-1916, 1937; 23 items

Photographs and stereoptican cards originally kept at M & M Bar, 603 24th Street. Of special interest: Galveston (steamer);World War I; construction scenes (probably Fort Crockett; August J. Henck residence (1412 Ave. I).A panoramic photograph of the engineer department of the Galveston-Houston Breweries, 1937, has been transferred to oversize Photo Albums & Special Collections (also as #107). Donor: Joseph A. Maffei, Jr.

#108 Galveston Entertainers

Collection, ca. 1940s-1967; six prints

Of special interest: Ink Spots (group; Oleander Festival; Spike Jones and Christy Mitchell; Seawall concert (next to Buccaneer Hotel); Bob Hope and Sheriff Frank Biaggne; Larry Kane Show with Texas state surfing champion.

#109 Sealy (Eugenia & George) Pavilion

Photographs, 1988; 30 items

Of special interest: first concert at (unfinished) Sealy Pavilion (August 2, 1988); Christmas caroling at Pavilion. Color snapshots and negatives.

#110 1900 and 1915 Storms

Collection, 1 album and 100 prints

The 1900 Storm album includes: views of Hildenbrand (C.) & Co. mill; Elevator A; morgue; removal of debris at 21st St and Ave R 1/2; loading barge with dead; railroad cars; Ritter's Cafe; Marx & Blum; looking for dead at Ave P and 23rd St; Dulitz (Ernest) Furniture; Grand Opera House; debris at Ave M and 15th St; Purcell (James C.) residence; Grand Hotel; burning dead; First Baptist Church; beach looking north; Sacred Heart Church; Post Office St looking east from 22nd St;15th St and Ave K; 24th St and Ave O; 19th St and Ave O; burying dead; Kory residence; St. Joseph Church; Galveston Orphans Home; wharf; 27th St and Ave L; St. Patrick's Church; Elevator B; Galveston City Company railway powerhouse; Jockusch & Davidson elevator; Pier 24; 23rd St and Ave P; Galveston Cotton Mills; Spencer (Stanley G.) residence; 35th St between Ave N 1/2 and O; Spanish steamer at Pier 20; [Bath Ave] Public School and [Letitia Rosenberg] Women's Home; Lucas Terrace; St. John's Church; 17th St and Ave L. The 1915 Storm photographs include views of business and commercial buildings (Harbor Hotel); causeway;harbor (sailing vessel Galveston; steamers Morawitz and Ribston); railroads; residences; Seawall Boulevard (arranged by intersecting streets). Many photos by Paul Verkin copied from negatives by LaLumiere.

#111 Galveston Postcards

Collection, 1913-1914; one packet and three postcards

Of special interest: Ave. D; Seawall and beach; Galvez Hotel; City Park; bathhouse; causeway; harbor; Confederate Heroes Monument; Bolivar Lighthouse; G. & I. Railroad ferry; Tremont St.; Texas Heroes Monument; Brazos (steamer); U.S. Life Saving Station and Federal Immigration Station; oleanders; cotton.

#112 Camp Hughes

Collection, 1864, 1902-1932; 1975, nd; approximately 55 items. Separated from MSS #89-0001, Camp Hughes Records.

  • Album #1: Meetings at La Porte, Calvert, and Seabrook, 1902-1912. Loose material from this album has been separately foldered (includes Kotton Karnival Kidds ephemera).
  • Album #2: Meetings at La Porte, Galveston Island, and San Jacinto Battleground, 1910-1919. Photos from John Hanna's daughter, Martha Henslee.
  • Album #3: Meetings at Dickinson, 1920-1932. Loose photos: group portraits, 1911,1920, nd.; meetings, nd.; portraits of members (include Valery E. Austin, Thomas H. Phillips, John S. Fordtran, Henry Wilkens, Fred Schneider, Julius W. Jockusch, Clinton M. Wolston, Frederick W. Erhard, Victor H. Davison, J. Stanley Clark, Maurice L. Ujffy, Gentry Waldo, H. S. Cooper, John W. Campbell, John W. Focke, Maury M. Spencer.Also individual portraits of Henry J.Runge, William J. Hughes, Edward T. Elmendorf, and two unidentified persons. Miscellany (includes CSA - currency).

#113 Imperial Sugar Company

Collection, 1830s-1987; 61 prints

Of special interest: cultivation of cane fields; "sugar boiling;" convict workers; Sugar Land, Texas (includes aerial views); Cunnigham Sugar Mill; Texas Sugar Refining Corporation (Texas City); Edward H. Cunnigham; W. T. Eldridge; Daniel W. Kempner; Harris L. Kempner; Isaac Herbert Kempner; Isaac Herbert Kempner III; G. D. "Gus" Ulrich; commemorative coins; raw sugar handling facilities at Galveston. Contact prints made from negatives loaned by Robert M. Armstrong.

#114 1915 Storm

Collection, 1915 mostly; 1914-26, nd.; 102 photographic postcards and prints

Mostly views of the aftermath of the 1915 Storm, along with several views of the temporary railroad trestle built to connect Galveston Island to the mainland and miscellaneous views of Galveston. Donor: Frank Newnam.

Item, Description

  • 1 Hurricane, 1915
    • Wrecked houses
    • 2 Seawall; debris on Seawall Boulevard; boiler house and Galvez Hotel (right)
    • 3 Man and woman standing in front of wrecked houses
    • 4 People walking on top of Seawall and on Seawall Boulevard; woman seated on wrecked bench in middle of Boulevard
    • 5 People walking through flooded downtown street
    • 6 Casino (23rd and Seawall Boulevard), showing collapsed wall
    • 7 Casino, showing damaged and collapsed walls
    • 8 Derailed freight cars
    • 9 Locomotive and derailed freight cars
    • 10 Wrecked houses
    • 11 Two derailed freight cars and torn up railroad track
    • 12 Mosquito Fleet – High & Dry, Galveston, Aug 16, 1915
    • 13 Wreck of Shed – Pier 21, Galveston, Au. 16, 1915
    • 14 Steamship Harlesden aground at Texas City
    • 15 Steamship tied up at pier
    • 16 Wrecked street car tracks (foreground); 2100 block of Ave. P½ (background), Including Vinson Hotel (2120 Ave. P 1/2)
    • 17 Wrecked residences along Seawall Boulevard
    • 18 Wrecked houses; utility pole laying in street (right)
    • 19 Wreck of Schooner in Side of Sea Wall, Aug. 16, 1915 (remnants of Alison Doura)
    • 20 Piles of debris, including wrecked carousel; Crab Pavilion (background)
    • 21 Horse standing amid wrecked structures
    • 22 Workers and wagon moving past demolished building near waterfront
    • 23 Houseboat and two sailboats aground
    • 24 Workers standing on Seawall Boulevard; wrecked carousel (left) and Crab Pavilion (background)
    • 25 Old City Hall (right), with people standing in flooded street
    • 26 Fishing boat Eleanor tied up at debris-covered pier
    • 27 Grounded steamship, port view
    • 28 Same steamship as #27 starboard view
    • 29 Derailed freight cars (foreground); same steamship aground as in #27 and #28
    • 30 Wrecked causeway and interurban car; temporary trestle (background)
    • 31 Wrecked houses along streetcar track
    • 32 A Bad Wreck, Galv., Aug. 16, 1915 (showing collapsed two-story houses)
    • 33 Partially covered streetcar track (foreground); wrecked houses (background)
    • 34 Street scene (showing dislodged brick pavement and wrecked houses)
    • 35 Pile driver inserting pilings to extend the temporary railroad trestle
    • 36 Wrecked causeway (foreground); temporary railroad trestle (background)
    • 37 Cotton Sheds, Ave. C (showing railroad tracks and debris)
    • 38 Wrecked freight cars
    • 39 U.S. Army soldiers carrying trash can on top of Seawall; Fort Crockett (left background)
    • 40 Boat Helen aground
    • 41 Sailboat Galveston tied up at pier
    • 42 East End – Boat in front residence/Scenes in East End
    • 43 East End – Boat in front of residence (near duplicate of #42)
    • 44 Woman standing next to streetcar track; sand drifts and palm trees (background)
    • 45 Fence half-buried in sand drifts; houses (background)
    • 46 People observing ruins after a downtown fire; see also #52
    • 47 Steamship aground
    • 48 Pier 28 ruined
    • 49 Heavily damaged two-story building; see also #55
    • 50 Wrecked freight cars
    • 51 Wreckage of schooner Alison Doura, which crashed in the Seawall
    • 52 Group of people observing the remnants of a downtown building after a fire; see also #46/Sunday on the Beach Boulevard
    • 53 Horse standing amid debris
    • 54 Frame of shed being covered with lumber
    • 55 Heavily damaged two-story building; see also #49
    • 56 Boy (Frank Newnam?) standing next to streetcar track; sand drifts on both sides of track
    • 57 Men standing or seated; demolished buildings (background)
    • 58 Wrecked freight cars (foreground); grounded steamship (background)/Destroyed railroad track and derailed interurban car
    • 59 Rebuilding a railroad bridge
    • 60 Rebuilding a railroad bridge
    • 61 Wrecked freight cars in rail yard
    • 62 Group of men and women standing in the middle of debris-strewn intersection
    • 63 Beached steamship
    • 64 Destroyed causeway
    • 65 Work train with pile drive at work atop of temporary trestle
    • 66 Bystanders seated and standing, some of them observing a heavily damaged Crab Pavilion along Seawall Boulevard (background)
    • 67 Wreckage/Overturned residence and other damaged houses
    • 68 House driven into another house
    • 69 Same structures as in #68 but viewed from a different angle
    • 70 Wrecked buggies in a pile in the middle of flooded 24th Street (showing Alba Hotel, 420½ 24th Street, and signs for Malloy’s and C.S. Willis & Co./Breakers Bathhouse and Seawall Boulevard)
    • 71 Structures, including International Creosoting & Construction Company
    • 72 Overturned freight cars
    • 73 Temporary railroad trestle under construction next to destroyed causeway
    • 74 Storage shed under construction
    • 75 Destroyed causeway (left); temporary railroad trestle (right background)
    • 76 Derailed freight cars
    • 77 Work train with pile driver in operation atop temporary railroad trestle
    • 78 Four views, including derailed freight cars (2); wrecked houses; 52nd Street – extreme West End – Ocean steamer blown up by storm
  • 79-85 Miscellaneous Views
    • Gulf of Mexico
    • 86 Murdoch’s Bathhouse during the Hurricane of 1919
    • 87 Waves pounding against the Seawall during the Hurricane of 1919
    • 88 Seawall, showing Crab Pavilion (left background), Casino (middle left background), Galvez Hotel (middle background), and walkways to Breakers and Murdoch’s Bathhouses (right)
    • 89 Sea Wall and Beach
    • 90 Aerial view of downtown Galveston
    • 91 Excursion boat Galvez
    • 92 Seawall Boulevard, showing bathhouses
    • 93 Girl seated on tricycle (dark)
    • 94 Intersection of Broadway and 25th Street, showing Texas Heroes Monument and George Sealy residence
    • 95 U.S. Court of Civil Appeals and Galveston County Courthouse
    • 96 Mosquito Fleet
    • 97 Railroad yard, freight cars, and sheds along waterfront
    • 98-100 Unidentified Congregational church
    • 101 Concrete bridge span (unidentified location)
  • 102 Invitation
    • Halloween party

NOTE: One folder of duplicate or inferior quality images is filed at the end of the folders. They have been removed from #114.

#115 Robert M. Spoor Military Training

Photograph Album, 1916-1918; one album

Of special interest: Spoor family; gym class; scenes along Lake Michigan; basic training at Allentown and Guths Station, Pennsylvania; gas masks; encampment at Genoa, Italy; Italian lira and llire; scenes near Verdun, France; Kaiser Wilhelm II,and General Paul von Hindenburg. Donor: Elizabeth Head.

#116 Rosenberg Library

Slide Collection, 1989; 54 items

Slides of Rosenberg Library photos.Subjects include Sealy, Wolfe, Trueheart, Rosenberg, James Moreau Brown, Hanna, Gresham, and Willis-Moody residences. Taken and donated by Mary Moody Northen, Inc.

#117 Robert Clarke

Collection, 1989; eight slides

Copies of photographs owned by Robert Clarke. Subjects: John F. Smith residence; Wolfe residence. Taken and donated by Mary Moody Northen, Inc.

#118 Boyer Gonzales

Photograph Album, 1908; one item

Separated from Gonzales Family Papers, MSS #89-0016. Thirty-two views, mostly cyanotypes, of street and harbor scenes in Europe.

#119 Anne Ammons Brindley & Walter E. Grover

Collection, 1907-1971, nd; 202 items. Photographs, snapshots, negatives, and postcards separated from MSS #89-0017, Anne Ammons Brindley & Walter E. Grover Papers. Of special interest: Jane Long. See first folder for detailed inventory.

#120 Avenue L Baptist Church

Collection,1917-1984, nd; 250 items

Avenue L Baptist Church is one of Galveston’s oldest churches (1840), as well as a distinguished African American religious institution. Staff separated these images from the Bert Carson Armstead Papers (MSS #89-0019).

FF, Description

  • 1 Building
    • Exterior Views
    • 2-4 Interior Views
  • 5-7 Events
    • Anniversaries
    • 144th
    • 8-9 Oldest Member
    • 10-12 Appreciation Service – 4th – Cummins, Ralph J. Cummins (1983)
    • 13-14 Commemorative Services – Historical Marker dedication (1983)
    • 15-20 Miscellaneous
  • 21 Parsonage
  • 22 People
    • Berry, Andrew W. Rev.
    • Berry, Weldon H. Judge
    • Bush, George Herbert Walker
    • 23 Campbell, I.S. Rev.
    • Cummins, Ralph J. Rev.
    • Dent, Jessie McGuire (grave marker)
    • 24 Hall, Ruth (organist)
    • Huckins, James
    • 25 Kemp, Noah Deacon
    • Lawson, William A. Rev.
    • 26 McKeen, R.E. Rev.
    • Price, Moses L. Rev.
    • 27-28 Prince, Green L. Rev.
    • 29 Rainey, Charles L. Rev.
    • Spearman, Leonard H.O. Dr. (Pres. – TSU)
    • Taylor, M.L. Rev.
    • Williams, Henry H. Rev.
    • Williams, Hattie
    • 30-33 Unidentified Individuals
      • 34 Groups
      • Choir

#121 Lyda Kempner

Photograph album, [1880s], 1919-21; 1 item

Includes children's portraits of Jane Burton and [J.] Fellman Seinsheimer [Jr.]. Loose items in front include brochure of Texas Prudential Insurance Co., a Christmas card, and an unidentified portrait. Album found in the old attic of the Rosenberg Library, August 1989.

#122 Leon A. Morgan

Collection, 1893-1968, nd; 174 items

These were discovered in a transfer box in the rear of the vault in December 1989. The contents of the box had been given by Dr. Morgan to the Rosenberg Library. Three March of Dimes posters have been transferred to the Posters File, and a National Negro Health Week broadside has been transferred to Miscellaneous Posters.

Box, FF, Description

Box 1

  • 1-8, Events
  • 9 Groups
    • Graduating Classes
      • 1893
      • 10 1913
      • 11-12 1920s
      • 13-15 1930s
      • 16-17 1940s
    • 18-20 People
    • Individuals
      • Named (including Dr. Morgan, Abner W. McDonald, Gloria Delores Anderson)
      • 21-23 Unidentified
      • 24-26 Groups
      • Classes (candid)
      • 27-30 Classes (posed)
    • 31 Faculty
      • Carver Elementary School
      • West District School
    • 32-34 Miscellaneous

Box 2

  • 1, Subjects
    • Band
    • 2 Buildings
      • Central High School
      • 3 East District School
      • 4 West District School
    • 5 Drill Team
    • 6-7 Homecoming Queen
    • 8 School Library
    • 9 Sports
    • Baseball
    • 10-12 Football
    • 13 Track

#123 Juneteenth Celebration

Color snapshots and negatives taken in Galveston by Julia Dunn, archives clerk of the Rosenberg Library, June 19, 1989.

#124 Emil Bunjes

Collection, 1920s, 1935-1969, nd; approx.125 items

This is an artificial collection of prints made of pen-and-ink drawings. Emil Bunjes (1902-1974) was a Galveston artist. Staff found the prints in the vault. Several items were subsequently merged into the collection. An asterisk denotes a print donated by Westminster Presbyterian Church in 2007. Two asterisks denote a portfolio of prints donated by Rebecca Snow of Moore Memorial Public Library in Texas City.

FF, Description

  • 1 Biographical Features
  • 2 Portrait of Emil Bunjes
  • 3 Prints
  • [Alley north side of library]
  • Annunciation Church
  • Approaching Storm
  • [Ashton Villa]
  • [Beach Club]
  • Bishop’s Palace (2)
  • Bolivar Lighthouse
  • Brig Wharton
  • Broadway in the 1920s
  • 4 Church Street, Galveston, 1935 (2)
  • Court of Civil Appeals
  • Cove on Offats Bayou at 89th Street
  • Custom House, Post Office & U.S. Court
  • Doctor Lykes*
  • El Valle
  • Electric Pavilion
  • First Presbyterian Church
  • Fisherman’s Shack, 61st Street
  • E.H.Thornton Jr.*
  • 5 Galveston Alleyway (3)
  • Galveston Flyer
  • Galveston Harbor, 1969
  • Galveston Harbor, 1966
  • Galveston Harbor from ANICO Building (2)
  • Galveston Harbor, 1818, then the Stronghold of Jean Laffite
  • Galveston News Building
  • 6 Galveston Wharves Switcher No. 105
  • Garten Verein
  • Home of W.L. Moody Jr.
  • Houston Rocket leaving Galveston, 1929
  • Iroquois*
  • Jean Laffite’s Galveston
  • Kitchen of Williams House
  • Laffite’s Fleet & Fort*
  • Liberty
  • Little Susie
  • [Menard Residence]
  • Moonlight on East Beach/Moonlight on Galveston Beach (2)
  • 7 Mosquito Fleet
  • No. 6 Gasconade
  • Old Federal Building
  • Old Galveston Causeway
  • Old Red
  • Old Ursuline Convent Chapel
  • [Pier 20]
  • Quarantine Station on Pelican Island
  • Readying the Shrimp Boats
  • Rock Island Locomotive No. 4706, 1970
  • 8 Sacred Heart Church, Galveston (2)
  • St. Joseph’s Church, 1859
  • St. Mary’s Infirmary
  • Samuel May Williams House (2)
  • [Scene Along the Wharves]
  • [Sea Captain’s House on Ave. A]
  • [Shanty on the Shore]
  • 9 Shrimp Boats, 1973*
  • Shrimp Boats at Galveston
  • Sydney Sherman Square
  • Spring is Here and Better Times are A’Comin’
  • S.S. Iroquois
  • Strand at 20th Street
  • Sunset on West Galveston Bay
  • Texas Heroes Monument, Galveston
  • Texas Navy Vessels, Austin & San Antonio
  • Ursuline Academy, Galveston, 1937
  • Ursuline Convent
  • Ursuline Convent, 1854- , Chapel, 1871-1961, and Academy, 1891-1961
  • 10 [Worker] (2)
  • Wharton
  • Zavala
  • 11 Unidentified residences and scenes (15)
  • 12 Galveston - Port, Playground and Medical Center (2)
  • Picturesque Galveston
  • 13 Portfolios
    • 16 Galveston Sketches by Emil Bunjes**
    • 14 The Port of Galveston and the Third Texas Navy Present a Portfolio of Prints of Four Fighting Ships of the Original Texas Navy 1836-37 (2 copies)
    • 15 Portfolio of Galveston Prints
    • Rails onto Galveston Island (2 copies)
    • 16 Ships of Galveston (2 copies)
  • 17 Miscellaneous
    • Christmas cards
    • 18 Envelopes & Blotters
    • 19 Postcards (with reproductions of Bunjes’ drawings)
    • 20 Ships, Galveston registry

#125 Zion Lutheran Church

Photographs, 1932-87; approx. 110 items

Categories include church buildings,congregations, events, groups, and individuals. See also oversize Special Collections. Zion Lutheran Church was founded as the Swedish Evangelical Lutheran Church in 1892. Separated from MSS #89-0023.

#126 Levy Family

Collection, 1880s-1987, nd; approx. 200 items and one album

Of special interest: Avenue K School; Galveston Memorial Park Cemetery; J. Levy Funeral Home; Hurricanes of 1915 and 1932. See first folder for detailed inventory.

#127 Lydia T. Peetz

Collection, ca. 1910s-20s, 1915; 26 items

One album including: Niagara Falls; Pittsburg, Pa.; Washington D.C., New Orleans, La.; Galveston (including visited by USS South Dakota and SMS Bremen; Galvez Hotel; Seawall and beach; Ursuline Academy; Breakers Bathhouse; Texas Heroes Monument; Garten Verein Pavilion; parade; fire on Ave. B; Oleander Festival; Lydia T. Peetz, family and friends. Snapshots include: Texas Heroes Monument, Surf Bathhouse; dredges; steamer Galveston, and Seawall.

Handcolored postcards include: Rosenberg Library; Seawall, oleanders, Garten Verein, Galveston County Courthouse, City Park, Ball High School, Texas Heroes Monument, Ave. I, and Ave. J. Donor: Phyllis S. Aumen.

#128 Oppe/Hildebrand Families

Collection; 81 items

People: Hildebrand Family Groups. Subjects: Anchor Mill - Fire (ca 1920); 2816 Ave O - decorations for H. W. Hildebrand's 50th Wedding Anniversary, 1921; Flowers at Conklin Funeral; Mayflower (sailing vessel) - visit to Galveston; Railroad scenes & locomotive wreck; Storm - 1930s; Transportation; World War I - U.S. Marines, Wharf scenes.

#129 Causeway Dedication

Photographs, 1961; 24 items

Snapshots taken by Joseph L. Schlankey. Includes Minox negatives. Donor: Margaret Schlankey.

