Remembering the Thomas Dinsdale Family, 1900 Storm Victims

 Remembering the Thomas Dinsdale Family, 1900 Storm Victims
“Scene in Galveston after the 1900 Storm.” Vista looking southeast from about 27th Street and Avenue N. The Letitia Rosenberg Home for Women is visible in the background. The destruction of houses and other buildings created a massive debris field which covered much of the southern part of Galveston. (G-1771FF7.14-6)

The Dinsdale family lived at 2216 27th Street in Galveston in 1900. Thomas B. Dinsdale (enumerated as Densdale in the 1900 census) was born in England in May 1854. He immigrated in 1857 and naturalized. In 1883, he married his wife Minnie. According to the 1899-1900 Galveston city directory, Thomas was proprietor of the Swiss Cottage, a saloon and dance hall at 2628 Avenue R. The 1900 census recorded his occupation as carpenter.

Minnie Densdale was of Danish and German extraction. She was born in Texas in August 1863. Thomas and Minnie were parents of four children: George (16 years), Margaret (14), Elmer (6), and Lee (2). George worked as a clerk; Margaret was a servant. Whereas George and Lee were born in Texas, Margaret and Elmer were natives of Ohio.

The Dinsdale residence was located in Ward 8 within the region of total shown in the accompanying Image. The parents and most or all the children died in the 1900 Storm.

Casey Edward Greene, Rosenberg Scholar