The Great Galveston Fire of 1885: November 13, 1885

Photo of Vulcan Iron Works Foundry From Corner of 18th and Market Streets. The Great Galveston Fire of 1885: November 13, 1885
From corner of 18th and Market Streets, Looking West. Galveston Photographic Subject Files: Great Fire of 1885. (G-65631_FF1_4), Rosenberg Library, Galveston, Texas.

Most Galvestonians are familiar with the 1900 Storm and other devastating hurricanes which have struck the island over the years. Another catastrophic disaster you may not know about is the Great Fire of 1885 which burned hundreds of homes across 40 city blocks, displacing thousands of residents.

This November marks the 135th Anniversary of this catastrophic event. This week, Rosenberg Library's Special Collections Department will be sharing historical items related to the Great Fire of 1885 in a series of videos, which can be viewed below. Local pianist Kyle Tan will perform at the end a stirring piece that Louis Gretzmacher and Jacob Day composed in 1885 to commemorate the event.

1. How it All Began

2. Vulnerable Structures

3. Help from Near and Far

4. The Galveston Fire Department

5. Galveston's Great Fire of 1885--Piano cover by Kyle Tan