#130 Sonia T. Gantt

Scrapbook, ca. 1900; 12 prints

Of special interest: interior views of unidentified residences and Port of Texas City, Texas. Copied from the original scrapbook loaned by Margaret Tuma through the Moore Memorial Library, Texas City.

#131 Stowe & Stowe

Collection, ca. 1900-1920; 12 prints

Stowe & Stowe was an architectural firm. Exterior views of buildings include: Clarke-Jockusch residence, Gottlob Building (Ave D--2517), Hughes Building, J. E. Josey cabin (Houston), H. B. Moore residence (Texas City), Triple XXX Thirst Station (Seawall Boulevard), Wesley Tabernacle Methodist Episcopal Church, and an unidentified two-story residence. Interior views include Tussup Grocery Company (Ave E--2125-27) and the J. E. Josey cabin.

#132 Ursuline Academy & Convent

Collection, 1897-1967, n.d.; 46 items

Of special interest: Ursuline Academy Illustrated Prospectus (1897), 1961 Storm damage, music class, grade raising around Ursuline (1907), Ursuline Academy students and graduates (1930s-1967), and Kirwin High School students. Two Emil Bunjes drawings of the convent and the academy have been transferred to oversize Special Collections, as have photographs of graduating classes at Ursuline (1922-1967).

#133 Lou Greenwood

Collection, ca. 1900-1910; 13 prints

Of special interest: Gulf Bathhouse, bathers, Murdoch's Bathhouse, Pagoda Bathing Company, Texas Saloon, Kuder's Restaurant, Beach Hotel, Ocean View House, and Olympia Pavilion. Copies of original photos in Mrs. Greenwood's possession.

#134 Fowler Family

Collection, ca. 1880s-1950s; 14 photos and one album

Portraits of Charles Fowler, Minna Wolfe Fowler, Mary Boothe Fowler, and other family members. Photos of Charles Fowler residence (Ave J--2508). The photo album includes waterfront and aerial views of Galveston, Texas Star Flour Mills (in a small wooden building), early bathhouses, and sailing vessels, circa 1880s. Album owned by Charles Fowler. A photo of a Julius Stockfleth painting of the 1900 Storm has been transferred to the Galveston Subject Files in G-1771.

#135 Galveston Historical Markers

Photographs, ca. 1970; 21 prints

Markers prepared by the Texas Historical Survey Committee. Of special interest: James M. Brown residence, Walter Gresham residence, Trinity Episcopal Church. Eaton Chapel, First Lutheran Church, Flood & Calvert Building, Galveston (city),Galveston Island, E. S. Levy & Company building, Powhatan House, St. Mary's Cathedral, Scottish Rite Masonic Order, Leon Smith, Trinity Episcopal Church, and Williams-Tucker residence.

#136 Glimpses of Texas

Collection, [1874]; 15 items

Printed illustrations of San Antonio. Of special interest: San Antonio River; St. Mary's Church, Ursuline Convent, Concepcion Mission, military plaza, military headquarters, Alamo, arsenal, and Mexican-Americans. See also Special Collection #28.

#137 Richard Eisenhour

Postcard Collection, 1879, ca. 1900-1970; 165 items

This collection features various Galveston buildings and scenes. Asterisks denote oversized postcards that are kept in folders. Dates are supplied where given, such as postmarks (denoted by “pm”) or message dates.

No., Description

  • 1 Panama Hotel (ca. 1913)
  • 2 Royal Hotel (ca. 1910)
  • 3 Jean Laffite Hotel
  • 4 Panama Hotel
  • 5 Tremont Hotel
  • 6 Galvez Hotel – Sun parlor (interior view) (pm 1913)
  • 7 Jack Tar Court Hotel (aerial view)
  • 8 Jack Tar Court Hotel (bridge over swimming -pool)
  • 9 Jack Tar Court Hotel (aerial view)
  • 10 Jack Tar Court Hotel swimming (pool view)
  • 11 Jack Tar Court Hotel (swimming pool view)
  • 12 Coronado Courts (pm 1938)
  • 13 Gaido’s Motor Hotel and Restaurant (aerial view)
  • 14 Boulevard Motel (pool view)
  • 15 Boulevard Motel
  • 16 Seahorse Hotel (pool view)
  • 17 Mariner Motel (pool view)
  • 18 Gaido’s Motor Hotel
  • 19 Gulf Terrace Hotel (showing Seawall Bouelvard)
  • 20 Murdoch Bath House (showing sign for Gaido’s Seafood Restaurant) (ca. 1920)
  • 21* “Breakers” Bath House and Seawall (panorama)
  • 22 New Surf Bathhouse (ca. 1908)
  • 23 Murdoch’s Bathhouse
  • 24 Crystal Palace Bathhouse
  • 25 Crystal Palace Bathhouse (aerial view) (pm 1918)
  • 26 Early Morning Bathers at The “Breakers” (1907)
  • 27 Bettison Fishing Pier (1907)
  • 28 Sport on the Beach
  • 29 Greetings from Galveston Texas (pm 1941)
  • 30 “Come on, the Water is Fine in Galveston, Tex.” (1921)
  • 31 Beach scene; Balinese Room (background)
  • 32 Gulf Bathing, Galveston, Texas.
  • 33 Sea Wall (showing riprap) (1906)
  • 34 Stewart Beach (showing umbrellas)
  • 35 Crowds enjoying Stewart Beach (showing umbrellas)
  • 36 Corner of 23rd and Seawall Blvd; Casino (background) (pm 1912)
  • 37 Moody Civic Center
  • 38 Galveston Sea Wall (painting by Julius Stockfleth)
  • 39 Aerial view of Galveston from Gulf of Mexico (showing Buccaneer Hotel, Murdoch’s Bathhouse, and Hotel Galvez)
  • 40* Seawall Boulevard (showing groins)
  • 41 Galveston, Texas (view of Seawall with tourists)
  • 42 World War I Memorial at Menard Park at sunset (showing 2 cannons)
  • 43* Texas Heroes Monument
  • 44 Sydney Sherman Monument (pm1958)
  • 45 Central Park (showing arbor) (pm 1909)
  • 46 Garten Verein (showing fountain)
  • 47 Seawolf Park (showing U.S.S. Cavalla (SS-244); U.S.S. Lexington (CVT-16) in ship channel)
  • 48 Texas Heroes Monument
  • 49 Seawolf Park (showing U.S.S. Cavalla; federal quarantine station (background)
  • 50 Central Park
  • 51 First Church of Christ Scientist
  • 52 First Baptist Church
  • 53 Garten Verein; Ursuline Convent (background) (pm 1912)
  • 54 Sacred Heart Church
  • 55 Church Street, showing St. Mary’s Cathedral and Jean Laffite Hotel (pm 1958)
  • 56 Sacred Heart Church (interior view)
  • 57 St. Joseph’s Church
  • 58 Tabernacle of the 33rd Street Methodist Church (Central Methodist Church) (ca. 1905)
  • 59 Ursuline Convent (detail view)
  • 60 Scene on Broadway (pm 1915)
  • 61 Broadway looking east from 24th St. (shows James Moreau Brown residence)
  • 62 Greetings from Galveston, Texas – Broadway and 15th St. looking east (1907)
  • 63 Greeting from Galveston, Texas – Broadway looking east from 26th St.
  • 64 El Mina Shrine Temple ((formerly James Moreau Brown residence)
  • 65 Broadway (showing plantings) (pm 1911)
  • 66 View on Broadway and 17th St. (showing plantings) (1908)
  • 67 Greetings from Galveston, Texas – Ave. J (hand corrected as Ave. I) & 17th Street looking east
  • 68 Avenue I and 16th Street, looking East
  • 69 Avenue I, looking East
  • 70 One of Galveston’s Beautiful Homes
  • 71 Esplanade on Broadway and 24th St./Greeting from Galveston
  • 72 Broadway West from 24th Street (pm 1908)
  • 73 George Sealy residence (pm 1909)
  • 74 Residence View (16th St. and Broadway, looking north – Flood residence (right)
  • 75 Broadway east from 16th St. (1500 block of Ave. J looking east – Isaac Herbert Kempner residence on right (1908)
  • 76 View on 24th and Broadway (showing James Moreau Brown residence at left) (1910)
  • 77 Scene on Broadway (23rd & J looking east) (pm 1914)
  • 78 T. J. Grace Residence (Groce?)
  • 79 Galveston, Texas – A Difference in Architecture
  • 80 U.S. Marine Hospital
  • 81 John Sealy Hospital
  • 82 St. Mary’s Hospital
  • 83 St. Mary’s Infirmary (pm 1908)
  • 84 Galveston Medical Center (aerial view)
  • 85 State Medical College (Ashbel Smith Building”)
  • 86 Ambulance 23rd St. & Market (showing M.W. Shaw Jewelry Store)
  • 87* Central Plaza
  • 88 Tremont Street (showing Marcus Mott residence) (1905)
  • 89 Looking West from Ball High School (showing Herman Marwitz residence) (pm 1911)
  • 90 Tremont Street
  • 91 Artillery Club House
  • 92 Galveston Water Works Plant (1908)
  • 93 Galveston County Court House (ca. 1965)
  • 94 Bank, Hutchings-Sealy Co. (pm 1912)
  • 95 Municipal Building and Auditorium
  • 96 Half-Million-Dollar City Hall and Auditorium
  • 97 Court House (showing U.S. Court of Covil Appeals)
  • 98 Cotton Exchange (pm 1908)
  • 99 Reading Room and Library, Scottish Rite Cathedral (interior view)
  • 100 American National Insurance Building
  • 101 Rosenberg School (showing Rosenberg fountain (foreground)) (pm 1919)
  • 102 Rosenberg Public School (pm 1906)
  • 103 During Recess Ball High School
  • 104 Ball High School (pm 1912)
  • 105 Ball High School (looking northwest)
  • 106 Dome, Ball High School (pm 1915)
  • 107 Lift Bridge on Causeway
  • 108 Towboat Going Through Lift Bridge of New Causeway (showing tugboat)
  • 109 New Causeway at Galveston, Texas
  • 110 Causeway under Reconstruction
  • 111 The Old Way/The New Way (Galveston, Houston, and Henderson Railway on Causeway)
  • 112 John’s Famous Oyster Resort, 7500 Broadway (ca. 1937)
  • 113 Sportsmans Club (68th Block on Broadway)
  • 114 Ladies Dining Room, Café Opera (interior view)
  • 115 Seawall Café, 17th & Boulevard (interior view)
  • 116 Old Mexico Restaurant, 2201 – 61st Street (interior view)
  • 117 Hill’s Café, 1502 Boulevard
  • 118 Sea-Arama – Porpoise Jumping through Hoop
  • 119 Electric Park at Night (pm 1909)
  • 120 Electric Park – Hale’s Tour’s of the World (pm 1906)
  • 121 U-boat tied up at dock (ca. 1918)
  • 122 U-boat tied up at dock (ca. 1918)
  • 123 Docks and Mosquito Fleet
  • 124 Excursion boat Galvez
  • 125 Foreign Ships in Galveston Harbor (pm 1910)
  • 126 New Ferry Boat Landing (pm 1959)
  • 127 Blessing of the Shrimp Fleet
  • 128 Galveston Ferry R.S. Sterling
  • 129 Greeting from Galveston – Dredge boat Holm, D and 22nd St., looking west
  • 130 Grade raising – End of discharge pipe (showing marker pole)
  • 131 Grade raising – End of discharge pipe (16th St. south of Broadway, looking north)
  • 132 Galveston Palms (fish pond at 2400 Broadway, George Sealy Residence, ca. 1915)
  • 133 Tropical Scenery (behind Garten Verein, looking north) (pm 1913)
  • 134 Flowers and Palms (front yard of James Moreau Brown residence) (ca. 1910)
  • 135 Oleanders on East Broadway (pm 1912)
  • 136 Souvenir folder (miscellaneous views of Galveston)
  • 137* Souvenir Folder – Galveston: The Playground of the South (exceptionally pristine views)
  • 138 Souvenir Folder – Galveston, Texas
  • 139 Galveston Island/Gulf of Mexico – Mini Album
  • 140 Souvenir of Galveston, Texas (foldout)
  • 141* Souvenir of Galveston, Texas. The Treasure Island of America. Where Commerce and Pleasure Meet.
  • 142* Hurricane Carla, September 1961 (Galveston scenes)
  • 143 Somebody is waiting for you in Galveston/There’s a Reason
  • 144 Souvenir postcard – Shell; surf bathing scene (inset)
  • 145 Cotton Scene (cotton bales being loaded onto railroad cars)
  • 146 Greetings from Galveston (1906)
  • 147 Wreck of US Aeroplane No.11 at mobilization camp, Texas City, Texas (1913)
  • 148 Galveston Flood Exhibition at Coney Island (1906)
  • 149 Shell racing
  • 150 Interurban-Queen Cigar and News Stand, birthplace of Douglas Corrigan, 21st St. and D Street (with inset of his infant photograph)
  • 151 Galveston (scenes): John Sealy Hospital, Scene on the Wharves, and City Hall (old)
  • 152 Greetings from Galveston (scenes) – Residence of Mrs. H. Rosenberg, Texas Heroes Monument, Rosenberg Free School, and YMCA Building (gift of the late H. Rosenberg) (1899)
  • 153-157 Acknowledgement cards from Texas banks received by S. Heidenheimer Bros., Galveston, (1879)

#138 Victor J. Biron

Photographs, ca. 1900; 41 prints

Of special interest: Woollam's Lake, Olympia Pavilion, nurses' residence, parade, fort, St. Mary's Infirmary, 1900 Storm aftermath (includes 35th St and Ave S, Sacred Heart Church, Ursuline Convent, Avenue M Public School, Elevator A, Lucas Terrace, Rosenberg Free School, Ball Ave and 24th St, First Baptist Church, St. Patrick's Church, Galveston Cotton Mills, Ashbel Smith Building, and Ursuline Convent).

#139 The Maurers

Photograph Collection, ca. 1961, 1974; 40 items (includes color snapshots)

Of special interest: Sampson-Maurer residence (24th St--1021); Ursuline Convent; St. Joseph's Church; St. Mary's Cathedral; Hurricane Carla damage. Photographs taken by The Maurers photograph studio, Houston, Texas. Donor: John Bradley.

#140 Smith Family

Collection, 1900-c. 1970, nd; 26 items

Of special interest: Photo album with 1900 Storm images; also: grade raising; Trube residence; John F. Smith residence.

#141 Juneteenth Celebration

Photographs, 1991; 29 prints of the June 19, 1991, parade. Color snapshots. Transferred from MSS #91-0008. Donor: Alfreda Houston.

#142 James Blair Causeway Construction

Albums & Photographs, 1921-22, nd; 2 albums

Of special interest: Construction of island and mainland sections; Virginia Point; Texas Heroes Monument; First Baptist Church. One album consists of photographs by [Frank J.] Schlueter, including panorama of causeway. Blair was superintendent for building of the causeway. Donor: Jessica Blair (daughter-in-law of James Blair).

#143 Rose & Zahn Photographs

Photographs; nd

Unknown children posing as "Autumn" and "Spring." Stored in oversized drawers.

#144 Adrian F. Levy

Collection, 1908-1986, nd; approx. 150 items

Of special interest: FDR’s visit to Galveston; 50th anniversary of Buccaneer Hotel; Todd Shipbuilding Corp.; Douglas Corrigan’s visit to Galveston. See first folder for detailed inventory.

#145 St. Vincent's Episcopal House

Scrapbook, [1960s-1980s]; 1 item

Includes newspaper clippings on the House. Donor: Alfreda Houston. See also Spec. Coll. #177.

#146 1900 Storm

Stereo Card Collection,1900; 15 cards

Of special interest: Old City Hall.

#147 Girl Scouts. South Texas Council

Photograph Albums, 1941-1969; three albums

  1. 1941-1954
  2. 1955-1962
  3. 1963-1969

#148 Edward Simmen

Collection, 1912, 1943; 17 items

Of special interest: Hurricane--1943; Ave. G--919 (residence of John and Anna Tolex, his grandparents); Frank E. Simmen (captain of the Port of Galveston).

#149 Galveston Historical Foundation, Samuel May Williams Residence Collection

1956; three items. Two photographs: 1) Girl Scouts painting fence of Samuel May Williams residence; 2)Anne Brindley presenting Barbara Glover with honor award certificate. Also, the honor award presented to the Girl Scouts.

#150 Burton-Pinckard-Sealy Family

Collection, ca 1880s-1970s; approx. 300 items, including oversized photos and 7 albums

Sealy, Willis, Ladd, and Pinckard families are featured. Of special interest: beach races, hurricane of 1909, oleander parades, George Sealy residence, USS Constitution. For detailed inventory, see the first folder in the collection.

#151 Nathan's Department Store

Collection, 1947, 1955; 14 photographs

Images of the interior and exterior of Nathan's Dept. Store on Postoffice Street both at its opening in 1947 and after the store's remodeling in 1955. Fourteen photos from 1947 and five from 1955. Stored in oversized drawers.

#152 Texas Heroes Monument Commission

Color prints and slides depicting the removal, cleaning, and putting back the Texas Heroes Monument. Also, photos from ceremonies, featuring local dignitaries. 32 folders with snapshots and two albums of color slides all taken by John Glowczski of UTMB in 1991. Slides are now stored in slide boxes.

Album #1:

  1. Commission signing on
  2. Victory prepared for removal
  3. Victory comes down
  4. Victory at airport
  5. Sandblasting
  6. Working on the friezes

Album #2:

  1. Stone cleaning
  2. Pattenating
  3. Welding
  4. Statue erected
  5. A few parade shots

#153 Late 1930s Galveston

Fifty-two 5x7 b/w prints and 256 2.5x2.5 negatives showing various scenes in Galveston during the late 1930s

The donor of these negatives is unknown, and the prints were made by the library. The date (late 1930s) is taken from the date of the Splash Day negatives. Heading names were taken from the envelopes in which the negatives were housed. Where no heading name was given by donor, one was imposed by the processor. See first folder for detailed inventory.

#154 Scientific American Supplement

April 15, 1876. Includes article "The Jetty Works of Galveston Harbor, Texas" with illustrative line drawings, p. 245.

#155 Galveston Wharves

Collection, 1949-55, 1964-69; approximately 2000 items

Prints and negatives of various persons, groups, events, and subjects connected with the Galveston Wharves. These were separated from the Robert A. Nesbitt papers (MSS# 92-0020). Donor: Vinnie Nesbitt. A more detailed inventory is in the first folder within the collection

#156 Robert A. Nesbitt

Collection, 1914-1977; approx. 2,000 items

These were separated from the Robert A. Nesbitt papers (MS #92-0020). Negatives have been retained with the contact sheets. The collection includes various local events and events. Of special interest: first air mail, first postal meter, King Vidor film festival, hurricane of 1933, Hollywood Dinner Club, snowstorm of 1973, Mardi Gras of 1931 and 1985, also photos of notable Galvestonians. See detailed inventory in the first folder in the collection.

#157 Knights of Columbus

Msgr. Chataignon Council No. 9978 Collection, 1991-92; 73 items. Color snapshots. Donor: Don Mize

FF, Series

FF 1

  • Msgr. Chataignon dedication ceremony for Texas Historical
  • Marker and naming of 13th Street Nov. 17, 1991, at Sacred Heart Church
  • 1 Italian Vault ceremony, Calvary Cemetery, Oct.11, 1992.

FF 2

  • Official street dedication ceremony for Furlong Way (Ave. O 1/2 between 68th and 69th St.), Dec. 27, 1992

#158 Charles J. Stubbs

Postcard album, 1912; one box and one folder (approx. 200 postcards and one photograph)

Contains hand colored postcards from his trip to New York City, Boston, and Europe). Items removed from damaged album.

#159 Ufford Building Fire, 1977

Prints and information concerning the fire in the Ufford Building, southwest corner of 23rd Street and Mechanic, in 1977. Robert John Mihovil donated the prints (2 b/w 8x10 and 21 color snapshots) and the color negatives for research purposes only. His addendum to the gift agreement specifically states he has not transferred copyright to the Rosenberg

Library and retains his full copyright to these prints and negatives.

#160 N. S. Savannah

Reprint from Nuclear Engineering, October, 1960

Cut-away drawing of N. S. Savannah, merchant vessel, nuclear powered.

#161 Slides of Galveston

Slides ca. 1940

Taken by Thomas G. Rice, donated by Dr. E. Burke Evans. 35mm internegatives made from the slides included in the collection. Several images also have color 11x15 prints.

#162 Goggan-Biehl Family Photographs

Family photographs of the Goggan, Copley, and Biehl families, ca. 1860s through 1930s. Includes formal portraits and snapshots, including photos from the family's vacation trips. See a detailed inventory in the first folder in the collection. Approx. 400 items.

#163 Felix Stella Photographs

Felix Stella was director of the Galveston Municipal Band as well as its fore-runner, The Galveston Melody Orchestra. These photographs include images of Stella as a young man, the Galveston Municipal Band in summer concerts at Menard Park band shell and snapshots of Stella in his home.

#164 Irene Ayers Postcard Collection

Postcards of Galveston ca. 1908-1911, used for correspondence between Galveston and La Marque. Several views of the Medical School, the beach, Ball High School, Broadway, ships, and public parks. Of special interest: Galveston City Waterworks ca 1911; Galveston Brewing Company ca 1910; and a humorous card entitled "Galveston in the future" which shows an overhead train on the Seawall. Most images are color drawings, some are photographs.

#165 Mrs. E. Palmer Giles Postcard Collection

Mrs. E. Pamer Giles (Edith Scrimgeour) Galveston postcards, ca. 1905-1908, used in correspondence to Bronwood, Texas. Of special interest: Electric Park; several shots of the grade raising; Galveston Boat & Yacht Club; several interesting shots of boats and ships. Most are photographs, only few colored drawings.

#166 Philip Crosby Tucker, Jr. Family Collection

Photographs, 1868-1925, nd.; 54 items

Of special interest: portraits of Philip Crosby Tucker,Sr., Mary Catherine Millens McCloskey, Philip Crosby Tucker, Jr., Mary Cecilia Labadie, Philip Crosby Tucker III, Cecilia Tucker, Anna Tucker, Antoinette Tucker, Mary Cecelia Tucker, Anna Labadie Tucker, Archibald Tucker, Louis O. Tucker, Baldwin Tucker, Joseph Tucker, Sue Tucker, Mary C. Tucker, and unidentified, Williams-Tucker residence, and Freemasons.

#167 San Jacinto Neighborhood Association

June 1992; color snapshots; 23 items

Of special interest: Association meeting in San Jacinto Park on 19th Street; Walk Against Crime; Leeland Van Derventer, president of the Association.

#168 Chapin Family Slide Collection

Color slides taken in 1964 and 1983; 62 items

Of special interest: historical Galveston houses ca 1964, including Ashton Villa and Gresham residence; Washington Hotel fire on 23rd St and Mechanic taken in 1983; and aftermath of Hurricane Alicia (August 1983) in Galveston, Texas City and Houston.

#169 Jack Darst World War II

Album. black and white photos and newspaper clippings; 1940s

Originally in an album. Of special interest: photos of H. W. (Jack) Darst who was the regional manager of War Finance Committe, working during the 5th and 6th Bond Drives; pilots, war correspondents, and government officials at the Galveston Army Airfield; citizens buying war bonds; launching of M.V. Darst Creek. Separated from the William Maury Darst Papers (MSS# 93-0023) in 1994.

#170 Maury Darst Slide Collection

Color and black and white slides used by Maury Darst in his history classes at Galveston College; includes three notebooks with additional information on the slides; approx. 500 items.

Box, Subject

  • 1 Texas Courthouses
  • 2 Texas Courthouses, cont.
  • Texas Geographic Regions
  • Texas Rail Depots: Santa Fe Railroad
  • 3 Texas Rail Depots: Santa Fe, cont.
  • Texas Rail Depots: Southern Pacific
  • 4 Texas Rail Depots: Southern Pacific, cont.
  • Texas Rail Depots: STL & SW Railroad
  • Texas Rail Depots: Missouri-Pacific
  • Texas Rail Depots: Texas-Pacific
  • Texas Rail Depots: Missouri-Kansas-Texas
  • 5 Historic Galveston
  • Misc. Galveston slides
  • 6 Civil War: Fort Clark
  • Various train stations in Texas
  • Unidentified train stations
  • 7 Various train stations
  • Misc. Texas views
  • Darst home in Ft. Bend County
  • P.O.W. camps WWII – Huntsville
  • Fort Crockett
  • Camp Wallace, Hitchcock
  • Sabine Pass
  • Galveston Airport and Army Air Corp Field
  • Ft. Travis and Ft. San Jacinto
  • Steam engines in Texas
  • 8 Texas railroad depots
  • U.S. rail depots (mainly the South)
  • WW II bases, fields, POW camps, etc
  • 9 Texana (various views)
  • Unidentified slides

#171 "Rest in Peace"

Color photographs taken by the Museum Curator Lise Darst for the exhibit of the same name in the Harris Gallery of the Rosenberg Library; spring 1994; approx. 250 items

4x5 color snapshots with some duplicates (16x20 size) stored in oversized. See the first folder within the collection for the detailed inventory of photos. Cemeteries featured in the collection include: Oleander, New City, Episcopal, Old Catholic, Lakeview, Old City, Hebrew #1, Hebrew Benevolent, and Evergreen.

#172 Nicolini Family

Photographs of Capt. Clemente Nicolini, his family, friends, businesses, and home. Nicolini was an Italian immigrant who worked as the Italian Consul in Galveston for over 30 years and a very prolific businessman. Approx. 350 items (includes oversized); 1850s - 1970s. Donated by Frederick Heer, great-grandson of Capt. Nicolini. See first folder for detailed inventory.

#173 Mellen School of Dance

Collection,; approx. 280 items

Black and white photographs and amateur snapshots. Photographs of Leona Lucille Mellen (1896-1994), owner and teacher of the Mellen School of Dance; her students in various recitals and perfomances; her physical fitness students at the Ursuline Academy. Also Junior Mardi Gras celebrations. See first folder for detailed inventory. Donated by Shirley Bradley, niece of Ms. Mellen.

#174 Galveston Album ca. 1910

Black and white snapshots mounted on three loose album pages (both sides); dated 1910; 24 images. Of special interest: Galveston harbor and views of various boats and ships; people on the beach; Texas Heroes Monument; Murdoch's Bathhouse; Gulf View Hotel; residences along Ave J; cactus growing in Texas City. Stored in the oversized drawers. Donor unidentified.

#175 R.L. Browning Aerial Photos

Collection of aerial negatives; approx. 1363 b/w and 19 color

Taken by Robert L. Browning, 1946-1953. Of special interest: Galveston Seawall and beaches; Texas City 1947 Explosion, its aftermath and recovery, Galveston Bay areas, industry around Texas City. Most of the negatives have not been developed; the more specific inventory is included in the first folder in the collection. Available prints are highlighted. Donated by Robert L. Browning, March 1996.

#176 Henry Rosenberg Book

Collection of the working papers used for the book on Henry Rosenberg published by the Rosenberg Library in 1918. The papers include text and photographs used for the publication, but they are not complete, not all photos are included. The papers were found in the old attic in the Rosenberg Library by Anna Peebler in March 1996. A complete inventory is included in the first folder in the collection.

#177 St. Vincent's Episcopal House

Collection of color and black and white snapshots showing people and activities of the St. Vincent's Episcopal House and its director Alfreda Houston. Also photographs from events in Galveston's black community, such as Juneteenth parades, Prayer Circle on Martin Luther King, Jr.'s birthday, and Community Christmas Party for the needy. Nine albums/scrapbooks have been rehoused in their original order into two books. Approx. 400 photographs. Also 142 color slides taken in Jan. 1976, June 1978, Dec. 1979, Aug. 1981, Oct. 1982, Jan. 1984, and Feb. 1984 showing St. Vincent's building (exterior and interior), people, and events. See first folder for detailed inventory. Donated by Alfreda Houston in February 1996; separated from MSS# 96-0002.

#178 Wallace Norton

Mr. Norton was a supervisor for the local gas company and took photos during laying of new lines and repair work (see also Spec. Coll. #93). This is a collection of black and white snapshots, approx. 150 items, and approx. 20 original negatives. Collection ca 1921 to late 1930s. Donated by Patricia Norton, daughter-in-law of Wallace Norton,in Oct. 1995.

FF Subject

  • 1-5 Galveston Gas Company work photos
  • 6 Sacred Heart Church: installation of the statue on top of the church
  • 7 Boat and wharves scenes
  • 8 Misc., including: city views, 1900 Storm, Ft. Crockett, Texas Heroes Monument
  • 9 Misc., including: Ball High School football team, fire near the Mountain Speedway, Oleander Festival parade

#179 James B. Gately, Sr. Collection

James Gately was a local businessman and an amateur photographer. This collection contains approx. 250 color slides dated 1960s to 1995, many depicting buildings demolished since then. Also b/w and color photos, some are oversized. See a detailed inventory to the collection in the first folder. Donated by William S. Donaldson in 1997.

Loose photographs:
FF - Subject

  • 1 Ursuline Academy
  • 2 Residential views
  • 3 Aerial views
  • 4 Fire in the downtown area
  • 5 Downtown area (night shots, interior of a building - Henry's Bookstore on Ave D?, damaged building at 3302 Broadway)
  • 6 construction barge near the causeway; grain elevator being demolished in 1969
  • 7 various downtown views in 1960s
  • 8 Pleasure Pier and Municipal Pier; downtown views

Stored in oversized drawers:

  • 1. Brick building at 29th and Ave E
  • 2. Garten Verein pavilion
  • 3. train depot at Virginia Point (3 prints)
  • 4. Block House, 1802 Ave H
  • 5. Residence at 810 Ave E
  • 6. lithograph of the interior and exterior of Star Drug Store.
  • 7. View of the back of Lasker Home with the site of Clark House just demolished.
  • 8. Houses on Ave E between 18th & 19th Streets
  • 9. buildings on Market and 21st Streets
  • 10. 2100 block on Market circa 1962


Box 1

  • Avenue B (Strand)
  • Avenue C (Mechanic)
  • Avenue D (Market)
  • Avenue E (Postoffice)
  • Avenue F (Church)
  • Avenue G (Winnie)
  • Avenue H (Ball)
  • Avenue J (Broadway)
  • 20th Street
  • 21st Street
  • 22nd Street
  • 23rd Street
  • 24th Street
  • 25th Street
  • Downtown area - not identified

Box 2

  • Downtown fires (including Washington Hotel)
  • Downtown festival (1974)
  • ANICO tower construction
  • Galveston County Jail (on Ave A)
  • St. Mary's Hospital
  • Railroads (Galveston & Mainland)

Box 3

  • Residential areas
  • Marwitz Home
  • Lasker Home
  • Ashton Villa
  • Schools (including old Rosenberg Elementary, Sam Houston Elementary, Central by Clayton)
  • Churches
  • 1995 Beach replenishing project
  • Miscellanous slides and not identified

Box 4

  • Old City Hall (on 20th St)
  • Port area
  • Industrial areas and factories
  • Old Galveston County Courthouse
  • Restaurants (John Oyster Resort)
  • Aerial views (mostly downtown)
  • Snow of 1973
  • Fort Crockett
  • Virginia Point
  • Ursuline Convent and Academy
  • Seawall area (showing fishing piers)

Oversized slides:

  • 1. Customs House
  • 2. First Presbyterian House
  • 3. House at 13th and Ave E
  • 4. Sutterman House, 1426 Ave E
  • 5. Gus Heye House, 1228 Ave E (two views)
  • 6. Davies House
  • 8. Landes House, 1602 Ave E
  • 9. Gus Reymershoffer House, 1302 Ave E (4 views)
  • 10. U.S. National Bank building (2 views)
  • 11. A naval ship
  • 12. 1894 Grand Opera House as movie theatre

#180 Bob Westerlage Slide Collection

Twenty nine color slides, ca 1960s-1973. Of special interest: exterior and interior shots of the Quarantine Station, ANICO building and the downtown area, sunset scenes and the Bolivar ferry. Donated by Bob Westerlage, May 1997.

#181 Wechsler Family

Loose snapshots, three albums of color and b/w photos, and approx. 350 color slides ca 1890s-1980s. Four folders of loose family photos, most are unidentified and taken in Europe at the turn of the century. These items were separated from MSS #97-0014, Wechsler Family Papers.

Three albums:

  • Album #1: 1950s-1960s, of special interest: Splashday parade (1953), Labor Day parade (1957) featuring Central High School band, flooded downtown and damage following Hurricane Carla (1961), Moody Civic Center under construction, amusement park on the Pleasure Pier, interior of Adler's Fountain Supply, views of various older buildings, houses, monuments, older neighborhoods west of 25th Street; new Central High School building (1957).
  • Album #2: 1967-71, of special interest: ground breaking ceremony for the ANICO Tower, ships in port, two photos of exterior of the Balinese Room.
  • Album #3: 1970s-1980s: numerous family and friends photos, house and garden on Avenue H.
  • Slides (two boxes) include scenes in Galveston from 1968-1975, including Festival on the Strand in 1975.

#182 Charlotte Cornell Photo Album

Album of b/w snapshots ca 1910s-1920s. None of the people are identified but are believed to be the family and friends of Charlotte Cornell (1895-1963). Photo backgrounds include: Hotel Galvez, Galveston beaches, and construction of the seawall extension. This album was separated from MSS #97-0017. Donor unknown.

#183 Munn Family Collection

B/w photographs ca 1860-1940s. Donated by the family of Samuel Munn who is descended from the families of Drew, Quirk, Phillipson, Nichols, and Munn (see MSS# 96-0015, Munn Family Collection). Of special interest: car races on the seawall; Lucas Apartments at 14th and J; various photos of boats and ships. Many family photos are not identified. Approx. 200 items; donated in 1996. See first folder for detailed inventory.

#184 Rev. Charles K. Anastassiou

One album (containing snapshots, professionally made photographs, and postcards) loose photographs, and newspaper clippings, ca. 1930s-1980s. Three folders and one album (rehoused but kept in original order).

#185 Galveston Daily News and Galveston Tribune

Loose oversized sheets with printed photographs and illustrations (with captions) that appeared in two of Galveston's newspapers. Dated approx. 1917-1931, not inclusive. Collection was discovered in the old attic in 1969, remained unaccessioned in the vault until 1998. More specific inventory of images will be added later.

#186 Weis Middle School Photo Albums

Two photo albums and one folder of loose photos (b/w and color snapshots); 1970-71, nd. School activities, parties for students and teachers, including a birthday party for Principal Wilson. Approx.100 items. Separated from MSS #98-0010.

#187 Texas Navy, Inc. Photo Collection

B/w and color snapshots, commercial photographs, illustrations, color slides, approx. 400 items separated from MSS# 97-0013. Photos of people and events pertaining to Texas Navy Inc., a non-profit organization, which promotes water safety, civil defense and preserving Naval history. Includes photos of Admiral Stephen Walter; meetings, banquets, and other events; ships (including several views of USS Texas) and pleasure boats owned by Walter and other members. For a detailed inventory, see the first folder in the collection. Donated by Admiral John Thiel in 1995.

#188 Walter Scott Mayer Collection

B/w photos ca 1870s-1920s, approx. 40 items, some stored in oversized. Of special interest: Mayer family residences at 3414 Ave M and 1404 39th Street; Red Cross Galveston branch campaign and workers; camp life at Fort Crockett; wharf activities during World War I; aboard USS Tacoma. See first folder for more specific inventory. Separated from MSS # 98-0023.

#189 Mattei Family Collection

1890s-1970s; b/w professionally done photos and color snapshots; approx. 300 items. Of special interest: Kameyer and Mattei families; Marion and Frances Mattei; friends, including Billie and Charles W. Bueche Jr.; various antiques; views of Galveston; a good selection of turn-of-the-century portraits including several of well-to-do Afro-Americans. Some family photos stored in oversized drawer. Also two albums: one of the Kameyer and Mattei families and the other of Chinese soldiers ca 1930s. Separated from MSS# 98-0013.

#190 Centre on the Strand

B/w snapshots of the building at 2127 Strand in late 1969 and early 1970 before its remodeling. Includes the exterior and interior views; many photos focus on the specific architectural detail. Photos by John C. Garner Jr.; approx. 200 items. Last folder has a list of the photos but their original order could not be duplicated.

#191 Gus Allen Collection

Andrew Augustus “Gus” Allen Sr. (1905-1988) was a black civic leader and businessman. The collection includes photographs of Allen, his family and friends (none are identified), and his businesses: Gus Allen’s Hotel, Gus Allen’s Café (includes interiors and photos of employees). Approx. 40 items,b/w snapshots, ca 1910s-60s. Also a cash book with recipes. Donated by Danny Allen (son of Gus Allen and Galveston City Councilman) in 1995.

#192 Artwork Galveston, Published in Twelve Parts

Black and white photographs of commercial and residential areas of Galveston published by The W.H. Parish Publishing Co. in 1894. Probably the best photos of Galveston during its heyday. This collection was also published in a book form, see: F 394 .G2H A7 in GTHC’s book collection.

The softcover booklets are fragile, please use the book. See also the inventory to the photos in the Photo Collection index notebook. The booklets were found in a cabinet in the reading room in 1999.

#193 Niigata, Japan Photo Albums

Four albums with color and b/w photos from the city of Niigata, Japan, one of Galveston’s sister cities. The albums were found stored in GTHC, and are believed to have been given to Galveston Mayor Eddie Schreiber in the 1960s. Of special interest: Album #1: aerial views, city officials, typical Japanese food; Album #2: Niigata in winter, festivals and celebrations, detailed map of the city; Album #3: dramatic photos of Niigata following the June 16, 1964 earthquake, and the city after reconstruction; Album #4: various school activities (Niigata High School?).

#194 Paul Verkin’s 1900 Storm Stereo views

Sixty images taken by professional photographer Paul Verkin; glass plate negatives; new 5x7 prints and tone negatives were printed from the originals. Fifty five images are of the destruction following the 1900 Storm, the other five show the city probably shortly before or after the storm. Some of these images are duplicated in Spec. Coll. 31 and 79, although Verkin is not credited. This is a very good collection,however, some of the images are obscured by the damage on the original negatives. See a complete inventory included with the photocopies. Donated by Mr. Paul Verkin, Jr., grandson of the photographer, 1999.

#195 International Oleander Society

Slides and accompanying text for five lectures regarding Galveston and oleanders:

  1. "The Dyer Family, Oleander and Dermatology” by Elizabeth Head
  2. “Women and Gardens: An Aspect of the Historical Cultural Plant Geography of Galveston Island” by Darrell L. McDonald
  3. “Reflection of the Oleander Legacy: Social Gardening in Galveston” by Darrell L. McDonald
  4. “Galveston: The City of Dreams” (written by Margaret Sealy Burton) narrated by Elizabeth Head
  5. “And We Loved Her Well: A Tribute to Maureen “Kewpie” Gaido” by Elizabeth Head and Chris Hoffman

Approx. 450 color and b/w slides of images from Rosenberg Library, other Collections, books and some original images taken by authors.

#196 Maco Stewart Jr. Collection

Small collection of b/w snapshots, stock photos, and few professional portraits of Maco Stewart Jr., his family and friends (none are identified). Also photos of places in Oklahoma and Iowa. Of special interest: photos from World War I, during which Stewart served as Marine Aviator.

FF Subject

  • 1-2 Family and Friends
  • 3-4 World War I
  • 5 Places: Galveston
  • 6 Places: Iowa, Oklahoma, unidentified
  • 7 Album: World War I
  • 8 Album: Marine Aviation Group
  • 9 Album: personal photos
  • 10 Notes and Clippings
  • 11 Original negatives
  • 12 Oversized: Family and Friends

#197 Grade Raising Photos

B/w stock photos of Galveston’s grade raising ca 1904; 5 folders.

Originally kept in a black album, the photos were removed but kept in their original order. Many are duplicates from G-5926. Some were taken by Zeva B. Edworthy. Also, a photo of FDR’s visit to Galveston in 1937. Originally owned by Emma H. Rosenthal, donated by her niece Yvette C. Rosenthal in 1999 through John Hyatt.

#198 Beulah Lewis Collection

Approx. 40 b/w snapshots. Of special interest: 1950 Easter parade through Downtown; 1950 Splash Day parade; General Douglas MacArthur’s visit to Galveston in June 1951. Few family and friends photos, none are identified. Donated by Linda Garcia in memory of Beulah Lewis, the owner of the photos.

#199 American Women’s Volunteer Service (AWVS)

Approx. 50 b/w snapshots (application photos?)of young Galveston women who Participated in the WW II program. Complete list of the names is in the first folder. The photos were transferred from G-7292.

#200 Galveston West End Collection

Black and white contact sheets and original negatives, approx. 100 images. Photos showing members of old fishing community which has lived on the West End for several generations. The photos were taken by Micha Bowerman of Houston, while the subjects were interviewed by Sam Lanham, ca. late 1970s, early 1980s. No one has been identified. Donors will provide more information in the future. Donated by Mr. Bowerman and Mr. Lanham, 2001.

#201 J.W. Reesby City Sexton Scrapbook

One album with news clippings and b/w snapshots of the City Cemetery, Sexton’s office building (including exteriors), a complete list of all City sextons from 1852-1970. Mr. Reesby, sexton from 1935-70, kept this Scrapbook and took the photos. Of special interest: Broadway cemetery Complex before and after the raising in 1938. Original negatives included. Donated by Linda McBee, June 2000.

#202 Gene B. Reid Boat Photographs

Approx. 100 color snapshots of wooden fishing vessels from the Galveston Area. All photos taken by Gene B. Reid, ca 1960s. A detailed inventory of The boats is in the first folder. Collection donated by Mr. Reid in 1973.

#203 Harper and Bartlett 1900 Storm Photos

Approx. 50 photographs of Galveston after the 1900 Storm by the photographic firm of Harper and Co. which operated studios in Galveston and Houston at that time. Thomas J. Harper and his brother in law Jessie C. Bartlett were the primary photographers in the firm. Many of the images are also in G-1771. Collection donated by Mrs. Marylea Huff, granddaughter of Mr. Bartlett, in Sept. 2000.

FF Subject

  • 1-2 Residential views
  • 3 Downtown and commercial buildings
  • 4 Religious buildings
  • 5 Utilities
  • 6 Railroads
  • 7 The wharves and ships
  • 8 Medical school; the militia

#204 Tipp/Nevill 1900 Storm Album

One album of stock photographs of Galveston before and after the 1900 Storm. The album was created by Mr. Sam Tipp and given as a gift to Mrs. Effie Erwin Nevill ca 1902 “before her marriage.” Approx. 20 b/w prints, most are also in the G-1771. Of special interest: Broadway Public School at 38th and Broadway; exceptional image of the County Courthouse. Album donated by the Rice University Fondren Research Center, Sept. 2000.

#205 Tucker Family Collection

Approx. 150 b/w snapshots of Tucker family of Vergennes, VT and Galveston. Originally stored in the Name File. See also Spec. Coll. #165 for more Tucker family photos.

FF Subject

  • 1-3 Tucker family of Vermont
  • 4 Philip Crosby Tucker Jr.
  • 5 Wives of P. C. Tucker Jr. (Mary Cecilia and Isabella)
  • 6-7 Children of P. C. Tucker Jr.
  • 8-13 Family and Friends
  • 13 Places: Vermont
  • 14 Places: Miscellaneous and unidentified

#206 Henry Rosenberg

Approx. 150 photographs of Henry Rosenberg, his wife Mollie Macgill Rosenberg, their trip to Switzerland, Mr. Rosenberg’s birthplace, and the family grave plot in Boston. Removed from the Name File.

FF Subject

  • 1-4 Henry Rosenberg
  • 5-6 Mollie Macgill Rosenberg
  • 7 Family and Friends
  • 8-10 Visit to Switzerland
  • 11-12 Rosenberg Family Graves
  • 13 Misc. views of Switzerland

#207 1900 Storm

Collection, approx.. 14 items, 1900

Black and white mounted photographs showing the aftermath of the 1900 storm, including downtown and residential vies, Texas Star Flour Mill, St. Mary’s Church, barge carrying bodies into Gulf of Mexico, survivors on board the boat Shadow looking for debris. Donated by Sanders Cazedessus.

#208 Reichgauer/Chalker families

Photograph Albums, 1908-1970; 2 albums.

Albums chronicle the families’ residence in Galveston as well as their worldwide travels.

  • Album #1: Topics include John Sealy Hospital, St. Mary’s Infirmary, Walter Gresham residence, Sea-Arama, World’s Fair—Seattle (1962), World’s Fair—New York City (1964), Expo—Montreal (1967), and 1810 Avenue H.
  • Album #2: Topics include USS Constitution, Texas State Capitol, Sacred Heart Church, World’s Fair—Chicago (1933), International Exposition—San Diego (1935), Texas Centennial (1936), and Robert Ripley.

#209 Stubbs Family

Postcard Collection, ca. 1907-1917, early 1900s; 45 items

Picture postcards sent to various members of the Stubbs family and Julian Runge.

FF Selected Postcards

  • 1 Ave. D; 25th St. and Ave. J; 19th St. and Ave. I; First Methodist Episcopal Church; Sacred Heart Church (including interior), St. Mary’s Infirmary, Garten Verein and Ursuline Convent; Walter Gresham residence
  • 2 U.S. Court of Civil Appeals and Galveston County Courthouse; Steele residence; Brazos (steamship); James Moreau Brown residence
  • 3 Texas Heroes Monument; Bolivar lighthouse; causeway
  • 4 Ball High School, Galvez Hotel, Seawall; surf bathing
  • 5 Surf Bathhouse; Sui Jen Café;; aerial views. Also: a group photo of women taken by L. Tobler at Breakers Bathhouse

#210 Trube-Davis Family

Collection, late 19th century-1949; 48 items + 1 photograph album

Arthur L. Davis (1875-1915) was married to Agnes Trube Davis, with daughter Drusilla. In 1912, Davis became owner of M.O. Nobbe & Co., a Galveston jewelry firm, and served as its vice president and general manager.

FF Description

  • 1 People
    • Davis, Arthur Lee
    • 2 Davis, Drusilla Jane
    • 3-4 Lubben, Agnes Trube Davis
    • 5-6 Other Named Individuals (including Estelle Trube Hay, Bertha Trube (d. Denver, Colorado, 1917), and W.F. Lubben)
    • 7 Unidentified Individuals
    • 8-9 Unidentified Groups
  • 10 Subjects
    • Nobbe (M.O.) & Co.(exterior and interior views)
  • 11-15 Photograph Album (belonged to Mrs. Arthur Lee Davis; includes sport fishing, beach and snow scenes, and residences)

#211 First Presbyterian Church

Photographs transferred from MSS #2004-0017, First Presbyterian Church Records.

FF Selected Images

  • 1 Building exterior views following Hurricane Carla (1961)
  • 2 Sesquicentennial (1990)
  • 3 Church window in memory of Anne V. Trueheart by her son Henry M. Trueheart; Ralph Phillips upon retirement from U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
  • 4 Redman organ (1978); Bolivar lighthouse (1980s); Ida Austin Bible Class; historical marker mentioning John McCullough)
  • 5 Montreat seminar (1989)
  • 6 Montreat seminar (1989)
  • 7 Philathea Class (ca. 1942)
  • 8 Children

#212 Menard Residence

Photographs & Book Plates, ca. 1898-1960, nd; 15 items

This collection consists of photographs and illustrated book plates that depict the Michel B. Menard residence. Staff separated the items from MSS #2004-0006, a research collection compiled by Virginia E. Eisenhour, a Galveston author, for a possible book on Menard. Researchers must use digital prints of the photographs.

#213 John Woods Harris

Collection, 1874-1880; 52 items

Portrait cards of family and friends of John Woods Harris. Many of the portraits were taken in Charlottesville, Virginia. Manyare inscribed University of Virginia on their backs. Photographers include Blessing & Co., Dean, P.H. Rose, Rose and Schmedling, Rose & Zahn, and Justus Zahn.

FF Name

  • FF1, Baker, R. H.
  • Bryan, Jas.
  • Davis, Noah K.
  • Fuller, W. W.
  • Harris, Lizzie Jacintha
  • Harrison, N. H.
  • FF2, Johnston, “Benjamin”
  • Lockwood, Geo. R.
  • Maryl, Wm. B.
  • Muse, J.S.
  • Page, Jno. R. (M.D.)
  • Perry, Annie
  • FF3, Peyton, [G.]
  • Russell
  • Slaughter, Chas T.
  • Spindle, H.H.
  • Steel, S.A.
  • FF4, Thomas, Geo. S.
  • Walker, W.W. Jr.
  • Walton, N.S.
  • FF5-13, Unidentified (including children and pets)

#214 David Pettus

Postcard Collection, ca. 1900-2000; 82 items

Pettus, a GTHC volunteer who died in 2005, donated this artificial collection.

FF Series

  • 1 Postcards
    • 21st St., looking north
    • 25th St. & Ave. J
    • Ave. J at 25th St.
    • Brown (James Moreau) Residence (2)
    • 2 Brown (James Moreau) Residence (5)
    • 3 Brown (James Moreau) Residence (3)
    • Center for Transportation & Commerce
    • Central Park
    • 4 Elissa (sailing vessel) (4)
    • Flagship Hotel
    • 5 First Baptist Church
    • Gaido’s Motel
    • Galveston County Historical Museum (2)
    • Galveston’s Victorian Homes
    • 6 Galvez Hotel (3)
    • Gresham (Walter) Residence
    • Harbor (aerial)
    • 7 Hurricane – 1915 – Texas City, Texas
    • Moody Gardens
    • Ocean Star Offshore Energy Museum
    • Pier 21 (including Elissa)
    • Pleasure Pier
    • 8 Pleasure Pier
    • St. Joseph’s Catholic Church
    • St. Mary’s Cathedral
    • Sealy (George) Residence
    • Seawall
    • 9 Seawall (4; includes nighttime view)
    • Shriners Hospital
    • 10 Strand Historical District
    • Street Scene
    • Texas City Disaster Memorial
    • Texas Seaport Museum
    • Tourism
    • 11 Tourism (5)
    • 12 U.S.S. Texas (1892) (3)
    • U.S.S. Texas (1914) (2)
    • 13 U.S.S. Texas (1914) (3)
    • UTMB – Smith (Ashbel) Building
    • Williams-Tucker Residence
    • 14 Williams-Tucker Residence (2)
  • 15-17 Postcard Packets
    • Broadway Beauties (re: James Moreau Brown, Walter Gresham, Michel B.
    • Menard, and Willis-Moody residences)
    • 18 Souvenir Folder of Galveston and Galveston Beach, Texas
  • 19 Stereo Card
    • U.S.S. Texas (1892)

#215 Picturesque Galveston

Book, [1900]; 1 item

Published by W.W. Dexter, [Galveston: Galveston Tribune, 1900].

#216 Elizabeth F. Darst

Collection, ca. 1950; 8 items

The collection consists of autographed photographs of celebrities. Darst served as Curator of the Rosenberg Library Museum, 1978-2004.

FF Description

  • 1 Cornell, Katharine (1893-1974)
  • 2 Danilova, Alexandra (1903-1997)
  • 3 Daniilova, Alexandra (1903-1997)
  • 4 Darst, Lise, and De Long, Raleigh
  • 5 Hayes, Helen (1900-1993)
  • 6 Lillie, Beatrice (1894-1989)
  • 7 Shawn, Ted (1891-1972)
  • 8 Wills, Chill (1902-1978)

#217 William H. Lawder

Collection, ca. 1953-1974; ca. 60 items

Lawder (1916-1991) worked 42 years for Todd Shipyard Co. on Pelican Island.

FF Description

  • 1 Calypso (exploration vessel) and Cousteau, Jacques
  • 2 Derrick Barges
  • 3 Ferries
  • 4 Harbor Views (aerial views)
  • 5 National Maritime Research Center
  • 6 Savannah (nuclear ship)
  • 7 J. L. Lawder and other individuals
  • 8 Apache (reel ship) (missing 6/28/2013)
  • 9 Ships (re Ashley Lykes; Mallory Lykes; Lorado Taft)
  • 10 Todd Shipyards. Galveston Division
  • 11 Todd Shipyards. Nuclear Division
  • 12 Todd Shipyards. Houston Division See #217, oversized (photo album)

#218 European Royalty

Collection, 1906-1913; 38 items

Photograph postcards of European royalty from the Reymershoffer family. These were transferred from the Museum, 1997. A detailed inventory is kept with the collection.

#219 Harry Wayne Brown, Jr

Collection, 1912, 1915, 1992; 41 items

Photographs pertain to the USCGS cutter Galveston Island, including her commissioning, crew, and visitors. Donor: Harry Wayne Brown, Jr. Brown (1927-2007) served as a commissioned officer in the Coast Guard Reserves.

FF Description

  • 1-3 USCGS Galveston Island
  • 4 Commissioning Ceremony – Officials
  • 5 Commanding Officer
  • 6-8 Crew
  • 9-11 Visitors (including Harry and Gini Brown, and Jan Coggeshall)
  • 12 Hurricane – 1915 (plus U.S.S. Texas (battleship) in Bolivar Roads)

#220 Lantern and Stereoptican Slide

Collection, ca. 1890-1911; 18 items

This is an artificial collection. The lantern slides were donated or purchased. Staff found The stereopticon slide in the Rosenberg Wing attic in 2010. Researchers should consult reprints of the slides, many of which are colored. The slides are stored separately in a box as part of this collection..

Item Description

  • 1 Ducks, Texas. Chicago Transparency Co.,
  • 2 Sacred Heart Church, Galveston, Texas. Issued by Passenger Department, Southern Pacific Co., San Francisco, Cal.
  • 3 [Aerial view of grounds taken from Hotel Galvez.] Chicago Transparency Co.,
  • 4 [Hotel Galvez interior view, showing main lobby]. Chicago Transparency Co.
  • 5 [Hotel Galvez Terrace.] Chicago Transparency Co.
  • 6 [Sidewalk lin4ed with palm trees; unidentified five-story building in background]
  • 7 [Sailboat underway possibly on Galveston Bay; beach and four-story hotel in Background]
  • 8 Palm trees and park at Galveston, Sept. 20, 1908
  • 9 Looking West on Sealy St. at Alvin 20 miles from Galveston. [1900 Storm view.]
  • 10 Looking East on Sealy St. at Alvin 20 Miles from Galveston. [1900 Storm view.]
  • 11 The Hurricane’s Wide Swath in the Residence Section
  • 12 Scene in the West End where many bodies were found
  • 13 In the Heart of Galveston after Hurricane, great pools of stagnant water endangered the health of survivors.
  • 14 Galveston Tidal Wave. [Painting of the 1900 Storm by Frank Cresson Schell, with train and horses]
  • 15 General View Showing Storm’s Work, Galveston, Texas
  • 16 After the Flood, Galveston, Texas. [Shows beached boat.] Keystone View Co.
  • 17 Blown Out into the Gulf. [Painting of the 1900 Storm] Central Stereopticon Exchange, Battle Creek, Michigan
  • 18 Portrait of Henry Rosenberg. Chars. Beseler Co., New York, New York
  • 19 Galveston Disaster. [Color illustration.] Albert F. Proeger, Eugene, Ore.

#221 Frank Leslie’s Illustrated Newspaper, New York, November 2, 1867.

“The Yellow Fever Panic at Galveston—From Sketches by our Special Artist, Jas. E. Taylor.” Four illustrations on the front page of newspaper, plus short article. (Oversize)

#222 Sinclair/Stafford/Crow Family

Collection, 1864-1950s; 210 photographs + 1 photograph album

Loose photographs, and an album with numbered pages pertaining to Margaret Jeannetta Stafford and the Mary Kate Crow family. A pen-and-ink /watercolor painting of the Powhatan house by “Guyrene,” 1968, was transferred to the Museum. Donor: Adrian Sinclair Balch, 2005.

FF Description

  • 1 Photographs
    • Bartholomew, Phoebe Loraine (Mrs. H. Sinclair)
    • 2 Crow, Mary Kate
    • 3 Flood, _____ Mrs.
    • 4 Littlejohn, Harry
    • 5 Stafford, Earl and Brooks
    • 6 Stafford, W. Maner (in Civil War uniform)
    • 7 Van Alstyne, Mary Lufkin (Mrs. William S. Sincliair)
    • 8 Miscellaneous
  • 9 Printed Matter

Index to Album:

  • Aflick, Florence: 12
  • Automobiles: 19a, 25
  • Ave. J – 2709 (garage): 28
  • Ball High School picnic: 29:
  • Beach activities: 1, 2, 3, 9, 13, 15, 18, 19a, 25, 29
  • Campbell, Archie: 25, 31
  • Chicago, Illinois: 20, 27
  • Children: 5, 10, 12, 16, 20, 23, 24, 28
  • Chutes Park: 19
  • Crab Pavilion: 3
  • Crow, Mary Kate: 23
  • Dorsey, Emily: 3, 6, 16, 30
  • Dorsey, Lucy: 3, 20, 30
  • Douglas, Eleanor: 12
  • Driftwood: 9, 13, 31
  • Flood, Aimee: 2, 3, 6, 17, 25, 30, 31
  • Goude, Billy: 7
  • Hamilton, Texas: 15, 20
  • Horse: 20
  • Horse and buggy: 22
  • Littlejohn, Harry: 3, 9, 16, 21, 30
  • Medical Department of the University of Texas: 9
  • Murdoch’s Bathhouse: 1, 2, 15, 31
  • Nileson, Sophie: 6
  • Residences: 9, 14, 26
  • Romance: 26
  • Seaside Hotel (under construction): 5
  • Seawall: 1, 3, 13, 19, 22
  • Seawall Boulevard: 3, 22, 30
  • Sinclair, William S.: 9, 12, 24
  • Spurlin, Eleanor: 6, 10, 15
  • Spurlin, John: 6
  • Stafford residence: 4, 16
  • Stafford, Julia: 10, 25
  • Stafford, Margaret Jeannetta: 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, 10, 15, 16, 17, 18, 20, 24, 30, 31, 33
  • Stafford, Seth: 5, 9
  • Tacky Party: 17
  • Vedder, Jacob: 30
  • Vedder, Jacob Suydam: 10, 33
  • Young, Gail: 8, 15

#223 Hugh Kirkman Jones

Collection, ca. 1949-1959; 29 photographs. Donor: Lou Cecelia Stubbs Frost, 2006.

Hugh Kirkman Jones (1903-2001) served on the board of the Galveston Wharves for two terms. The names of steamships are italicized.

FF Item Series

  • FF1 Hugh Kirkman Jones - Obituary
  • FF2-1 Photographs
    • Jones standing on Green Valley
    • 2 Jones and three other children individuals standing in front of Army vehicles
    • 3 Galveston Wharves
      • Alcoa Puritan loading machinery at Pier 14 (1950)
      • FF3-1 Alcoa Puritan and Genevieve Lykes loading machinery at Pier 14 (1950)
      • 2 Loading machinery at Pier 14 (1950)
      • 3 States Marine Isthmian Steamship Co. vessels at Piers 29-33 (1950)
      • FF4-1 States Marine Istmina Steamship Co. vessels at Piers 30-33 (1950)
      • 2 Polarus Sailor and States Marine Isthmian Steamship Co. vessels at
      • Piers 30 and 33 1950)
      • 3 Simoa at Pier 33 (1954)
      • FF5-1 Simoa in channel (1954)
      • 2 City of Alma loading military vehicles (1956)
      • 3 Savannah (nuclear ship) – Commissioning (1963)
      • FF6_1-2 Savannah (nuclear ship) – Commissioning (1963) (including Texas Governor John Connally)
    • FF7 1 Port of Beaumont, Texas
      • Mary Luckenbach
      • 2-3 Caledonia Maru
      • FF8 1 Caledonia Maru
      • 2-3 Workers loading/unloading machinery
      • FF9 1 Loading/unloading machinery
    • 2 Port of Orange, Texas
      • Jacob Luckenbach loading flour (1949)
    • 3 Vancouver, British Columbia
      • Steel Fabricator (1959)
    • Miscellaneous
      • FF10 1 Empire State loading cotton
      • 2-3 Palmetto State
      • FF11 1-3 Fire on Palmetto State
      • FF12 1 Loading/unloading military vehicles on steamship

#224 Elisabeth Darst

Collection, ca. 1963-1975; 144 items

Mostly black/white and color snapshots of Galveston buildings and residences, as well as the Blessing of the Shrimp Fleet. Darst was Curator or the Rosenberg Library Museum, 1978-2004.

FF Description

  • 1 Buildings
    • Ave. B
    • 2 Ave. I – 2601
    • 3 Court of Civil Appeals
    • 4 Hendley Building
    • 5 Knapp Bros. Painters
    • 6 Smith (Ashbel) Building
    • 7 Texas Star Flour Mill
    • 8 Trueheart-Adriance Building
  • 9 Events
    • Blessing of the Shrimp Fleet
    • 10 Pier 19
  • 11 Residences
    • Ave. E
    • 12 Ave. G
    • 13 Ave. I
    • 14 Brown (James Moreau) Residence
    • 15 Focke Residence
    • 16 Groce-Marwitz Residence
    • 17-19 Heiidenheimer Castle
    • 20 Landes Residence
    • 21 Lasker (Morris) Residence
    • 22 Maas Residence
    • 23 Menard (Michel B.) Residence
    • 24 Moller (Jens) Residence
    • 25 Reymershoffer Residence
    • 26 Smith (John.F.) Residence.
    • 27 Sonnenthiel (Jacob) Residence
    • 28 Tiernan-Connerly Residence
    • 29 Trube Residence
  • 30 Ships & Shipping
  • 31 Negatives

#225 Brown Family

Postcard Collection, ca. 1906-1919; 26 items

Photographic postcards received by members of the James Moreau Brown family. The recipients were Guinevere Graham and C. J. Sweeney, both of Atlantic City, New Jersey.

FF Item Description


  • 1 Garten Verein
  • 2 Shipping Cotton Seed Meal
  • 3 Bathing in the Gulf
  • 4 Union Depot, 25th & Strand
  • 5 Sailing ship; Galveston Boat and Yacht Club (background)
  • 6 Oleanders
  • 7 Tremont Street at Night
  • 8 Murdoch’s Bath House
  • 9 Broadway West from 24th St. (image obscured by message)


  • 1 Broadway West from 24th
  • 2 YMCA Building
  • 3 Dredge Leviathan in Canal
  • 4 Breakers
  • 5 Casino after the 1915 Storm
  • 6 Seawall and Murdock Bath House


  • 1 Looking East from Pier 34
  • 2 Cotton Scene
  • 3 Seawall with Bathing Pavilion
  • 4 The Start – Strand between 2424th & 25th Sts. (re: fire)
  • 5 Greeting from the Oleander City
  • 6-9 Seawall
  • 10 Sea Water Bathing
  • 11 Broadway Looking East

#226 Mildred Maury Robertson

Collection; ca. 1880s-1990s.

Mildred Maury Robertson (1907-1999) graduated from Ball High School and attended the University of Texas. In 1930, she began her career at the University of Texas Medical Branch as assistant librarian.

The collection is arranged in five series: Events, People, Galveston Sites, Subjects, and Travels.

  1. Events: This series includes Mardi Gras, parades, parties, and UTMB events.
  2. People: Photographs of Robertson, her family, friends, and alumni, staff, and faculty of UTMB. Significant individuals include Truman Graves Blocker, Cartier Bresson, Herbert Y. Cartwright, Jr., E. Burke Evans, M.D., Chauncey D. Leake, Thomas Geale Rice, and Mollie M. Rosenberg. Also of note are the Focke and Kempner families. Of particular importance are photos of President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s visit to Galveston in 1937. Photographs of UTMB alumni reunions and meetings, ca. 1950s-1990s, are filed in this series.
  3. Galveston Sites: Robertson documented local historical architecture. Of special note: John Focke residence (1228 Ave. D), Austin-Fox residence, James Moreau Brown residence, Hendrix residence, Heye residence, Pelican Island, Sacred Heart Church, and UTMB.
  4. Subjects: Of special note: Oil spill on Galveston beach, snowstorms (1948 and 1973), and Hurricane 1961 (Carla).
  5. Travels: Locations she visited depicted in this series include Europe, Africa, and the United States. Also featured are UTMB Alumni Tours “Flying Medics” in 1972 and 1973.

Oversized materials include :

  1. Ball High Graduating Class of 1894
  2. John Focke residence (1228 Ave. D)
  3. Naschke portrait of Mildred Robertson
  4. Galveston Hand Colored (booklet with color illustrations)

#227 Rocky and Sherry Forshey

Galveston Postcard Collection, 1874-1929. 823 items.

This collection has been fully digitized, arranged by subject or creator. A comprehensive index to the postcards is in the online finding aid and kept with the collection.

The postcards date from circa 1874 to 1929, with the bulk of the postcards dating from 1905 to 1920. Images of Galveston's businesses, homes, beaches, monuments, and events may be found among the postcards. Many of these images are unique and not found within other photographic collections in the archive.

#228 Ezra Stoller

Photograph, ca. 1966; 1 item, oversized

The print is of 3324 Avenue L (demolished). Stoller (1915-2004) is recognized as the leading American architectural photographer of the twentieth century. His work is featured in the seminal book The Galveston That Was (1965).

#229 Holman/Ravlin/Williamson Families

Collection, ca. late 1800s-1990; 16 photographs

These photographs are descendants of Edward Holman Williamson (1936-2006), who donated them. Some of the photographs were taken in Ggalveston. The most prominent individual depicted, Edward Bennett Holman, served as County Judge of Galveston County, 1920-1942. There are also several photographs of the donor’s mother, Mabel Estell Holman Williamson.

#230 Thomas W. Forman/U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

Collection, ca.1891-1955; 85 photographs

Forman was a resident engineer who served with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. He oversaw construction of the East End Extension of the Seawall (1918-1925).

This collection is arranged in four series: People, Projects, Vessels, and Miscellaneous.

  1. People: Individuals and groups. Includes two photographs of Forman and two group images of the First Annual Safety Conference, Galveston Engineers District, District Boat Yard, 1940.
  2. Projects: Various projects performed by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Galveston District, along the Texas coast. These include: Galveston Island’s North and South Jetties, 1938, (17 images); construction of the East End Extension of the Seawall, 1918-1925 (15 images).
  3. Vessels: U.S. dredges, including Galveston.
  4. Miscellaneous: These include unidentified photographs.

#231 17th Street Rattlesnakes

Photographs, 1980s (bulk 1980); approx. 150 items

The 17th Street Rattlesnakes were an informal neighborhood youth athletic group formed in the early to mid 1930s. Young men met to play baseball, football, basketball, hockey, stickball and marbles. Although mostly boys, at least two girls belonged to the organization. The club arose in response to a lack of organized youth groups. The group lasted until the 1940s. ,The photographs are from an album entitled “Rattlesnakes: The 17th Street Gang 1980” and depict the club’s reunion.

#232 Vacation Trip to Galveston

Collection, 1937; 33 snapshots

James F. Smith of Arkansas took these photographs during his visit to Galveston during July 1937. The images show hotels, restaurants, streets, beach, and wharf scenes.

#233 Views of Texas City: The Young Giant of Southern Texas

(Galveston: H.H. Stratton, c1913), 1913; 1 album

This booklet includes photographs of street scenes, wharves, businesses, U.S. Army, and farming.

#234 The Beach and The Tremont, Galveston

Ca. 1898; 1 album

This booklet has exterior and interior views of the Beach Hotel (1883-1898) and the Tremont Hotel (1876-1928). There is also a portrait photograph of George E. Korst, proprietor of both hotels.

#235 Rapp Partners

Collection; ca. 1930s-1980s; ca. 200 items

Projects involved the architectural firm of Rapp Partners. Photographs of Raymond Rapp, Jr., and his associates have been placed in the Name File.

Box Series

Box 1

  • National Exhibition of School Architecture
  • Home Album (photographs of residences; also, Hollywood Dinner Club)
  • Photocopies of Home Album (for researcher use)
  • Projects (The following listing is only of Galveston projects. The category Miscellaneous Projects includes several sites in Galveston and views of construction.)
    • American Indemnity Group (8 photos)
    • Ball High School, including construction (6 photos)
    • Central Plaza
    • Falstaff Plant (15 photos)
    • Galveston College
      • Fine Arts & Physical Education Center (4 photos)
      • Moody Hall (2 photos)
      • Regents Hall (12 photos)

Box 2

  • Projects (cont.)
    • Galveston County Courthouse
    • Galveston County Jail
    • Galveston Independent School District
    • Gladney Parker Elementary School
    • Greta Oppe Elementary School (2 photos)
    • Guaranty Federal Savings & Loan Association
    • Gulf Breeze Apartments (5 photos)
    • Hollywood Dinner Club (5 photos)
    • Kirwin High School (9 photos)
    • Lone Star Flight Museum (2 photos)
    • Lovenberg Elementary School, including construction (6 photos)
    • Menard Park Band Shell
    • National Maritime Union of America (6 photos)
    • St. Peter the Apostle Church (photocopy)
    • Sears, Roebuck & Co., including construction (5 photos)

Box 3

  • Projects (cont.)
    • Sheraton University Hotel & Harbor Place Condominiums (2 photos)
    • Stewart Beach Pavilion
    • Texas A & M University. Galveston
      • Classroom Building (2)
      • Engineering Research Laboratory
      • General
      • Jack K. Williams Library (2 photos)
      • Physical Plant (2 photos)
    • UTMB – Administration Building (3 photos)
    • William B. Travis Elementary School (2 photos)

#236 U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

Collection, 1915-1955; ca. 90 items

This collection contains photographs of various projects handled by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Galveston District. Projects include: Aransas Pass; Bolivar Anchorage; Brazos Island Harbor, Brazos-Santiago Pass; Brazos River, Lock & Dam No. 8; Brazos River Flood Gates (Freeport, Texas); Colorado River – Conversion of Flood Gates; Freeport Harbor; and High Island. There are also photographs of several vessels: Mansfield (launch), Pontchartrain (dredge), and Roy Miller (dredge). GTHC staff found this collection in a wooden map case drawer in April 1992.

#237 Armstrong/Caplen/Moss Families

Collection, ca. 1880s-1930; ca. 100 items

This collection documents several families that lived in Galveston and other localities in southeast Texas during the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Notable persons are:

  • Adeline Armstrong: Wife of James Armstrong of Galveston. 27 years old (1880 federal census)
  • Mary Batterson: Wife of William J. Batterson of Galveston (1870 federal census). Birthplace: Massachusetts; 39 years old (1880 federal census). .
  • John A. Caplen: Born Galveston, ca. 1847. Married Nancy J. Nicholson (1861-1938) near Clear Lake, 1881. The couple moved to Galveston, where he began practicing real estate in 1889. Caplen moved to La Porte and served as mayor, ca. 1895. (The collection includes a number of images of La Porte from 1895.) The 1898 local directory indicated his return to Galveston. Caplen moved away again in about.1905, to Alta Loma where he kept a farm. He died there and was buried in Lakeview Cemetery in Galveston.
  • W. Bruce Moss: A photograph of the storefront of W.B. Moss & Co., a grocery. The firm was located on the south side of Water between 22nd Street and 23rd Street in Galveston (1884-85 city directory).

Box FF Description

Box 1

  • 1 Individuals
    • Armstrong Family – Unidentified
    • 2 Armstrong, Adeline
    • 3 Armstrong, J. H.
    • Armstrong, Thomas
    • 4 Batterson, Mary
    • 5-6 Caplen, Adele
    • 7 Caplen, Jake
    • 8-9 Caplen, John A.
    • 10 Caplen, John A. (Mrs.)
    • 11 Caplan, Louise
    • 12 Caplen, Nancy Jane nee Nicholson
    • 13-15 Elliott Family
    • 16 Joyner, Frances
    • 17 Joyner, Grace
    • Joyner, Harry
    • 18 Joyner, Sara
    • 19 Moss Family – Unidentified
    • 20 Moss, Elliott
    • Moss, Frank M.
    • 21 Moss, Hazel
    • Moss, Helen Marie
    • 22 Moss, Homer
    • 23 Moss, W. Bruce – Grocery Store, Galveston, TX, [1885]
    • 24 Moss, W. Bruce (Mrs.)
  • 25-29 Miscellaneous (including Marcus Exline, William Plunkett Harris, Octavia Hutchings, Dabney Tabb, and Herman Zander)

Box 2

  • 1 Miscellaneous
    • 2 Groups
      • Caplen Family
    • 3 Places
      • Alta Loma, Texas – Caplen Family Residence
      • 4 Galveston, Texas
      • 5-9 La Porte, Texas, 1895 (including barbecues, plum tree, YMCA Excursion, andCedar Point)
    • 10 Seabrook, Texas – Club House
    • 11-13 Sylvan Beach\ Miscellaneous (including waterspout, June 1920)
    • 14 Vessels
      • Evalyn (launch)
      • Dredge #5

#238 Galveston Historical Foundation. Elissa Project

These photographs have been separated from the Galveston Historical Foundation. Elissa Project Records (MSS #87-0026). They mostly concern the vessel’s restoration. The series are the same as those in the records. The images are cross-referenced in the records.

Box, Series

Box 1

  • Arethusa (ex-Peking) (sailing vessel)
  • “Bring Elissa Home” Sign
  • Captain’s Duties
  • Colonel (paddle wheeler)
  • “Conrad’s Schooner”
  • Corpus Christi Trip
  • Elissa at Piraeus, Greece
  • Elissa-- General Views
  • Elissa—Voyage to United States
  • Moody Foundation
  • Refit & Restoration
    • Bow
    • Exterior Plating
    • Framing

Box 2

  • Refit & Restoration (cont.)
    • Interior Plating (4 folders)
    • Keel
    • Launching
    • Spars
    • Stern (4 folders)
    • Ultrasonic Survey
    • Miscellaneous (9 folders)
  • Texas 150 Celebration
    • San Jacinto Battlefield (4 folders)

#239 Andrew Fraser

Collection, ca. 1930s-1970s; ca. 50 items

Andrew Fraser (1883-1977) was a Galveston architect who was born and educated in Scotland. He arrived in the United States in 1915. Fraser arrived in the United States in 1909 and designed the Hotel Jean Laffite (1927), Buccaneer Hotel (1929), and other local buildings. His collection includes drawings of proposed and existing structures in Galveston, other parts of Texas, and other states. The collection includes photographs, postcards, and original drawings.

FF Series

  • 1 Projects
    • Alabama
    • Mobile (2 items)
    • 2 Texas
      • Austin (3 items)
      • 3 Galveston
      • American National Insurance Company Annex
      • Buccaneer Hotel (2 items)
      • Coronado Courts Hotel
      • 4 Galvez Villa (2 items)
      • Jean Laffite Hotel (2 items)
      • 5 Levy (Ben) Residence (proposed)
      • Medical Arts Building
      • 6-8 Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish School (8 items)
      • 9 Rex Laundry
      • U.S. Custom House, Post Office & Courthouse (2 items)
      • 10 Unidentified Projects (4 items)
      • 11 Unidentified Locations
    • 12 Virginia
      • Mountain Lake
    • 13-18 Unidentified Locations (15 items)

#240 Kauffman-Stubbs Families

Album, 1892-1958, nd; ca. 200 items

This collection consists of materials removed from an album compiled very likely by a member of the Stubbs family. The contents include copies of newspaper articles, obituaries, family records (including a family tree for the Kauffman/Stubbs families), photographs of individuals and groups, and postcards. Folder 47 contains an extensive family tree. In the index that follows, the numbers refer to folders. The abbreviation “P” in parentheses denotes photographs.


  • Ave. G – 1601: 43 (P)
  • Ave. I – 1826: 18 (P), 29 (P)
  • Ave. O – 2608: 18 (P)
  • Brotherson, Porter B.: 9
  • Children: 15 (P)
  • Christmas: 18 (P), 37
  • Clayton, Mary (photographer): 36 (P)
  • Dunkerley, Dorothea: 15 (P), 17 (P; as nun)
  • Dunkerley, Kate Stubbs: 13
  • Dunkerley, Mary Adele: 15 (P)
  • Fowler, Linda: 16 (P)
  • Grout, Addie Lou: 43 (P)
  • Island City Hotel – Sale (1859): 5
  • Kauffman, Abe Mrs.: 16 (P)
  • Kauffman, Charles Andrew (1831-1922): 2, 10 (P), 39, 40
  • Kauffman, Elizabeth: 21
  • Kauffman, John Edward (1861-1913): 10 (P), 47
  • Kempner, Henrietta Blum: 16 (P)
  • Mann, Claud Prentiss Jr.: 54
  • Mineral Wells, Texas: 55 (P)
  • Morgan, Jean Scrimgeour: 16 (P)
  • Mother St. Paul (Lydia Kauffman, 1840-1899): 26 (P)
  • National Council of Catholic Women, Galveston: 36 (P)
  • Red Cross. Motor Corps: 16 (P)
  • Russell, Alexander: 11 (P), 37
  • Russell, Katie Kauffman: 11 (P), 37
  • Seinsheimer, Edith: 16 (P)
  • Seinsheimer, Irma K. 16 (P)
  • Sherman, Sidney: 5
  • Stubbs, Adele: 12 (P), 13, 28 (P), 49 (P)
  • Stubbs, Catherine Louise: 13 (P), 29 (P)
  • Stubbs, Charles J. (1867-1948): 18 (P)
  • Stubbs, Charles J. (1888- ): 17 (P)
  • Stubbs, Frank Spencer (1893-1926): 14 (P)
  • Stubbs, Flora: 14 (P)
  • Stubbs, James B. (1850-1925): 13 (P), 34
  • Stubbs, James B. Jr.: 16
  • Stubbs, John Andrew (1856-1922): 14 (P)
  • Stubbs, Kate: 12 (Ph), 13 (P), 15 (Ph), 17
  • Stubbs, Lillie: 6
  • Stubbs, Mary Catherine “Kate” (1870-1928): 28 (P)
  • Stubbs, Mary Henrietta: 12 (P), 28 (P), 30
  • Stubbs, Sadie Hirschfeld: 16 (P), 43 (P)
  • Stubbs, Sidney: 20 (P; n uniform, ca. 1917-18)
  • Stubbs, Theodore B.: 29, 43 (P)
  • Stubbs, Theodore B. (1823-1896): 5, 20, 21 (P), 30
  • Stubbs, Theodore B. (d. 1973): 48
  • Stubbs, Theodore B.: 56 (P; (in uniform, ca. 1918)
  • Suderman, Suzanne: 16 (P)
  • Ursuline Convent (Dallas, Texas: 26 (P)

#241 Hendley Family

Collection, 19 portrait photographs

Persons featured include William Hendley; Capt. Joseph Hendley, and various members of the Boardman and Sears families. Purchased and donated, 2009. Galveston photographers include Fred W. Bartlett, Blessing & Bro., and Philip.H. Rose. The photographs were removed from a plastic binder, The Hendleys of Galveston: Texas Traders, Blockade Runners and Commission Merchants/”A Collection of Antique Family Photographs.” Collection also includes family trees, biographical information, and material on the Hendley Building in Galveston, Henry Sears, and Middlesex County, Connecticut. Purchased and donated by Edward T. Cotham, 2009.

#242 Roy Harm

Collection, 1925-1939, [1961]; 41 items + negatives

Harm operated and managed the Mountain Speedway roller coaster, Old Mill, and other beachfront attractions. During the 1930s, he was an officer with the Galveston Beach Association. This collection consists of contact prints made from scans of original photographs belonging to Harm’s descendants. Images are individually numbered and are listed selectively. In the index, dates of photographs are recorded in parentheses.

Item Description

  • 1 Photographs
    • Albon Rose and Daddy [Roy Harm], Sunday, Jan. 13, 1929
    • 2 Audie and Fannie, Galveston
    • 3 Kenneth, Audrey & Al Mittle
    • 4 Sam Houston School, about 4th grade
    • 6 Harriet, many friends & Albon
    • 7 Roy [Harm] – Galveston, 1924
    • 8 Mountain Speedway – Facing east toward Galvez Hotel, 1925
    • 9 View taken from atop of coaster, 1925
    • 10 Mountain Speedway, Sept. 1927
    • 11 Train Roy Harris built in about 1939
    • 12 Train Roy Harris built for park in Galveston, TX
    • 14 Pier on North Jetties, ca. 1926
    • 21 Storm tides
    • 22 Debris on top of the Seawall after Hurricane Carla; Seawall café (background)
    • 23 Residences along a debris-strewn street after Hurricane Carla
    • 24-27 Dreamland Café during Hurricane Carla
    • 28 Roy Harm at Galveston, ca.1925. Image is reversed on print.
    • 29 Roy Harm and wife
    • 30 Roy Harm, Houston, Texas, ca. 1926. Luna Park (background).
    • 31 Bernice and Roy Harm in bathing attire, 1925 or 1926. Murdoch’s Bathhouse (background).
    • 32 Seawall and Seawall Boulevard; Crystal Palace Bathhouse (background).
    • 33 Douvry’s Seawall Café and Dodgem during the Hurricane of 1932
    • 34 John Palmer, J. R. Bowers (grandfather), and Billy Morrison, 1926. Crystal Palace Building (background).
    • 35 Crossover complete at Crystal Palace-Salt Water Park, 1925. G. K. Jorgensen, owner of Palace.
    • 36 Roy Harm standing at the corner of 22nd and Seawall Boulevard. Tokio Dance Hall (background).
    • 37 Roy Harm standing ay the base of the Mountain Speedway
    • 38 Bernice and Roy Harm at Galveston, 1925
    • 39 Waves flowing over the Seawall during a storm
  • 40 Postcards (including one of Mountain Speedway)
  • 41 Booklet
    • Ingersoll, Frederick (photocopy)
  • 42-43 Negatives


  • 23rd St: 17
  • Automobile: 30
  • Buccaneer Hotel: 15, 16
  • Children: 2, 4, 5, 6, 10
  • Crystal Palace Bathhouse: 6, 32
  • Crystal Palace Building: 34
  • Crystal Palace-Saltwater Park: 35 (
  • Dodgem (amusement ride): 21, 33
  • Douvry’s Seawall Café: 22, 33
  • Dreamland Café: 24), 25, 26, 27
  • Galvez Hotel: 8
  • Galvez Motors: 17
  • Garden of Tokio: 2, 3, 7, 8, 36
  • Great American Racing Derby: 2
  • Harm, Bernice (wife): 29, 31, 38
  • Harm, Roy: 1, 7, 28, 29, 30, 31, 34, 36, 37, 38
  • Houston (Sam) Elementary School: 4
  • Hurricane—1932: 33
  • Hurricane—1961 Carla: 17, 18, 19, 20, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27
  • Ingersoll, Frederick: 41
  • Jetties: 14
  • Miniature railroad: 11, 12
  • Mountain Speedway: 1, 8, 9, 10, 30, 37, 40
  • Murdoch’s Bathhouse: 15, 31, 35
  • National Car Rentals: 17
  • Pleasure Pier (1944): 20
  • Postcards: 40
  • Residences: 23
  • Seawall: 22, 28, 32, 39
  • Seawall Blvd.: 15, 16, 21, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28. 32, 35
  • Seawall Hotel: 27, 33
  • South Jetty Lighthouse: 13
  • Surf bathing: 31

#243 William E. Dunlap

Slide Collection, c. 1950s-1960s; approximately 200 slides

Dunlap had a State of Texas Commission as a Branch Pilot for the Galveston Bar and Houston Ship Channel. Topics include: U.S.S. Texas (battleship); boats; ships; Morgan’s Point; Houston Ship Channel; South Jetty lighthouse; fire engine; oleanders; pilot boats.

#244 Lawrence Alonzo Rehm

Albums, ca. 1916-1922; 3 photograph albums

Two photograph albums contain personal snapshots. Album 2 (A2) has duplicates of several Galveston-related images found in Album 1 (A1). Also filed with this collection is one copy of Galveston, The Sea Wall City.


  • 21st St.: A1
  • 23rd St.: A1
  • 24th St.: A1
  • 25th St.: A1
  • Aerial views: A1
  • Alvin, Texas: A1
  • Austin, Texas: A1
  • Ave B: A1
  • Ave D: A1
  • Baby Parade: A1
  • Bathing: A1
  • Beaumont, Texas: A1
  • Bicycle: A1
  • City National Bank: A1
  • Crystal Palace Bathhouse: A1
  • Courthouse: A1
  • Custom House: A1
  • Dickinson, Texas: A1
  • El Paso, Texas: A1
  • Ellington Field: A2
  • Fishing: A1
  • Galveston Dry Dock: A1
  • Galveston Tribune News Boys Picnic: A1
  • Goggan’s Music House: A1
  • Harbor views: A1; A2
  • Harding, Warren G.: A1
  • Ice wagon: A1
  • Kemah, Texas: A1
  • Pier 26: A1
  • Plaza Hotel: A2
  • Port Arthur, Texas: A1
  • Port Bolivar, Texas: A2
  • Purdy’s Book Store: A1
  • Rehm, Lawrence Alonzo: A1
  • St. Augustine, Florida (childhood home): A1
  • San Antonio, Texas: A1
  • Seawall: A2
  • Seawall Boulevard: A1
  • Snug Harbor Hotel: A1
  • Sugarland, Texas: A1
  • Trinity Episcopal Church: A1
  • Trust Building: A2
  • Union Depot: A1
  • U.S.S. Kansas (battleship): A1
  • Victory Liberty Loan Drive: A1
  • Waco, Texas: A1
  • YMCA: A1

#245 Galveston County Historical Survey Committee

Photographs, 1886-1899, 1967, 1969; 51 items

These are snapshots of buildings and city directory advertisements and lithographs of business buildings. They have been separated from the Committee’s Research Index (MSS #2002-0039).

Images are listed selectively below.

FF Series Dates

  • 1 Berlocher (John) Building (5 items) 1967, 1969
  • Blum (Leon & H.) Building (2 items) 1894-95
  • 2 Brown (J.S.) Hardware Co. 1895
  • Cohen (Robert I.) Building (3 items) 1967, 1969
  • 3 Davie (J.P.) Building 1967
  • 4 Galveston Dry Goods Co. 1899
  • Girardin Hotel (2 items) 1967
  • Jacobs, Bernheim & Co. 1886
  • Jordan (D.C. & M.) Building 1967
  • Kruger (R.E.) Building 1967
  • 5 Marx & Blum Building (6 items) 1895, 1967
  • 6 Pix Building (3 items 1967
  • Rosenfield (J.) & Co.
  • 7 Thompson (T.E.) Building (3) 1967
  • Wallis, Landes & Co. 1894
  • 8 Washington Hotel (4) 1967

#246 Galveston Souvenir Booklets

Ca, 1898-1915; 7 items

Artificial collection. Staff removed the booklets from the Rosenberg Wing Attic Cage in 2010.

FF Description

  • 1 Miniatures of Galveston. Ferdinand Ohlendorf, 1904. Twenty-four images. Contains miscellaneous views of Galveston including: Tarpon Club Pier; sport fishing; Fowler & McVitie’s coal elevator.
  • 2 Banquet of the Galveston Merchants Association. Tremont Hotel, 1912. Portraits: H. R. Meyer, W. P. Hammersmith, Sam Zander, A. Ziegelmayer, and Gus A. Amundsen.
  • 3 Souvenir of Galveston. 1912. “Issued by the Galveston News Complimentary to the Associated Advertising Clubs of America. 40 images. Of special interest: Galveston Daily News building illuminated at night; beach races; unloading bananas.
  • 4 Galveston: The Great Port and Playground. Greater Galveston Publicity Committee, [1912]. Seventeen images.
  • 5 You Will be Welcome at Galveston/The Home of the Finest Surf Bathing in the World. [1915]. Eight images of female bathers, including one at jetties.
  • 6 Galveston – Playground of the South. [1929]. Ebay purchase. Images: harbor scenes; Galvez Hotel; Buccaneer Hotel; Seawall and Seawall Boulevard; Ave. J esplanade.
  • 7-10 Souvenir of Galveston, Texas, ca. 1898. Photogravures removed from withdrawn book. Of special interest: Ball High School; Galveston Rope & Twine Company; Galveston Cotton & Woolen Mills; Galveston Baggage & Cordage Company; B’nai Israel Congregation Synagogue; First Baptist Church; St. James Methodist Episcopal Church; Williams-Tucker residence.
  • 11 Galveston: The Texas Port and Playground Compliments of Hutchings, Sealy & Co., Bankers, Unincorporated, Galveston, Texas. Ca. 1920. The booklet reproduces many familiar images, although these have exceptional clarity. Topics include: Rosenberg School; Sealy Hospital; Nurses’ Home- Sealy Hospital; Tremont Hotel; Southern Beverage Co.; Texas Star Flour Mills; Seaboard Rice Milling Company.

#247 Janice R. Coggeshall

Collection, ca. 1980s-1990s

The collection includes the contents of a photograph album. Photocopies of the album’s pages are filed in the first folder. Topics include:

  1. Texas Home Port groundbreaking
  2. Dickens on the Strand, 1989
  3. U.S. Representative Jack Brooks, with JRC and John Sullivan
  4. Street dedication with James Thomas and Steve Huffman
  5. Japanese visit
  6. Focke/Navy/Helicopter
  7. Ribbon cutting: Best Western Hotel
  8. JRC with Senator Phil Gramm
  9. JRC with Jack Brooks on trolley
  10. JRC with Jim Guidry
  11. Mardi Gras
  12. JRC with Marilyn Maye

This collection also includes color prints made from slides of the mobilization effort to contain the Burmah Agate oil spill, 1980, and a streetcar belonging to the Galveston City Railway Company, [1870s].

#248 Eva Pelham

Collection; 28 items.

The collection includes Eva Pelham with friends and family. It also includes snapshots of the Storm of 1943.

#249 Old Galveston

Collection, ca. 1960-1962; 18 prints made from 17 color slides and one black/white negative.

Staff discovered the slides and negative in the vault in 2011 and had them printed. The images may have been from an exhibited entitled Old Galveston, prepared by library curator Lise Darst in the Harris Gallery during the late 1980s or early 1990s. The slides and negative may have belonged to Mildred Robertson,

Item Description

  • 12th St. and Broadway. Sacred Heart Church (background).
  • 1 17th Street Fishing Pier facing Gulf of Mexico
  • 2 17th Street Fishing Pier. Seawall Wall Café and Hotel (background).
  • 3 Dirt walkway; unknown location
  • 4 Ave. D and 25th St.
  • 5 Ave. D. facing 25th St.; Vic’s Jewelry & Loans (left).
  • 6 Buccaneer Hotel
  • 7 Railroad tracks running next to Galveston causeway
  • 8 Mosquito Fleet; Grasso & Son, Inc. (background).
  • 9 Kramer’s Auto Bake, 2511 Avenue G
  • 10 Michel B. Menard residence
  • 11 Navy Monument at Menard Park
  • 12 World War I Monument at Menard Park
  • 13 Seawall Monument, 23rd St. and Seawall Blvd. Pleasure Pier (background)
  • 14 Stewart Beach – Entrance
  • 15 Sunbathers at the beach
  • 16 Union Station – Santa Fe train, 6:50 am to Chicago, Ronald A. Strunk
  • 17 Unidentified residence

#250 Discovering Galveston County’s Past: Images II of Galveston County, Texas

Collection, 1861-1990; ca.190 images

These photographs were published in Discovering Galveston County’s Past…, written by Harrold K. Henck, Jr., and published by The Galveston County Daily News. Many are Galveston Daily News images; some were donated by private individuals for the book. The images are filed in order by number assigned to them in the original inventory.

Item Description Date

  • 1 View from 20th and Strand, looking south 1861
  • 2 Central Market [1870]
  • 3 Ball, Hutchings & Company [1894]
  • 6 View of Tremont Street looking south from Church St. 1887
  • 8 Visit of U.S. President Benjamin Harrison to Galveston 1891 (Apr. 8)
  • 10 Early view of the Mosquito Fleet at Pier 20 [1893]
  • 12 Old City Hall [1896]
  • 13 Wagon bridge between Galveston Island and the Mainland [1898]
  • 16 Hurricane – 1900 – State Medical College
  • 17 Hurricane – 1900 – St. Mary’s Infirmary
  • 18 Hurricane – 1900 – 13th & Broadway
  • 19 Hurricane – 1900 – Tremont looking north from about Ave. H
  • 20A Hurricane – 1900 – 20th St. looking north from Ave. H in front of the Galveston County Courthouse
  • 20B Architect’s drawing of Galveston County Courthouse [1895] (Not listed in original inventory)
  • 21 Hurricane – 1900 – Barge loaded with bodies for burial at sea
  • 22 Seawall – Construction view [1903]
  • 32 Dickinson – Three carloads of strawberries for the “Katy Flyer” 1909 (Apr. 25)
  • 33 Dickinson – Galveston, Houston & Henderson Railroad station [1910]
  • 34 Dickinson – “Main Street” [1910]
  • 35 Dickinson – F.M. Nichols residence, 5000 Park Ave. [1910]
  • 41 Gill Building, southeast corner of 21st St. and Ave. D [1910]
  • 46 “The Crossroads” (store) at 61st Street and Stewart Rd. [1911]
  • 51 Gulf Lumber Company, 32nd St. and Ave. C [1915]
  • 68A Federal Courthouse at 20th and Post Office; northeast view 1917 (Oct. 31)
  • 70 St. Joseph’s School, 2208 Ave. K [1918]
  • 73 Texas City – Artesian Ice & Cold Storage Company, 912 11th Ave. N. [1919]
  • 75 Looking north on 22nd St. from Ave. E [1920]
  • 76 Texas Bank & Trust Company [1920]
  • 77 “Old” and “new” Santa Fe Railroad depots at 25th St. and Strand [1921]
  • 78 Original Mount Olive Baptist Church, 3600 block of Ave. I [1921]
  • 79A Original Swedish Evangelical Lutheran Church, 412 -18th St. [1921]
  • 79B Central Presbyterian Church, 2120 Winnie [1920]
  • 80 Galveston Ice & Cold Storage Company [1921]
  • 81 Galveston Brewing Company bottling works [1921]
  • 82 Southern Beverage Company [1921]
  • 86 Scandinavian Methodist Church, 302-17th St. [1910] (Item having this number in original inventory not in file)
  • 87 Congregation Ahavas Israel, 2618 Ave. I [1910] (Number assigned to another photo in original inventory)
  • 88A Crowd gathered outside the Galveston Daily News building. Galvestonians listened to the live broadcast returns of the Jack Dempsey vs. Georges Carpentier boxing match in Jersey City, New Jersey. [1921]
  • 88B First Methodist Episcopal Church, South [1915] (Not listed in original inventory)
  • 89 German Evangelical Association Church, 1828 Ave. H [1915] (Number assigned to another photo in original inventory)
  • 94 DeRango Auto Company, 1913 -23rd St. [1923]
  • 100 Port Bolivar – Jefferson, one of the Galveston-Bolivar ferries [1925]
  • 101 “New” ten-room camp apartment at Hawkin’s Tourist Camp, 15th and Seawall [1924]
  • 102 Hawkin’s Tourist Camp Ground, 15th and Seawall [1925]
  • 105 Dickinson – George Warriner Home, 1600 block of Pine Dr. [1925]
  • 106 Brown Villa near Dickinson on Humble Camp Rd. [1925]
  • 107 Dickinson – Charles Fowler residence, 1722 Oleander Dr. [1925]
  • 108 Dickinson – Hans Guldmann’s Place, 1300 Pine Dr. [1925] 109 Port Bolivar – Loading watermelons for shipment [1925]
  • 110 Texas City – Colonel H.B. Moore residence, #8 – 9th Ave. N. [1926]
  • 112 League City – Gulf Coast Fig Orchards Association plant [1925]
  • 113 Freed-Tartt Auto Supply Company, 728 23rd St. [1926]
  • 114 Commerce-Steel Building, 21st St. and Strand, following its “modernization.” Formerly the Adoue & Lobit Bank Building designed by Nicholas Clayton. [1926]
  • 115 Gill Building, as seen from 21st St. looking north towards Market St. [1927]
  • 116 Silbermann Flats Building, 23rd St. and Ave. N [1927]
  • 117 American National Insurance Company, northeast corner of 21st St. and Ave. D [1927]
  • 118 Crystal Palace and Murdoch’s Bathhouse [1927]
  • 124 U.S. Army Air Corps planes at Fort Crockett [1927]
  • 129 League City – Pavilion at Galveston County Park [1929]
  • 130 Miramar Tourist Courts, 3402 Seawall Blvd. [1929]
  • 134 Texas Sugar Refining Company plant in southeast Texas City [1930]
  • 138 Ferry boat Jefferson crossing from Galveston to Port Bolivar. The Pelican Island Quarantine Station can be seen in the background. [1930]
  • 139A Ciucci Grocery Store, 3901 Ave. O [ca. 1930] (Not listed in original inventory)
  • 139B John P. Deppen’s Restaurant, 3838 Seawall Blvd. [1930]
  • 140 St. John’s Lutheran Church [1930]
  • 144 Market St. looking west from 20th St. before the sidewalks were narrowed to widen the street in the spring of 1930 [1920s]
  • 145A Market St. looking east from 25th St. after the sidewalks were narrowed in order to widen the street in the spring of 1930 [1930s]
  • 145B Purdy’s Book Store, 2717 Ave. D [1925] (Not listed in original inventory)
  • 146 Drays loaded with cotton at Pier 39 [1930]
  • 147 Fisherman’s Wharf Market early 1930s
  • 148 Texas Star Flour & Corn Mills, 2028 Ave. A [1931]
  • 150 The “new” United States Public Health Service Hospital, 4400 Ave. N 1932 (fall)
  • 154 The “new” Galveston Municipal Airport. Terminal building (right). 1932
  • 160 Fort Crockett officers’ housing, 4400 block of Seawall Blvd. [1935]
  • 161 First Hutchings-Sealy National Bank, 2202 Market St. [1935]
  • 162 21st St. looking south from Market St. toward the Seawall [ca. 1935]
  • 175 Rosenberg Elementary School 1939 (Feb.)
  • 176 Hawkin’s Tourist Cottages, 15th St. and Seawall 1939 (Aug.)
  • 177 Texas City – Coleman Armstrong residence, 10th Ave. N. and 5th St. N. 1939 (Aug.)
  • 178 Texas City – Harold M. Tarpey residence, 10th Ave. N. and 4th St. N. 1939 (Aug.)
  • 179 High Island School 1939 (Aug.)
  • 180 The “fork-in-the road” on State Hwy. 87 near High Island 1939 (Aug.)
  • 187 Broadway looking east from 25th St., showing the YWCA Home for Women [1940]
  • 189 East Beach 1941 (summer)
  • 191 Gun battery at Fort Crockett 1941 (Sept.)
  • 192 Anti-aircraft sound locators at Fort Crockett [1941]
  • 193 Night firing of anti-aircraft guns with search lights at Fort Crockett [1941]
  • 195 Ave. C looking west from 22nd St. [1942]
  • 198 Broadway Baptist Church, 35th and Broadway [1942]
  • 199 First Baptist Church [1942]
  • 200 S. S. Galveston Hotel, 8th and Seawall 1942 (Mar.)
  • 201 The Strand at 24th St. 1942 (June)
  • 207 Interior view of City Auditorium [1944]
  • 208 St. Mary’s Cathedral School [1949] (Item given this number in original inventory not in file) 211 Mary Patrick Negro Young Women’s Christian Association Home, 2823 Ave. K [1940s]
  • 220 Aerial view of the Texas City Disaster’s aftermath with acres of scorched earth 1947 (Apr.)
  • 221 The G.F. Wacker store in downtown Texas City, one of many local businesses to have its windows blown out as a result of the Grandcamp explosion. 1947 (Apr.)
  • 224 New homes in Texas City built in the year following the Texas City Disaster [1948]
  • 233 C.P. Evans Grocery Store #10, 5102 Broadway 1950 (May)
  • 240 Finalists in the 1955 Miss National Press Photographer Contest held in conjunction with the annual Splash Day Festivities and sponsored by the Greater Galveston Beach Association 1955
  • 241 61st St. looking south from Broadway [1955] 245 Aerial view west of 39th St. 1957
  • 253 La Marque – Highlands Elementary School [1960]
  • 254 La Marque – Lincoln High School for African Americans [1960]
  • 255 High Island School [1960]
  • 257 Douglas DC-3 aircraft used by Trans-Texas Airways at the Galveston airport [1961]
  • 264A White’s Department Store, 2420 Winnie, when it opened in the former Lack’s Store building 1962 (Sept.)
  • 264B Zion Lutheran Church [1960] (Not listed in original inventory)
  • 267 Galveston Count Courthouse, 722 20th St. [1961] (Item given this number in original inventory not in file)
  • 268 Henry Rosenberg carriage house, northeast corner of 14th St. and Ave. D [1960] (Item given this number in original inventory not in file)
  • 269 Aerial view of Galveston [1965]
  • 270 League City – Main St. (FM 518) looking west at historic St. Mary’s Catholic Church [1965]
  • 271 Texas City – Aerial view of Harbor Village Shopping Center off 9th Ave. N. [1966]
  • 272 The La Marque railroad depot at 1st St. and Hwy. 3 1966 (Dec.)
  • 273 The former Kemah City Marshal’s Office and Jail as it was prior to renovation in 1966
  • 274 Mount Olive Baptist Church, 3602 Ave. I [1965]
  • 276 Central Methodist Church, 33rd St. and Ave. O½ on its 80th Anniversary 1966
  • 277 Beth Jacob Congregation Synagogue [1967]
  • 278 First Church of Christ, Scientist, 27th and Ave. O½ [1968]
  • 279 The “new” White’s Department Store when it opened at 6010 Broadway 1969
  • 280 Port Bolivar – Aerial view 1969
  • 281 Alta Loma – Aerial view 1969
  • 282 Dickinson – Aerial view 1969
  • 283 San Leon – Aerial view 1969
  • 284 Bacliff – Aerial view 1969
  • 285 Kemah – Aerial view 1969
  • 286 Clear Lake Shores – Aerial view 1969
  • 287 League City – Aerial view 1969
  • 289 Model Laundry, 25th St. and Ave. F [1970]
  • 290 G & G Bakery, 1227 Ave. L [1970] 291 Buddy Benson Western Auto Store, 711 25th St. [1970]
  • 292 Kemah – Officials of the Clear Lake Area Chamber of Commerce present a mounted gavel to the Kemah Mayor at the dedication of the new City Hall 1971 (Dec.)
  • 293 Texas City – Palmer Highway looking west from 21st St. [1970]
  • 294 Texas City – Looking north on Sixth Street [1970]
  • 295 Texas City Diamond (60th) Jubilee Parade 1971 (Sept.)
  • 297 Goodyear Tire Store, 707 – 23rd St. [1972]
  • 298 Firestone store, 2302 Broadway [1972]
  • 300 Snowstorm (1973) – Sign at Gaido’s Restaurant 1973 (Jan. 10)
  • 301 Snowstorm (1973) – Snowman on the van outside the Dantin-Goodwin Florists 1973 (Jan. 10)
  • 302 Snowstorm (1973) – Galveston County Courthouse Square on 21st St. 1973 (Jan. 10)
  • 303 Snowstorm (1973) – Looking east on Post Office St. from 22nd St. 1973 (Jan. 10)
  • 304 Kemah – Blessing of the Fishing Fleet 1973 (Aug.)
  • 305 La Marque Feed Store, 1313 First St. [1974] 306 La Marque High School – Homecoming parade 1975 (Nov.)
  • 309 Aerial view of UTMB [1980] 310 Alta Loma – Busy Bee Café, 12350 Hwy. 6 1980 (Feb.)
  • 311 Texas City – Frank Davison residence, 109 – 3rd Ave. N [1980]
  • 312 St. Joseph’s Church [1980]
  • 313 Avenue L Baptist Church [1980]
  • 314 St. Paul’s Methodist Church, 1425 Broadway [1980]
  • 315 La Marque – Paul’s Union Church, 1709 Oak St. [1982]
  • 316 Reedy Chapel, African Methodist Episcopal Church [1984]
  • 317 Holiday Innl, 5002 Seawall Blvd. 1984 (May)
  • 318 Cinco de Mayo (Fifth of May) Parade down Broadway 1986 (May)
  • 319 Aerial view of one of west Galveston Island’s beach “pocket parks” during Spring Break [1990]
  • 324 Aerial view of 61st St. from the Seawall north to Stewart Rd. 1994 (spring)
  • 325 Texas City – Looking east on Palmer Hwy. from State Hwy. 146 1994 (spring)
  • 326 Aerial view of College of the Mainland 1994 (spring)
  • 327 Aerial view of College of the Mainland at Hwy 3 and Hwy. FM 1764 1994 (spring)
  • 328 The San Leon Chamber of Commerce, 1218 Ave. I, promotes business interests of San Leon, Bacliff, and Bayview. 1994 (spring)
  • 329 The former Hitchcock railroad depot, now sited at 12550 Hwy. 6 1994 (spring)
  • 330 The former Dickinson and League City railroad depots, now located on FM 517 at Kellner Dr. as community museums 1994 (spring)
  • 331 Aerial view of the Village of Bayou Vista 1994 (spring)
  • 332 Aerial view of the Village of Tiki Island 1994 (spring)
  • 333 Jamaica Beach – View of City Hall and Mary Star of the Sea Mission Church in the 16600 block of Hwy. FM 3004 1994 (spring)
  • 334 Aerial view of Moody Gardens and Hope Arena 1994 (spring)
  • 335 The Strand looking west from 21st St. 1994 (spring)
  • 336 The Strand Harborside Center in the 2100 block of Water St. Home to the Harbor House Hotel, Willie G’s Restaurant, and other small specialty shops 1994 (spring)
  • 337 Star of Texas cruise ship based at Pier 21, offering casino gambling and Las Vegas-style entertainment 1 1994 (spring)
  • 338 Tremont House Hotel 1994 (spring)
  • 339 View of Galveston College’s main campus at the southeast corner of 41st St. and Ave. Q 1994 (spring)
  • 340 The former federal Customs House at 1700 Strand 1994 (spring)
  • 342 Aerial view of Fort Point on the eastern tip of Galveston Island 1994 (spring)
  • 343 League City – Aerial view of South Shore Harbour Resort and Conference Center, 2500 South Shore Blvd. 1994 (spring)
  • 344 League City – Aerial view of new homes in the South Shore Harbour subdivision, Galveston County’s newest master planned community 1994 (spring)
  • 345 Texas City – Aerial view of Mall of Mainland along FM 1764 off Interstate 45 1994 (spring)
  • 346 La Marque – Aerial view of Gulf Greyhound Park on FM 2004 just west of Interstate 45 1994 (spring)
  • 347 View of Market St. looking northeast from 23rd St. 1994 (spring)
  • 348 1894 Grand Opera House 1994 (spring)
  • 349 Rosenberg Library 1994 (spring)
  • 350 Entrance to Galveston County Courthouse (erected 1967) 1994 (spring)
  • 351 League City – Galveston County Gateway Visitors Center at 1849 South Gulf Freeway 1994 (spring)
  • 352 The Galveston County Daily News building, 8522 Teichman Rd. 1994 (spring)
  • 353 La Marque – The Mainland Service Center of the County Daily News at 3000 FM 1764 near Interstate 45. 1994 (spring)

Images not numbered:

  • 1900 Storm
    • C. Bath Avenue School and Letitia Rosenberg Woman’s Home
    • D. Denver Resurvey School
    • E. Brackenridge Hall at the Medical Department of the University of Texas
    • F. Trinity Episcopal Church
    • G. Street scene, tentatively identified as 30th & O
    • I. Lucas Terrace Apartments
    • J. Unidentified; possibly a makeshift home for a religious congregation
    • K. Unidentified demolished structure
  • 1900 Storm – Photographer: W.A. Green
    • 1. Demolished freight cars, “29th & A.” “Showing in background smoke w[h]ere cremating the dead.”
    • 2. “Five wagons with dead to load on barges, “22nd & Wharf.”
    • 3. “Hundred of bodies being cremated.” “On beach\”
  • Miscellaneous:
    • 1. Brewer W. Key residence, 2525 Broadway [1930]
    • 2. B'nai Israel Congregation synagogue. Photographer: Witwer Studio. [1950]
    • 3. Unidentified portrait of girl. Photographer: Joseph M. Maurer. [1900]

#251 Hurricane Carla

Collection, 1961; 56 prints and contact prints

The images were separated by Casey Greene from MSS #88-0019, Maco Stewart, III, Papers in November 2011.

FF Series

  • 1-6 Galveston Municipal Airport (including an inventory of the images)
  • 7-12 Residences in Hitchcock, La Marque, and Texas City, Texas

#252 Texas Prudential Insurance Company

Scrapbooks. The company’s main office was in Galveston. Its president was Stanley E. Kempner.

Book Description:

  • Volume A: Loose items: Stanley E. Kempner’s obituary, Galveston Tribune, Dec. 24, 1954; photo entitled “T.P.I. Co. Second School. Feb. 20 to 26, 1948.” Mounted prints include: moving day to company headquarters in Galveston; officers; employees; electric sign belonging to Jack Tar Court Hotel (including neon lit at night); Management Sales Meeting at Jack Tar Hotel, 1957.
  • Volume B: Cover dated 1949. Company business meeting held in the Grecian Room, [Shamrock Hotel, Houston, Texas]. Of special interest: Stanley E. Kempner; Adrian F. Levy.
  • Volume C: 1946 Industrial Convention, Hotel Texas, Fort Worth, Oct. 17, 18, and 19th. Of special interest: Stanley E. Kempner.
  • Volume D: Industrial Agents Convention, Buccaneer Hotel, Galveston, Texas, Sept. 25, 26 and 27, 1947. Of special interest: banquet; texas City Disaster ruins.
  • Volume E: Cover dated 1951-1952. Convention: Of special interest: Isaac H. Kempner; Henrietta Blum Kempner; USS Texas (battleship); San Jacinto Battlefield; San Jacinto Inn, 1951; Banquet.
  • Volume F: Cover dated 1949. Business meeting. Of special interest: Stanley E. Kempner; Henrietta Blum Kempner; Isaac H. Kempner; Adrian F. Levy.

#253 Galveston Postcards

No. Description

  1. Boulevard on Galveston Beach. C. 1907.
  2. Seawall and Beach, Galveston, Tex.
  3. Greeting from Galveston, Texas. The Sea Wall.
  4. Horse-and-buggy driving along beach below Seawall. Hotel Galvez (background). Shows Seawall railing.
  5. Sea Wall, Galveston, Texas. Photograph of the Seawall enclosed by a crab.
  6. Sea Wall, Galveston, Texas. Shows entrance to second Murdoch’s Bathhouse (1901).
  7. Showing the construction of the Sea Wall, Galveston. Workmen standing on top of section of wood form.
  8. Rough Sea at Galveston, Texas. Shows Seawall during Storm of 1909.
  9. Galveston Sea Wall, Galveston, Texas. Painting of Seawall by Julius Stockfleth. Postmarked 1914.
  10. The Great Seawall, Galveston, Tex. Shows completed section and riprap.
  11. Moonlight View of Seawall. Galveston, Texas. Painting by Julius Stocklfeth. Postmarked 1949.
  12. Sea Wall in 1910, Galveston, Texas. Fictitious view with houses.
  13. Seawall, Galveston Texas. Julius Stockfleth painting.
  14. Galveston Sea Wall, Galveston, Texas. Waves striking beach and riprap.
  15. A Beach Scene – Galveston, Texas. Looking down from Hotel Galvez. Shows Garden of Tokio and Buccaneer Hotel.
  16. East End Grade Raising and Seawall Complete, Galveston, Tex.
  17. View of Gulf and Boulevard from Hotel Galvez, Galveston, Texas
  18. Galveston’s Famous Sea Wall, Galveston, Tex. Published by Fred Harvey.
  19. Greetings from Galveston, Texas. The Gulf of Mexico at Night
  20. Sea Wall Showing Rip Rap, Galvetson, Texas 1910
  21. Bathing in the Surf, Greater Galveston, Texas 1913
  22. Greeting from Galveston. Sea Wall – East End. Painting by Julius Stockfleth.
  23. Sea Wall and Surf, Galveston, Texas. Storm of 1909. 1910
  24. Sea Wall, Galveston, Texas 190-
  25. Rough Sea at Galveston, Texas. Showing Seawall.
  26. Seawall, Beach and Boulevard, Galveston, Texas
  27. Sea Wall by Moonlight,Galveston, Texas 1906*
  28. Surf Bath House, Galveston, Texas
  29. Sea Wall, Galveston, Tex. Shows driftwood. [19]11*
  30. Bathing at Galveston, Tex. Shows Murdoch’s and Breakers. 1903*
  31. Surf Bathing at Galveston, Tex. Identical to #30 but in color.
  32. Sea Wall and Beach, Gulf of Mexico, Galveston, Texas
  33. Bathing Scene, Galveston, Tex. 1910*
  34. The Great Seawall Protecting Galveston, Texas. Features Buccaneer Hotel.
  35. The Great Sea Wall, at Galveston, on the Gulf of Mexico, near Houston, Texas
  36. Moonlight View of Beach Boulevard and Seawall from the Air 1945*
  37. Rough Beach at Galveston, Texas. Storm of 1909. Shows Surf Bathhouse (backround) and Seawall.
  38. Seawall and Beach, Galveston, Texas. People standing on Seawall looking down at beach.
  39. Bathing in the Gulf of Mexico/In the Surf, Showing Murdoch’s Bath House at Galveston, Texas
  40. New Municipal Free Fishing Pier, Galveston, Texas
  41. The Great Seawall Protecting Galveston, Texas. Same as #34.
  42. Fishing and Crabbing off the South Jetties, on East Beach at Galveston, Texas
  43. The Great Sea Wall at Galveston, on the Gulf of Mexico, near Houston, Texas. Julius Stockfleth painting.
  44. Rough Sea, Galveston, Texas. Storm of 1909, showing Surf Bathhouse (background)
  45. Sea Wall, Galveston, Tex. Julius Stockfleth painting. 1909
  46. North Jetties. Fishing Grounds, Galveston, Tex.
  47. Galveston Beach, Texas. Showing New $1,500 Recreation Pier. Aerial view looking east 1947*
  48. Galveston Beach, Showing the New $1,500,000 Recreation Pier, Galveston, Texas. Same view as #47 but at a higher angle.
  49. Main Pavilion Dining Terrace, Boardwalk, Beach and Gulf 1944*
  50. Main Pavilion Dining Terrace, Boardwalk, Beach and Gulf. Same as #49 but different colors.
  51. Enjoying the Bathing in the Gulf of Mexico, at Galveston, Texas/“Come on in, the Water is Fine.” Murdoch’s Bathhouse and beach. 1952*

#254 Retta Lou Weber

Weber was co-author with Gayle Weber Strange, her daughter, of Lively Stones: A History of the People Who Built First Presbyterian Church Galveston Texas 1840-1990 (1993). The collection includes photographs she compiled for the book, as well as snapshots (mostly identified) of members of the church’s congregation..

#255 Dezon/Jones Family

Victoria Dezon (1909-1980) was a Galveston school teacher. She earned an undergraduate degree at Wilberforce University in Xenia, Ohio, and a Master’s degree in photography at Columbia University. She served as the photographer of Galveston schools and retired from teaching in 1972. Dezon belonged to Holy Rosary Catholic Church. She founded the Galveston chapter of Delta Sigma Theta and served a president of the Federal Credit Union of Holy Rosary. She had one son, who lived in Washington, DC, at the time of her death.

Although the images are nearly completely unidentified, at least some were taken in Galveston. The relative dearth of photographs of African Americans in the Galveston and Texas History Center’s collection has prompted the retention of the photographs of unidentified persons, who were obviously members of the family or their associates.

Four folders of photographs of June P. Ross, who was Ms. Dezon’s friend, were transferred to the Name File.

Box FF Series

Box 1

  • 1-4 Named Individuals
    • Dezon, Victoria Jones
    • 5 Dezon, Edward Rupert (son)
    • 6-8 Jones, Lucy Estelle (mother)
      • 9-10 89th Birthday Celebration (1967)
  • 11-14 People (nearly all unidentified and undated)
    • Individuals
      • Infants
      • 15-22 Children
      • 23-25 Men
      • 26-32 Women
      • 33-34 Graduates
      • 35 Recreation
    • 36-40 Groups

Box 2

  • People (cont.)
    • 1-3 Groups
      • 4 Adults with Infants
      • 5-7 Adults with Children
      • 8 Children
      • 9-10 Catholic Church
      • 11-18 Formal Events
      • 19 Graduates
      • 20-21 Military Servicemen
      • 22 Parade
      • 23 Schools
        • Band
        • 24-26 Classes
        • 27 Events
      • 28-30 Sports
      • 31 Weddings
  • 32 Locales
    • 33 Galveston, Texas
  • 34 Miscellaneous

#256 Hildebrand Family

Collection, 1915-1943, nd; 55 items

This collection has been separated from MSS #2012-0004, Oppe/Hildebrand/Echols Papers. The images appear to have belonged to Edward W. Hildebrand (1888-1974), who worked in the insurance business, and his wife Elsie Hildebrand (1890-1957). Topics include:

  • Pier 35 fire (1920), which destroyed local plants operated by Texas Gulf Sulphur Co. and Anchor Milling Co.
  • 1915 Storm, including Katherine Ewing aground and wreckage of Alison Doura
  • 1943 Storm. The snapshots of the 1943 hurricane possibly show the interior of the Stewart Title Building. Ed Hildebrand stayed there with his daughter Ruth (1921-2005) when the storm struck and water in the street downtown rose to about 5 feet.

FF, Description

  • People
    • First Lutheran Church Choir (including Elsie Hildebrand and her sister-in-law Greta Oppe) (oversized)
    • 1 Johnson Family
    • 2 “Old Man Rowe”
    • 3-6 “Our Home and Our Family” (photographs separated from album)
  • 7-11 Subjects
    • Fire – Pier 35 (including negatives)
    • 12-13 Hurricane – 1915
    • 14-15 Hurricane – 1943

#257 Souvenir of Galveston

Album; copyright 1896; 1 item

Contains 19 pages with rotogravures. The title page has an inscription dated Dec. 25, 1896. Copyright by Ferdinand Ohlendorf, Galveston, Texas.

Page, Description

  • 1 Cotton Docks and Harbor Front
  • 2 City Hall
  • 3 Galveston Bay/Galveston Maniland Bridge
  • 4 ‘The Press.’ ‘Galveston News Office.”/Cotton Exchange
  • 5 U.S. Custom House and Post Office
  • 6 Jack and Joe/Court House
  • 7 Beach Hotel
  • 8 Surf View at Beach Hotel (Pagodas Bath House)
  • 9 Masonic Temple
  • 10 Galveston Wharf – Ships Loading Cotton
  • 11 Gulf, Col. And Santa Fe General Offices/Tremont House and Tremont St./Mechanic Street
  • 12 Ball High School
  • 13 Galveston Rope [and] Twine Co./Galveston Cotton and Woolen Mill/Galveston Bagging and Cordage Co.
  • 14 Medical Department of the University of Texas
  • 15 Ursuline Convent/University of St. Mary/Church of the Sacred Heart/St. Mary’s Cathedral
  • 16 Synagogue/First Baptist Church
  • 17 St. John’s M.E. Church, South/First Presbyterian Church/St. James Church/Trinity Episcopal Church
  • 18 Sealy Hospital/Harmony Hall/Henry Rosenberg Free School
  • 19 Fan palm at Gollthwaite’s Residence 819 Tremont St.

#258 Richard Eisenhour Galveston Postcard Collection

Ca. 1910-1972; 35 items

Item Description

  • 1 Seawall Hotel and Apartments (1958)
  • 2 Stewart Beach
  • 3 Entrance to Stewart Beach (1907)
  • 4 Residence Scene, 17th St. & Ave. E (shows Isaac Heffron residence)
  • 5 Beachfront Amusement Center (shows Murdoch’s Bathhouse, Crystal Palace Bathhouse, and Buccaneer Hotel)
  • 6 Interior view of St. Patrick’s Catholic Church
  • 7 Shell racing
  • 8 Palms across street from 1012 33rd St.
  • 9 Residence and palms
  • 10 Union Depot and Kopperl Memorial Park (1910)
  • 11 Union Depot and Panama Hotel (shows, left, construction area of new Union Depot, ca. 1913)
  • Seahorse Motel (shows swimming pool) (1959)
  • 12 Seahorse Motel on Seawall (shows swimming pool) (1958)
  • 13 Paul’s Café & Oyster Bar
  • 14 Driftwood Motor Hotel
  • 15 19th St. and Ave. I, looking east
  • 16 Three women seated or standing at Mermaid Bar
  • 17 S.S. Snort Hotel
  • 18 Esenel Hotel
  • 19 Hawkins Cottages (1972)
  • 20 Cotton Palace, [1909]
  • 21 Interior of the Cotton Palace, 1909
  • 22 Exhibit of pilot boat Ima Hogg, Cotton Palace, 1909
  • 23 Flying High in Galveston (shows tourist in hot air balloon)
  • 24 Miss Cleburne, beauty pageant (postcard from Spain)
  • 25 Galveston Regatta June 3 to 10th 1905
  • 26 Galveston & Interstate ferry bringing train across bay from Bolivar to Galveston. Photographer: Zeva B. Edworty.
  • 27 Immanuel Presbyterian Church, Galveston.
  • 28 Buccaneer Hotel (aerial view) (1959)
  • 29 Galveston Boat and Yacht Club (1911)
  • 30 Buccaneer Hotel
  • 31 Scene on Market St. (shows Daferner’s Book Store)
  • 32 1500 Ave. J
  • 33 Boulevard Motel
  • 34 Murdoch’s Bathhouse on Boulevard
  • 35 Mermaid Gift Shop
  • 36 Snow in Galveston March 10, 1932 (shows snowman)
  • 37 Seahorse Hotel (drive-in view)
  • 38 Greetings from Galveston, Texas (shows Murdoch’s Bathhouse)
  • 39 Galveston Island (aerial view of Galveston)
  • 40 Beach Boulevard at night
  • 41 Greeting from Galveston, Texas (packet, with images of Texas Heroes Monument, grade raising, Electric Park, and Rosenberg Library)
  • 42 Murdoch’s bathhouse on the boulevard

#259 Galveston in 1921

Snapshots, 1921; 35 items

Of particular interest: U.S. Naval Radio Station; loading & unloading; beach; wharf area; Chas/ Clarke (tugboat); Galveston Wharf Company locomotive; Mar de Irland (steamship); Eloise (boat); YMCA building; Galvez Hotel; streetcars; downtown views; Avenue J – esplanade; warship; Texas Heroes Monument.

#260 Galveston Trip

Photographs, ca. 1911; 9 mounted prints.

Of particular interest: surf bathing; Fort Crockett; Seawall; Hotel Galvez; excursion boat.

#261 R. M. Schornstein

Photograph Album, 1915, 1919, ca. 1920; 89 items

Raphael M. “Ray” Schornstein (1894-1995) was a son of Jacob Schornstein, a clothing store proprietor. The photographs include Schornstein in U.S. Army uniform, surf bathing, the Central High School fire in Houston, and staff members of the Texas Company in Port Neches.

Copies of the pages of the album are available for public use. The photographs and other items, including several pen-and-ink drawings by Schornstein, have been removed from the album and filed. Donor: Jimmy Kessler.

  • Aerial views: FF4
  • Banquet: FF17
  • Baseball: FF13
  • Beach activities: FF6, FF7
  • Business activities: FF2, FF14, FF15, FF16, FF17
  • Causeway: FF3
  • Central High School (Houston, Texas): FF9, FF10
  • Fire: FF9, FF10
  • Football team: FF18
  • Houston, Texas: FF4, FF9
  • Locomotive: FF19
  • Mummers: FF11
  • Murdoch’s Bathhouse: FF5, FF6, FF7, FF8
  • Office: FF2, FF15, FF16, FF17
  • Palm trees: FF8
  • Parades: FF10, FF11
  • Pen-and-ink drawings (by R. H. Schornstein): FF17
  • Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: FF11, FF12
  • Phillips (DD-18)
  • Port Neches, Texas: FF15, FF16
  • Riprap: FF6, FF7, FF8
  • Sailboats: FF9
  • High school: FF9, FF10
  • Sailing ships: FF14
  • Seawall: FF5, FF6, FF7, FF8
  • Steamship: FF14
  • Surf bathing, FF1, FF2, FF3, FF6, FF8, FF9
  • Texas Company: FF16
  • Texas. A&M University: FF18
  • U.S. Army: FF4, FF5, FF7, FF8, FF17
  • U.S.S. Lamson (DD-18): FF12
  • U.S.S. Monaghan (DD-32): FF13
  • U.S.S. Sterrett (DD-27): FF12, FF13
  • Warships: FF12, FF13
  • Washington, DC: FF3

#263 1915 Storm Album

1 album

Image, Description

  • 1 Hurricane – 1915
    • 6th St. – Clara Simmons and her little sister Nellie
    • 2 6th St. looking toward Ave. J (showing motorcycle)
    • 3 6th and Ave. J
    • 4 East Blvd.
    • 5 East End
    • 6 East End
    • 7 West End
    • 8 Wrecked residences
    • 9 Wrecked residences
    • 10 West Seawall
    • 11 East Seawall
    • 12 West Blvd.
    • 13 West Blvd.
    • 14 Pier on East Beach
    • 15 21st St. and Blvd.
    • 16 39th St. and Blvd. by Fort Crockett
    • 17 Near 25th and Blvd. – Clara Marie Simmons or Mrs. S. Flowers
    • 18 Murdoch’s Bathhouse, 23rd and Blvd.
    • 19 25th and Blvd (showing carousel)
    • 20 Fishing boat on East Beach
    • 21 Part of a ship on West Beach (showing Mrs. A.T. Simmons)
    • 22 West Blvd. near Fort Crockett
    • 23 East End
    • 24 East End
    • 25 West End (showing Stephen P. Flowers)
    • 26 West End
  • 27 Hurricane – 1961
    • Southwest corner of 19th and Ave. D
    • 28 Looking west on Ave. D from 19th
    • 29 Southeast corner of 19th and Ave. D
    • 30 19th and Ave. D looking north
    • 31 19th and Ave. D
    • 32 Between 20th and 21st on Ave. E
    • 33 St. Mary’s School, 20th and Ave. G
    • 34 St. Mary’s School, 20th and Ave. G
    • 35 Central Park
    • 36 Looking south on 21st St. to Ave. E (showing flooded street)
    • 37 23rd and Blvd. (showing Murdoch’s Bathhouse)
    • 38 Balinese Room, 21st and Blvd. after storm
    • 39 Balinese Room during storm
    • 40 Balinese Room
    • 41 Gift shop on Blvd.
    • 42 Beach Patrol
    • 43 Central Park
    • 44 Aves. K and L. between 21st and 22nd Sts.
    • 45 22nd to 23rd on Ave. N
    • 46 Looking south on 21st St. to Ave. D (showing Sea Bouy [sic] Club)
  • Loose
    • 1 Debris of bathhouses on Blvd., Aug. 16, 1915 (showing Crab Pavilion)
    • 2 Mosquito Fleet Wrecked, Aug. 16, 1915
    • 3 Seaside Hotel, Aug. 16, 1915 (showing damage)

#264 Michael Charles Schadt

Photograph Collection. Processing pending.

Donor: Michel Schadt, 2013. His father, Michael Charles Schadt, was photographer. The collection includes negatives, positive copies made from scans, loose photographs, and three slides.

Loose photographs include:

  1. Demolition of the Crystal Palace Bathhouse (1941)
  2. Sledding on beach (1942) (6)
  3. Circus parade (1953) (3)
  4. Car on fire (1953) (2)

Snapfolio images include:

  1. Fire
  2. Radio tower – Coastal Harbor Channel 2 at Texas City “Y”
  3. Wreck on causeway

The slides depict a fire.

#265 Galveston Fire Department Souvenir Book

1897; 1 item

Title: Souvenir of the Galveston Fire Department 1897. Publication note: Published for the Benefit of the Firemen’s Relief Fund.

Pg, Description

  • 1 John H. Gernand; Ernest Wegner
  • 2 Engine House No. 1
  • 3 Engine House No. 2
  • 4 Engine House No. 3
  • 5 Engine House No. 4
  • 6 Engine House No. 5
  • 7 Engine House No. 6; Union Depot (verso)
  • 8 Engine House No. 7
  • 9 Engine House No. 9
  • 10 View of Jetties, Galveston; Battle ship “Texas” (verso)
  • 11 Wharf Scene, Galveston
  • 12 Galveston Brewery

#266 Galveston Fire Department History Book

1843-1906; 1 item

Title: History of the Galveston Fire Department, 1843-1906. “Published in the Interest of the Firemen’s Relief Fund, May 1906.” Illustrations include fire department units, fire stations, firemen, and City of Galveston officials.

  • Aull, Frank A.: 73
  • Austin, Valery E.: 15
  • Ave. C – 1102: 75
  • Ave. C – 1716: 51
  • Ave. D – 2828: 63
  • Ave. E – 2308: 31
  • Ave. J – 3716: 91
  • Ave. K – 1614: 83
  • Ave. P – 3714: 99
  • Bassett, Oliver H.: 97
  • Bassett, Patrick S.: 73
  • Belcher, James W.: 67
  • Biaggne, Frank C.: 39
  • Bockelman, Adolph H.: 101
  • Boss, William P.: 57
  • Bowers Standard Dredging Company: 92
  • Boyle, Frank. J.: 69
  • Boyle, John: 23
  • Bulacher, Edward F.: 33
  • Bulacher, Edward F.: 31
  • Chas. Clarke (tugboat): 28
  • City Hall (old) – Fire Chief’s Office: 25
  • Clarke (Chas.) & Co.: 28
  • Clausen, Herman C.: 87
  • DeBoer, George W.: 67
  • Domingo, Toney: 103
  • Dredges: 28, 48, 92
  • Eichler, Joseph M.: 65
  • Emmett, William E.: 79
  • Engine Company No. 2: 51
  • Engine Company No. 3: 63
  • Evans, William L.: 61
  • Fields, Edward: 89
  • Finch, William H.: 55
  • Fire – 1885: 111
  • Fire –1896: 111
  • Fire engines: 49, 51, 63, 75, 83, 99
  • Fire stations: 31, 51, 63, 75, 83, 91, 99
  • Galveston Electric Company: 2
  • Gernand, Frederick A.: 97
  • Gernand, John H.: 21
  • Grade raising: 48
  • Hageman, Claude G.: 39
  • Hook and Ladder Company No. 1: 31, 49
  • Horses: 31, 51, 63, 75, 83, 91, 99
  • Hose Company No. 4: 75
  • Hose Company No. 5: 83
  • Hose Company No. 6: 91
  • Hose Company No. 7: 99
  • Ima Hogg (tugboat): 10
  • Jacobs, John: 89
  • Jacobs, Thos. F.: 79
  • Johnson, James F.: 87
  • Jones, James G.: 71
  • Joyce, Patrick: 41
  • Kane Boiler Works: 32
  • Kelley, John D.: 17
  • Kelly, John: 81
  • Kempner, Isaac Herbert: 11
  • Koch, Harry W.: 47
  • Lange, Herman C.: 13
  • Landes, Henry A.: 7
  • Lester, Harry L.: 43
  • Lorenz, Charles C.: 61
  • Mallory Line warehouse: 111
  • Martin, Louis V.: 41
  • Mensman, Henry: 57
  • Michael, Adolph W. H.: 43
  • Mistrot Bros. & Co.: 4
  • Morgan, William: 59
  • Morris, Henry M.: 106 (drawing)
  • Nelson, Edward H.: 85
  • Nelson, George A.: 45
  • Norman, Ambrose Pollet: 9
  • Oldenberg, John J.: 27
  • Oldenberg, William: 109
  • Ott (Chas.) Marble Works: 62
  • Palace Billiard Parlor: 108
  • Palmer, Arthur: 105
  • Parr, Stanley A.: 93
  • Reeve, Theodore W.: 27
  • Riding, William M.: 47
  • Roach, Arthur F.: 93
  • Rowe, Harry: 45
  • Rube, George: 55
  • Ryan, John J.: 35
  • Sacred Heart Academy: 106
  • Schirmer, Henry: 95
  • Sedgwick John R.: 53
  • Sheppard, Toney: 37
  • Silberman, L: 30
  • Sonn, D. Hellar: 103
  • Suderman & Dolson: 10
  • Texas Hotell: 108
  • Texas Star Flour Mills: 34
  • Trust Building: 49
  • Ursuline Convent: 100
  • Waterworks: 107
  • Webber, August J.: 105
  • Wedemeyer, Henry F.: 81
  • Wegner, Ernst: 109
  • Weinberg, Fred A.: 69
  • Welch, Gilbert R.: 37
  • Westerlage, Richard H.: 77
  • Wilson, George J.: 35
  • Yard, Nahor Biggs: 29

#267 Sea-Arama Marineworld

Collection, 1974-1987; 44 prints

This collection consists of publicity photographs of Sea-Arama, an aquatic amusement park in Galveston (1965-1990). The prints have been separated from MSS #2013-0011, Sea-Arama Marineworld Collection. They show employees, wildlife, fishes, and activities. Donated by Jeanne Whittington, who worked in public relations at Sea-Arama. See also Special Collections #280.

#268 Galveston Souvenir Edition

Album, ca. 1906; 1 volume

Publisher: Galveston Tribune. The booklet includes photographs of Galveston businesses and residences.

  • Adoue & Lobit: 75
  • Alamo School: 16
  • Albert N. Hughes (tugboat): 63
  • Atlantian (steamship): 10
  • Ave. J: 2
  • Bailey (John E.) residence: 67
  • Ball High School: 16
  • Barra (steamship): 66
  • Bath Avenue School: 16
  • Bettison Fishing Pier: 47
  • B’nai Israel Congregation synagogue: 14
  • Bowden & Worthy (contractors): 45
  • Bowden (Mills C.) residence: 45
  • Bowers Southern Dredging Company: 35
  • Brown (J. S.) residence: 20
  • Brush Electric Light and Power Company: 44 (including equipment)
  • Buildings: 31
  • Central Christian Church – Raising: 62
  • Central High School: 16
  • Central Park: 61
  • Chapman (Willoughby J.) residence: 20
  • Chas. Clarke (tugboat): 59
  • Clarke & Courts: 81
  • Clarke (Chas.) & Co.: 59
  • Cordua (T.G.): 56
  • Crocker (James A.) residence: 68
  • Dolson (Ben) residence: 22
  • Dredges: 35, 36, 39
  • Egert (John): 62
  • Fellman’s: 70
  • First Baptist Church: 14, 45
  • First Methodist Church: 14
  • First Presbyterian Church 14
  • Fordtran (A. L.) residence: 22
  • Fowler (Charles) residence: 65
  • Galveston Artillery Club: 69
  • Galveston Boat and Yacht Club: 52
  • Galveston Brewing Company: 71
  • Galveston Cotton Exchange & Board of Trade: 28 (interior), 30
  • Galveston County Courthouse: 12
  • Galveston National Bank: 45
  • Galveston, Houston & Henderson Railway: 41
  • Goedhart & Bates: 39
  • Goggan (Thos.) & Bro.: 73
  • Goliad School: 16
  • Grace Episcopal Church: 14
  • Grade raising: 23, 24, 39, 62
  • Grand Hotel: 46
  • Harbor views: 47
  • Hartel (Fred): 64
  • Hodson (John D.) residence: 20
  • Holm (dredge): 39
  • Horse and buggies: 12, 27, 51, 56
  • Hutchings, Sealy & Co.: 79
  • Ima Hogg (tugboat): 63
  • John (R.H.) Trunk Factory: 50
  • Kopperl (Moritz O.) residence: 22
  • Leviathan (dredge): 39
  • Levy (J.) & Bro.: 27
  • Loading & unloading – Cattle: 10
  • Loading & unloading – Cotton: 6
  • Locomotives: 41
  • McVitie (William A.) residence: 53
  • Miller & Vidor Lumber Company: 48 (interiors)
  • Model Laundry: 51
  • Moore & Goodman: 32
  • Mosquito Fleet: 47
  • Munn (J. W. Capt.) residence: 20
  • Murdoch’s Bathhouse (1901): 1, 57
  • Nereus (dredge): 39
  • Norheim (steamship): 42
  • Norseman (steamship): 60
  • Ott (Charles) Monument Works: 80 (interior)
  • Palace Billiard and Pool Room: 34 (interiors)
  • Parr (Wm.) & Co.: 49
  • Pauls (Peter G.) residence: 20
  • Pierson Building: 45 (construction)
  • Rosenberg Bank: 40
  • Rosenberg (Henry) residence: 37
  • Rosenberg (Letitia) Women’s Home: 4
  • Rosenberg Library: 18
  • Rosenberg School: 16
  • Sailing ships: 6
  • Sacred Heart Catholic Church: 14(t)
  • St. Mary’s Cathedral: 14
  • St. Mary’s Infirmary: 4
  • St. Mary’s Orphanage: 4
  • St. Patrick’s Church: 14
  • Salzmann (N.): 54 (interior)
  • San Jacinto School: 16
  • Schram (Dave) Clothing Company: 38 (interior)
  • Sealy (George) residence; 22
  • Sealy (John) hospital: 4
  • Sealy (John) residence: 23, 43
  • Seawall: 1, 24
  • Steamboats: 59
  • Steamships: 47
  • Suderman & Dolson: 63
  • Surf bathing: 57
  • Texas Star Flour Mills: 25
  • Toujouse Bar: 55 (interior)
  • Tremont Hotel: 58
  • Trinity Episcopal Church: 14
  • Triton (dredge): 39
  • Trust Building: 31
  • UTMB – Smith (Ashbel) Building: 4
  • U.S. Post Office & Custom House: 14
  • Waterworks: 45
  • Wayfarer (steamship): 49
  • West Point (steamship): 42
  • Woollam’s Lake: 26
  • Wharves: 6, 8, 10, 47
  • YMCA: 4

#269 Industries of Galveston

#270 Confederate Signal Corps Cartes de Visites

Collection, 1861--1865, 16 items, 1 empty album

This collection consists of 16 cartes de visites from the Confederate Signal Corps Blockade Runner Album kept by Lt. Albert Lindsay who was stationed in Houston. Portraits are of members of the Confederate Signal Corps many of whom assisted blockade runners in communicating with other ships in their efforts to run supplies through the Union blockade.

#271 Clarke & Courts, Printing Firm

Photographs removed from Clarke & Courts records, Manuscript Collection No. 2010-0014.

#272 Hurricane Carla

1961, 66 photographs

Photographs document destruction around Galveston. Donor: Wesley Perren.

#273 Eugene Lyman Porter Photographs

Large collection of photographs and negatives separated from the Porter Family papers (MS# 2016-0028). Most of the negatives and photographs were maintained by Eugene L. Porter, who taught at the University of Texas Medical Branch. These materials were housed together in a metal box.

#274 Early Aviation Photographs

Circa 1911-1919; 100 photographs

Photographs of early airplanes/biplanes mostly taken at Aviation Park in Galveston. Photos include the Aviation Camp members in Galveston, the National Aeroplane Company, French aviator Paul Studensky receiving U.S. Aerial Mail at Galveston, Curtiss type bi-plane, Aviation Park in Galveston, accident of “Hamilton’s Machine” in 1912 at Aviation Park, and Lester V. Bratton of the National Aeroplane Company.

#275 Buccaneer Hotel

1998; 40 slides.

Photographs taken of the interior features of the Buccaneer Hotel before being demolished in 1999. The 1929 Buccaneer Hotel, located at the corner of 23rd St. and Seawall Blvd. was an 11-story triangular-plan brick building designed by architect Andrew Fraser. Interior views include early 20th-century tiles from the Batchelder Wilson Company of Los Angeles and the California Clay Products Company that adorned wall fountains, stair treads and risers, floor tiles, and crown moldings. Slides have been scanned and printed.

#276 Clark and McLemore Families Photographs

Special Collection #276, the Clark and McLemore families photographs, contains photographs of Jeff McLemore, his wife May Clark McLemore, their daughter May McLemore Matthews, as well as photographs of the Clark family and friends of May McLemore Matthews. Photographs of servants who worked for the Clark family, such as Beatrice Howard, are also present. The collection contains images of the Clark family before and after they emigrated from England, the exterior and interior of their homes in Galveston, as well as photographs of Galveston beaches, other Texas cities, and Washington, D.C.

The May McLemore Matthews files contain photographs of the Ursuline Academy Class of 1932 and the Oleander Duchesses. The Joseph Stanley Clark files contain photographs of damage in Aransas Pass, Texas after the 1919 hurricane. The Clark Family at 1409 Market Street files contain photographs of Alice Brown Sweeney and Fannie Kempner Adoue. The Miscellaneous files contain photographs of Ida Zahn, Alice Brown Sweeney, the John W. Focke residence, and photographs possibly of Evergreen Cemetery and Lafitte's Grove.Photograph album #1 contains photographs of actor Robert Taylor arriving in Galveston and Governor James Allred playing baseball.

#277 Don E. Davis

Circa 1980; 4 prints.

Four prints by Don E. Davis of Jennie Sealy Hospital, Sealy & Smith Professional Building; R. Waverly Memorial Pavilion, and John W. McCullough Outpatient Clinic.

#278 William Ross Photos of Early Galveston

Circa 1910s; 4 album pages; 41 photos

Photographs show wharf and harbor scenes, ships grounded by a hurricane [1909, 1915?]; scenes onboard ship; a photo of the Texas City Athletics baseball team; interior shots of the newspaper office; and a photo of “Bill Ross.” Also in the collection is a loose postcard describing William Ross and being in Galveston. Donor: Robert Boye, grandson of William Ross.

#279 Hughes Family

Photographic Collection, undated, 1937, 1957; 5 items

An undated tintype photograph of the Hughes family house, a typescript of the 1900 Storm account dictated and signed by Carrie McAlpine Hughes, newspaper clipping and transcript of a 1937 article from the Dallas Morning News that includes recollections of the storm by Mattie Mae Hughes, and a newsclipping of a September 8, 1957 article from the Palestine (Texas) Herald-Press chronicling Irby Bennett Hughes’s memories of the storm. The 1900 Storm typescript and the Dallas Morning News article transcript are copied by Irby Hughes.

#280 Sea-Arama Marineworld

Photographic Collection, 1965-1990; 183 photos; 49 slides; 8 items

Photographs, slides, drawings, and postcards of people and activities at Sea-Arama Marineworld during its operations in Galveston from 1965 to 1990. See also Special Collections #267.

#281 Eugene Charleton, Sr.

Photographs and Negatives, circa 1947-1948; 20 photos; 3 negatives

Photographs and negatives taken by brewery equipment manufacturer Eugene Charleton, Sr. during the late 1940s, documenting activities at breweries in Galveston, Houston, and San Antonio. Also included are photographs showing the aftermath of the Texas City Disaster (April 16, 1947).

#282 Gary Jackson

Photographs of Galveston, circa 1991-2009

A collection of 17 color photographs taken by Gary Jackson, featuring the Texas Heroes Monument, Mardi Gras 1991, West Galveston Island, the Seawall, fishing piers, residences on Avenue H/Ball Street, and the Flagship Hotel. Also included is the July 4, 1999 issue of Texas: Houston Chronicle Magazine.

#283 Lasker Home for Children

Photographic Collection, 1982-1985; 70 slides

A collection of photographic slides of Lasker Home for Homeless Children, showing the interior and exterior of the building located on 16th Street and Avenue K. Also included is a written slideshow presentation which contains historical information on the Home and descriptions of some of the slides.

#284 Duble Family Photographic Collection

Photographs, circa 1870-1913; 68 photographs, 2 postcards, 1 memorial card.

Card-mounted portraits of unidentified men, women, and children taken by notable local photographers such as Joseph Maurer, Henry H. Morris, Paul Naschke, and Justus Zahn. Also included are a color postcard dated July 19, 1913 and addressed to Miss Tillie Hess of Galveston and a memorial card announcing the death of Mr. Anton Hess on November 9, 1904.

#285 Moreau Brown Sweeny Negatives Collection

This collection has been fully digitized and is available in the Archives Catalog, arranged by subject or creator. A comprehensive index to the postcards is in the online finding aid.

Album containing 149 nitrate negatives, ca. 1898-1900. "Moreau B. Sweeney, 244 Bdway, Galveston, Texas" is written inside the album. The negatives provide images of Galveston, Boston, New York City, and rural areas of the northeastern United States. The album includes images of Admiral Dewey's victory parade in New York City, children in Galveston, Ashton Villa, bathhouses, wharves, and circus animals marching through Galveston's downtown. The images date from approximately 1898 to 1900, when Sweeney was a young teenager. A listing of the images is included in the album, although it does not completely correspond to the arrangement of the negatives.

#286 Viola Quiroga Hurricane Ike Photographs

386 color photographs taken by Galveston resident Viola Quiroga from September to December 2008 following Hurricane Ike. Photographs were taken all over Galveston Island, showing damage and debris caused by the storm.

#287 Strand Theatre Photograph Albums

The Strand Theatre Photograph Albums contain five albums of photographs of stage productions, performers, and other activities at the Strand Theatre (now Island ETC) from 1994 to 2008. Also included is a written history of the theater commemorating its 30th anniversary, dated 2007-2008.

Item List:
File 1. Brief History of the Strand Theatre (includes loose album page of photos), 2007-2008
Item 1. Photo Album #1, 1994
Item 2. Photo Album #2, 1994-2000
Item 3. Photo Album #3, 1994-2000
Item 4. Photo Album #4, 2000
Item 5. Photo Album #5, undated

#288 Eva Fritiofson Photographic Collection

Photographs of Fritiofson's grandparents John (Sr.) and Eva Egert, girls playing at Camp Egert on the West End in Galveston, and buildings being raised by John Egert as General Contractor during the grade raising, including Trinity Episcopal Church, the Letitia Rosenberg Women's Home, Ursuline Convent, and the Sealy Hutchings residence. Also included are a contract for John Egert to raise Sealy Hutchings' residence at 2805 Avenue O in 1906 and a certified list of registered voters in Election Precinct No. 24, Galveston County, Texas for 1968-1969.

#289 Ethel Mae Mais and Louise Schooley Photographic Collection

Photographs and an autograph book formerly belonging to Ethel Mae Mais. The photographs include one group photo of the Ball High School Class of 1936 50th Reunion, held at the Balinese Room on October 25, 1986, featuring Mais's mother Ethel Heuman, and two aerial photos of Galveston circa-1950s. The autograph book contains messages from Heuman's family and friends while she was a child. Also included are nine autographed photographs of entertainers from the Grotto and Sui Jen clubs (later known as the Balinese Room) that were collected by Mais's paternal grandmother Louise V. Schooley, who worked at the clubs as a hat check girl in the 1920s.

#290 Galveston County Daily News Photographic Collection

Mostly images of Galvestonians used in human interest stories in the Galveston County Daily News. Comprised of photographs taken in the late 1970’s to the early 1990’s, this collection has a variety of subjects such as: Architecture, Business & Commercial, Ceremonies/Awards, Ribbon Cutting, Culture, Education, Events, Flora and Fauna, Fundraising, Government, Medicine, Organization, Other Cities and Places, People, Social Science, Sports & Recreation, Tourism, Transportation, and many other subjects. There are also some exceptions to this collection of residential properties possible dating around the 1920s/1930s.

#291 Karen Simon Sea-Arama Marineworld Photographs

Color photographs taken by Karen Simon from a family outing to Sea-Arama Marineworld in Galveston, Texas. The photos feature attractions and performances at the park.

#292 Juneteenth Legacy Project Album

Color photograph album book containing images of the 2021 Juneteenth celebration in Galveston, Texas, and the Juneteenth mural "Absolute Equality," created by artist Reginald C. Adams, at the corner of 22nd Street and the Strand.

#293 Guldmann Family World War I Photographs

World War I-era photographs of Marguerite Guldmann, Dorothy Guldmann, and Hans Guldmann, as well as family friends Leigh Zerbee and Herbert Grills, who were stationed in Galveston. Also included are an American Red Cross Woman's Bureau Surgical Dressings war manual, a Red Cross Motor Corps ID card issued to Marguerite Guldmann, and Christmas cards to the Guldmann family by the Zerbee and Grills families.

#294 Philip B. Mabry Photographic Collection

Black and white photographs of Philip B. Mabry (1915-1997) while stationed at Fort Crockett in 1936-1937 during his service in the U.S. Navy. He would later be stationed on the U.S.S Bon Homme Richard during World War II. Also included are photographs of unidentified women, children, and other servicemen.

#295 James Alty Crocker Photographic Collection

Photographs of various Galveston locations in early September 1911, taken by James Alty Crocker, USN, who received the camera used to take the photos for his fourteenth birthday on September 6, 1911. Locations include the Letitia Rosenberg Woman’s Home, Galveston Golf and Country Club, Fort Crockett, bathhouses, wharves, the Texas Heroes monument, Hotel Galvez, and John Sealy Hospital. The collection also includes photo-postcards of U.S. Battleships Florida and Utah in Galveston.

#296 Early 20th Century Galveston Photographs

Photographs taken circa 1930 of the Galveston Seawall, a swimming pool, a pier, and an unidentified building.

#297 Frederick Cherry Photographic Collection

Photographs collected by Frederick Cherry of Galveston, showing African-American visitors to Galveston's beaches and businesses, portraits taken by Galveston photographers, Galveston policemen, Camp Logan during World War I, and aerial views of the island.

#298 James W. Munn Photographic Collection

Photographs and negatives taken or collected by Captain James W. Munn (1867-1950), showing various ships and boats, fishermen, the construction of a structure along the coast, and an encampment. The images date circa 1940.

#299 Emily Whitehead Photographic Collection

Photographs taken or collected by Emily Whiteside, founder and executive director of the Galveston County Cultural Arts Council. The photographs reflect the council's activities. The collection includes photographs of historic Galveston buildings; children's activities; the remains of the Ufford Building after it burned down in 1978; a mariachi performance outside St. Mary's Cathedral; and other events. There are also negatives and proof sheets, a Grand Opera House booklet, and a small amount of correspondence.

#300 Pamela Gann Photographic Collection

Photographs compiled by Pamela Werner Gann of the Galveston seawall being built, a railroad trestle built during the construction of the Causeway, and houses damaged by an unspecified storm.

#301 Mildred Grace Richie photographic collection

Photographs formerly belonging to Ms. Richie (1920-2010), a former Galveston resident who worked at Fort Crockett during the Second World War. Items include a Fort Crockett souvenir book titled "Harbor Defenses of Galveston," photographs of James Westerfield and other servicemen, and a photograph dated circa 1940 of children playing outside a Galveston school.

#302 Galveston Delegation to Niigata photographic collection

Thirteen photographs showing Niigata, Japan, months after being struck by an earthquake June 16, 1964, and members of a delegation from Galveston providing relief to city leaders and residents.

#303 Carol Knight collection of Galveston photographs

Photographs collected by Carol Knight of various scenes across Galveston. Included are photos of Rosenberg Elementary School, Galveston's seawall and causeway, damage from hurricanes between 1900 and 1919, various residences and businesses, and a booklet relating to the 1900 Storm.

#304 Depmore and Nelson family photographs

Photographs and photographic negatives created and collected by members of the Depmore and Nelson families. Topics of special interest: 1915 storm damage, the Badgett quadruplets, St. Mary's Infirmary and School of Nursing.

#305 Mata family photographs and papers

Photograph albums showing Galveston buildings and residences, an album of Galveston postcards, ANICO publications, Ursuline Academy yearbooks, and books about Galveston history. The materials were created or collected by the Mata family of Galveston, Texas.

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